Why does the face blush


When we see a person with a red face on the street, the very first thing we think in this case is that a person is shy of something, is intoxicated, or angry.

In fact a person may blush for a variety of reasons depending on the state of health. Redness on the face can be caused by lupus erythematosus, cardionoid syndrome and certain blood disorders, as well as the symptoms of rosacea, a skin disease that occurs particularly in women.

Why does the face redden?

Blush Face: Rosacea

In most cases, redness of the skin with rosacea is characteristic of adolescence. Such patients feel their face redden dramatically for no apparent reason, and then the redness also disappears dramatically. This is due to enlargement and subsequent spasm of the facial vessels. If you do not treat this disease, it can lead to serious and unpleasant changes in the skin of the face - the capillaries of the face may remain dilated as a set of spider veins.

Due to the constant lack of oxygen, the skin becomes knobby, the hypodermic cellulose begins to grow, in particular around the nose, the nose may slightly increase in size and change its shape, and pink acne begins to appear on the skin.

The reason for the occurrence of this disease has not yet been fully identified. Opinions of experts are largely divergent. It attracts attention that skin redness occurs in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve. But the main method of treatment of rosacea is taking tetracycline antibiotics of the group, the treatment of which is 1.5 - 2 months, also prescribed vitamins of group B, PP. It does not exclude the possibility that the disease is caused by microorganisms.

Specialists, identifying rosacea in a patient, immediately warned that, apart from the possible deformation of the face, this disease does not cause any aggravating consequences. With proper and timely treatment, rosacea does not develop. further than the first stage - redness of the skin.


Rosacea contributes to the development of the psychological trauma of many people, because in our society it is accepted that the face of any person is his business card. Redness of the skin causes a decrease in self-esteem, suppresses a person’s confidence, and also creates many complexes.

Today, there is no treatment for rosacea, experts can only recommend that patients avoid the factors that trigger the disease. Special care is needed for vulnerable skin: mild, mild, non-alcohol and acetone-free oils, gels, and soap for washing. Cosmetics must be degreased, especially for acne skin. There are some cosmetic preparations that prevent vasodilation. You can use them at the first stage of the disease. To get rid of acne, if there are no contraindications, isoretinoin-based preparations are used.

Cause redness of the skin of the face with rosacea The following factors may:

  • hit of sunshine,
  • eating spicy foods, coffee, tea,
  • sudden change in air temperature
  • hot meal
  • stress and emotional stress
  • alcohol.

In response to the action of these factors, the skin on the face begins to redden. Women often blush their cheeks, and men have a nose.

Other causes of facial flushing

  • Our face does not always turn red due to skin diseases.. Due to a number of reasons, rapid expansion of capillaries can occur, blood flow to the skin increases, and as a result, it becomes pink or red. In addition to the face, other parts of the body may turn red.
  • For scientists, this is a very interesting and little-studied phenomenon that is directly related to our consciousness. In another way: the brain gives an order to the body to be filled with paint and a person cannot independently control this process. Often, reddening of the skin occurs contrary to the desire of the person, because of this, he may experience some discomfort. A person may turn red due to embarrassment, shame, any surprises and this happens to him only in the presence of other people., but for some reason a person does not blush alone with himself.

Why does the face redden?

  • Scientists around the world for many years trying to solve the riddle of facial flushing and often come to the most unexpected conclusions. Indeed, of all rational beings on the planet, only people blush, respectively, and this is connected with the development and the ability of people to evaluate themselves and their actions from the outside. Even the monkeys, the closest to humans of all animals, do not have the ability to redden.
  • Recently, scientists have put forward the theory that people blush because of the desire to earn the favor of the people around them. After some experiments, it turned out that people turn red after they commit an act that causes sympathy from others, and more often deserve forgiveness. However, a man blushing unwillingly, only units on the whole Earth can be specially painted.
  • Interestingly, this behavior is observed in animals, even if they do not blush, but if they come into conflict with a stronger individual, their behavior begins to resemble the behavior of an embarrassed person - the animal begins to show that it is weaker and is ready to suffer punishment. Usually, after such a reaction, the attacker loses all interest in the victim.
  • Many people are ashamed of their redness, sometimes it even turns into a phobia. A person is afraid to blush, because of this he reddens more and more often, constantly fixates on redness, which can lead to nervous breakdown. Redness phobia, erythrophobia, It is treated by means of surgical intervention, intervention of the psychotherapist, or undergoing treatment with a course of medications.

Besides, a person may turn red due to low air temperature, physical exertion, wind, alcohol, that is, from what may cause vasodilation of the skin. So the body reacts to changes in the environment and contributes to the regulation of heat exchange for its own normal functioning.

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