Why do your fingers get numb?


Surely, many of us have encountered at least once in our life with numb fingers. If it is cold, you don’t need to think about the reason, it is obvious. And if not?

For most people, the fingers are numb due to the fact that they are in an uncomfortable position or for a long time in a stationary state. This is normal. It just happens that the nerve is pinched.

But if you come across the numbness of the fingers quite often, then this is a cause for concern. the numbness of the fingers of one or the other hand or of certain fingers on any arm speaks of a disease.

Why do the fingers of my left hand go numb?

On this hand, usually the first three fingers go numb, starting with the thumb. Often this is an indicator of such a disease as osteochondrosis of the spine. This disease is quite common at present, even among young people. Osteochondrosis can be cervical, thoracic, or another department.

With frequent numbness of the little finger and ring finger, especially at night, you should check the work of your heart. Most likely, something is wrong with him.

Why do the fingers of the right hand go numb?

The fingers of the right hand are usually numb in workaholics, but those specialties or professions that are associated with the movement of the brush. These are seamstresses, knitters, typists, typesetters, operators, and also writers or artists.

For them it is possible to recommend more often to take short breaks, as well as gymnastics for hands.

Other causes of finger numbness

  • In the spring, hands may become numb due to lack of vitamins after winter. The lack of vitamin A and B vitamins can affect our health very badly. This is especially noticeable with age and can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.
  • In addition, the cause of numbness of the fingers can be inflammation of the joints, transfer and consequence of injuries, as well as malfunction of the endocrine system.

What should I do if my fingers get numb?

  1. If numbness of the hands bothers you often, then consult a doctor. He will help you find out the causes and prescribe the appropriate treatment. But this is only if you know for sure that numbness is not related to your activity.
  2. If you lie down your hand, then you can independently speed up the process of getting rid of this condition.
  3. Well rub the numb fingers, it will help get rid of the pinching of the nerve, increase blood circulation.
  4. Wear warm gloves and move your fingers.
  5. Rest more often if your work is connected with the monotonous movement of the hands. Periodically do massage and / or gymnastics for hands.

In addition, observe a healthy lifestyle, move more, be more often in the fresh air, ride a bike, swim, do jogging, yoga, etc.

Do not forget all the recommendations outlined in this article, and watch your health.