Why does a yellow raid appear in the child's tongue?

Among the sea of ​​joy that fills the life of parents with the birth of a baby, from time to time islands of anxiety appear. So, anxiety is caused by yellow bloom in the child's tongue, because it is known that he is a symptom of some diseases. Is there really a reason to worry much and what should be done in such situations?

The raid is different

Plaque occurs due to the fact that between the papillae on the tongue there are particles of food - this creates the conditions for the formation of bacteria. These microorganisms, their metabolic products, as well as saliva, white blood cells and food debris are the main elements of language plaque. If the child is healthy, his tongue is covered with a thin whitish film. Every person has such a "layer" - both toddler and adult.

Another thing - yellow bloom in the language of the child. This is an unusual phenomenon that can signal certain diseases. If you notice such a feature, you need to find the cause of its occurrence. Worrying ahead of time is not worth it, because often the language is tinted with various shades due to the use of coloring products.

Yellow on the tongue of the child: the reasons

Yellow on the tongue of the child: the reasons

First you need to make sure that the surface does not stain after food or drinks. This effect can lead to:

  • rich yellow fruits and vegetables (for example, carrots and pumpkins, apricots and persimmon);
  • brightly colored carbonated drinks;
  • desserts and pastries with dyes;
  • yellow seasonings (for example, curry, turmeric);
  • tea, coffee drinks.

If the tongue got tinted because of the products, then a yellowish patina will appear immediately after their use. This film is effortlessly cleaned with a regular or grooved toothbrush. After the exclusion of tinting food, the problem does not recur.

The signal of the complication of the situation is a dense and dense coating. At the same time, it smells bad from the mouth, and the problem is not solved with the help of hygienic procedures. Why does the child have a persistent yellow bloom on the tongue? The reasons are different:

  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • severe food poisoning;
  • infections that are accompanied by fever, dry mouth, micro-bleeding;
  • different types of jaundice;
  • inflammatory diseases of the throat and mouth;
  • abuse of fatty foods;
  • severe metabolic disorders.

Health care

Health care

A pediatrician's consultation is the first step towards overcoming the problem of color plaque. The doctor additionally analyzes the associated signs that are characteristic of certain diseases. A complete medical examination of the child, the necessary research. Usually requires the following actions:

  • blood, urine and feces;
  • Abdominal ultrasound;
  • gastroscopy;
  • examination by a gastroenterologist, a dentist.

When the underlying disease causing the discoloration is determined, the doctor will prescribe a treatment. According to experts, you can successfully carry out prevention of this disorder. In order not to have a yellow patina in the child’s tongue, the famous pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky advises:

  • keep the children's room clean, ventilate the room, provide sufficient humidity;
  • do not self-medicate, give any medications strictly prescribed by a doctor;
  • limit as much as possible the use of food and drinks with artificial colors;
  • Timely respond to all symptoms that indicate possible diseases of internal organs, infections.

The yellowish surface of the baby's tongue helps to identify and cure a number of diseases in time. In itself, such a phenomenon is not dangerous, and if it appears after consuming coloring products, it passes quickly and without a trace. In cases where plaque is a symptom of the disease, it disappears as the underlying disease cures.

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