Why does the head hurt and pressure on the eyes


In the most frequent cases when a person has a migraine, the pain seems to be sharply shifted to the eyes. In addition, this condition can bring nausea, nasal sinuses, and the severity of the eye will increase several times. Therefore, many people ask such questions, why does a headache in the forehead area and pressure on the eyes, and even sick? Let's see and find out the reasons why such a condition occurs, a precursor of some disease is and how to cope with it.

Headache and pressure on the eyes: what are the reasons?

Headache and pressure on the eyes: what are the reasons

Why does the head often hurt in the forehead and temples and pressure on the eyes? In fact, there are a lot of reasons, and in a particular situation, there will be a reason. The most common ones are:

  • Emotional overstrain, which had an impact on the psyche of the patient, with anxiety, depressive states, panic states, and unreasonable fear. As a rule, an attack occurs abruptly and suddenly, it is not possible to predict it. However, the echoes of pain may not pass for a long time.
  • Attacks of migraine type - it hurts in the area of ​​the forehead, temples, pain gradually moves to the eye area.
  • Intracranial pressure jumped sharply. In this case, the functioning of the brain and fundus vessels is damaged. May occur due to changes in climatic conditions, in shock. Also, there is the likelihood of a stroke, in the most common variants of it are predisposed people of the elderly age group.
  • Neoplasms or any hematoma, for example, concussion. The consequences are very dangerous and serious, requiring the immediate assistance of the doctor.

Aneurysms may cause pain.

  • When aneurysms can occur pain, felt as a pulsation. Most often it is felt if you sharply jerk or turn your head. It is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, this state is not a joke and causes serious concerns.
  • Meningitis or encephalitis is a sharp, piercing pain that is felt in the head, neck and eyes.
  • In diseases of the ternary nerve, with severe toothache, a variety of inflammation in the body, an allergy.

If the head hurts in the temples and puts pressure on the eyes under normal pressure, there are also causes of a psychogenic nature. In addition, pain can occur at low or high pressure, during inflammatory processes in the brain, during infectious processes in the body.

Painful feelings can be expressed differently, it can be a sharp pain in one place, then moving into other zones, it seems that goosebumps creep in, turning to eyes, different pulsation forces, pain that drastically mixes from one area to another. As a rule, such pains are less noticeable than a key attack, but, telling the doctor about your complaints, you should definitely mention them. So that the doctor can see the whole clinical picture and make an accurate diagnosis of the existing problem.

Do not wait for the pain to pass by itself. It is imperative to contact the doctor, because only he can prescribe the correct course of treatment.

Pain and poor health can also cause overweight, disruption of hormone production. It is necessary to reconsider the lifestyle, and perhaps the situation will improve.

When choosing methods and methods of treatment, the patient's age and general health condition are taken into account. This necessarily takes into account the presence of allergic reactions and particular sensitivity to certain drug components.

Pain and Feeling Unwell

If the pain is of a nervous nature, it means that you need good rest and sleep, walks in the fresh air, proper and balanced nutrition, exercise or gymnastics, with moderate exercise.

For diseases of the blood vessels and the brain, medical therapy will be required, physical therapy, and possibly surgical intervention. But what drugs to take, prescribed only by the doctor, after a comprehensive medical examination.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that if the seizures recur more and more often, the pain intensifies, and there is no improvement, it is necessary not to drag and go to medical institutions. You should not self-medicate without knowing the exact reason, otherwise the consequences may be unpredictable.