Why hands sweat


For most nations of the world, a handshake is one of the obligatory gestures, which expresses politeness, friendliness, respect and trust in the interlocutor. But some people avoid handshakes due to constantly wet palms. Increased sweating delivers inconvenience in both personal and business relationships.

What to do if your hands are sweating?

How to deal with the problem of wet palms? Modern medicine does not give a clear answer to this question. For most physicians, such a reaction is most likely the human norm, not a deviation from it.

Excessive sweating of the hands or "palm hyperhidrosis" is a violation of the function of sweating that occurs when a certain emotional state (fear, anxiety, nervousness, self-doubt).

Why do hands sweat?

If a person sweats hands - this is not a reason for panic. To avoid inconveniences, misunderstandings and not to experience constant stress when shaking hands, you must first sort out and find the reasons why the palms of your hands are sweating?

Causes of sweaty palms:

  • Active physical activity
  • Emotional stress
  • Increased air temperature outside or indoors
  • Spicy food
  • Tense mental work
  • Hormonal stress (puberty or menopause)
  • Drug reaction
  • Endocrine Disruption

After finding out the reason why your hands are sweating, your doctor will select the right treatment. Non-traditional methods (means) that can help to cope with the problem as quickly as possible can be connected to this course.

During treatment it is recommended:

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle
  2. Observe the mode of the day
  3. Observe daily personal hygiene (wash hands with quality soap)
  4. Every day, make hand baths with anti-sweating medications

Why do hands sweat?

Folk recipes to reduce sweating hands

Hand baths with oak bark. If your hands are sweating in the heat, then regularly make baths with oak bark (water - 500 ml, oak bark - 2 tbsp. L). Boil over low heat for 5-10 minutes, then insist and cool. It is necessary to do such procedures 1-2 times a week. After it is necessary to give the hands naturally dry.

Lemon water. To prepare the composition you need to mix lemon juice with cool water (1: 1 ratio). Rinse hands with lemon water as needed.

Sun and sea baths. In the summer it is recommended to relax on the beach. The sun and sea bathing have a great effect on the work of the sweat glands of the hands.

At home, you can prepare the cream or hand ointment for yourself:

  • Hand cream. To prepare the cream you need to mix 2 tbsp. l herbal infusion, 50 g of interior, pork or chicken fat, 1 tbsp. l honey and 2 tsp. castor oil.
  • To prepare herbal infusion, you need to take in equal parts dandelion, nettle, calendula, plantain and brew (1 tbsp. Mixture for 1 point boiling water). Insist 40 min. Mix with the remaining ingredients. To put on hands only for the night. The cream acts gradually, and over time you will forget about sweaty palms.
  • Hand ointment. To prepare the ointment for the hands, you must take medical alcohol, lemon juice and glycerin (1: 1: 0.5 ratio). Mix everything thoroughly. Apply the ointment on your hands every time you need to wash your hands.

Why do hands sweat?

Also a popular and effective method is a bath with warm water through which a weak electric current is passed. After 10-15 sessions, the trouble of sweating palms will leave you forever.

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Excessive sweating of the palms is an unpleasant feature of the body, which is enhanced under the influence of natural factors: stress, strong emotions, a hot climate, etc. It is possible to cope with this problem if you address the issue in a complex way using traditional medicine and modern medical techniques.