Why does the tailbone hurt after giving birth and what to do

After the birth of the long-awaited baby or baby mom does not always pay attention to the pain in her body. For example, very often the coccyx hurts after giving birth. If the discomfort does not take too long, women should worry about their health and consult a doctor. Why do you need to make time for it?

Soreness of the coccyx is a common condition after relieving a burden. When carrying a child and in the process of labor, the pelvic bones change their usual position. So the maternal organism adjusts itself to facilitate the passage of the baby’s head through the birth canal. According to generally accepted norms, it is believed that the situation is getting better 2-4 weeks after the baby is born. If the pain does not release longer than this period, it means that the body signals a serious problem.

Where does pain come from and how is the problem diagnosed?

the tailbone often hurts after giving birth

In medicine, a condition in which the tailbone hurts after childbirth is called coccygodynia. This phenomenon arises due to a number of generic complications:

  • pinched nerve near the coccyx and sacrum. It is this reason that most often explains why the tailbone hurts after childbirth;
  • tailbone extension Usually, a rudimentary process is excessively deflected backwards in the process of the birth of a large infant;
  • the crotch falls. Such a problem may occur in difficult childbirth;
  • hemorrhage and hematoma formation near the coccyx and sacrum. Perineal trauma leads to this complication;
  • ligaments that are nearby are injured;
  • dislocation or fracture of the coccyx happens;
  • sometimes infectious diseases of the genitourinary system manifest themselves in this way.

To diagnose a coccyx injury, doctors rely not only on X-rays. After all, injuries are microscopic, and the picture does not show them. At the same time microtrauma causes a woman great discomfort. For diagnostic accuracy, it is necessary that specialists see and analyze the complete clinical picture. Therefore, the examination is carried out through the vagina or rectum. It is checked whether the pinched nerve near the coccyx was caused by an intervertebral hernia.

The nature of the pain also determines the causes of painful sensations:

coccyx pain felt for more than 3 weeks

  • if the nerve is pinched, the pain gives into the buttock, thigh. Often, one of the legs is often completely affected - then acute or wavy pain, burning or shooting will be felt. It is difficult for a woman to move around, hold a baby in her arms, perform even the simplest housework;
  • fractures and dislocations of the coccyx are most often impossible to carry on the legs. This is a serious complication that prevents not only movements, but also emptying of the intestines, leading to constipation. In this condition, a marked swelling and hematoma appears near the coccyx. If timely medical care is not provided, a callus is formed at the fracture site. In this case, the coccyx hurts after giving birth when sitting, standing and bending for a long time;
  • if the discomfort is provoked by an infection in the urinary organs, then the rudiment itself and the area around it can be painful.

Patience or treatment?

For most mothers, the main thing is to take care of the newborn. But it is worth remembering the well-known truth: a healthy child needs a healthy mother. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the obvious symptoms.

If the pain in the coccyx is felt for more than 3 weeks and at the same time becomes an obstacle to free movement, you should at least consult a specialist doctor. The easiest way to contact a gynecologist, who will determine the need for referral to a surgeon, proctologist or traumatologist. Specialists will examine and prescribe the necessary therapy.

Here is what is usually advised to do if the tailbone badly hurts after giving birth:

  • do not lie on your back;
  • sit as little as possible, lie down more;
  • do not lift heavy things;
  • make anesthetic compresses (for example, boil 2 tablespoons of geraniums in 1 liter of water, weave cloth in it, put it on the tailbone and warm it overnight);
  • perform light gymnastics on the ball.

All these measures will bring relief to women, if there is no serious damage to the coccyx. In case of severe injury, complex treatment is prescribed. So, when a nerve is pinched, drugs that fight with pain and inflammation are prescribed, it is recommended to lie down. An operation may be necessary to recover from a dislocation or fracture.

The mother's body is preparing for the birth of the baby, changing and restructuring to facilitate the birth of the child. And after giving birth, he needs time for rehabilitation after such serious work. The soreness of the coccyx is normal. But sometimes the generic process is accompanied by various complications. If the pain in this place is “hardened,” it prevents you from moving fully, you need to go to the doctor without delay.

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