Why do the lymph nodes in the neck hurt and what to do in

Disorders in the body are accompanied by unpleasant sensations. And one of the most painful conditions, which more or less almost everyone faces, is when the lymph nodes in the neck hurt. The causes of inflammation of the organs of the lymphatic system are many, and in some cases they require immediate treatment under the supervision of physicians.

The natural filter of our body

White blood cells - leukocytes that are in small, the size of a bean, nodes, designed to perform the function of a biological filter in the body. They process the remnants of the destroyed cells, removing them from the tissues of the organs. The work of white blood cells depends on the flow of lymph, which is also collected in the lymph nodes. Together, white blood cells and fluid are part of the immune system. If an inflammatory process begins in the body, the flow of lymph to the nodes increases, as it is necessary to produce more antibodies to the pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This leads to an increase in the size of the lymph nodes and their inflammation. In the human body, there are from 450 to 1000 foci of a cluster of formations with leukocytes and lymph. However, the largest, and therefore, the most active are:

  • neck;
  • axillary;
  • inguinal.

Therefore, when the lymph nodes in the neck and throat are sore, it is necessary not to "heal" the unpleasant symptom, but to look for the cause of inflammation, as this can be either an infection or another pathological condition.

Symptoms of inflammation

Lymph nodes in the neck hurt: what to do?

Cervical lymph nodes are inflamed quite often, because, as already noted, one of the largest clusters of white blood cells. This condition is called lymphadenitis and manifests itself:

  • weakness of the body;
  • increased body temperature;
  • severe chills;
  • pain when swallowing, as well as when pressing on the cervical lymph nodes.

At the beginning of the development of lymphadenitis, only a slight change in the size of this organ of the immune system can be observed.

Causes of an increase in cervical lymph nodes

In the case when the body cannot cope with the disease cells, the level of leukocytes in the blood rises, and the lymph node in the neck starts to grow and hurt on the right or left. There are several reasons for this condition:

  • infection in the organs of the upper respiratory tract (most often it is angina, inflammation caused by diphtheria toxin, rubella, various lesions of the oral cavity, SARS);
  • mechanical damage (injuries, bruises);
  • decrease in the protective functions of the body, caused by chronic colds, vitamin deficiency, stress, nervous tension.
  • the growth of neoplasms in the body, including cancer tumors that lead to the degeneration of lymph tissue;

In some cases, pain in the cervical and other lymph nodes may be caused by the state of immunodeficiency in cases of AIDS. More rare cases of inflammation can be triggered by:

  • allergies;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • thyroid disease;
  • structural changes in connective tissues.

Any of these reasons, explaining why the lymph nodes in the neck hurt, requires a diagnosis, that is, a thorough medical examination of the patient and the appointment of the necessary tests.

Tactics of treatment of lymphadenitis

Tactics of treatment of lymphadenitis

What to do and what not to do if the lymph nodes in the neck hurt? The answer to this question will begin with the second part - not to self-medicate. As already noted, lymphadenitis is a symptom, not a disease. Therefore, be sure to contact a professional, that is, to the otolaryngologist. The doctor should examine the history, examine the oral cavity, nose, and on the basis of the information received, make a conclusion about the condition of the tissues that are located in the area of ​​the inflammation center. After that, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests (most often it is a blood test and smears), and then determines the tactics of treatment. As therapy prescribed:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs (Medrol, Sherizolone, Deltason, etc.);
  • antibiotics (selected individually, taking into account the patient's sensitivity to certain drugs);
  • UHF;
  • multivitamins, immunostimulants (to support a weakened body).

If the suppuration of the lymph node has developed, surgical intervention is necessary. The inflammation center is opened and cleaned from pus.

Additional therapeutic procedures

Additional therapeutic procedures

To enhance the effect of drug treatment, the patient is prescribed:

  • diet (the diet of the patient should include vegetables, fruits, rich in beneficial elements, in particular, vitamin C and magnesium);
  • abundant warm drink;
  • bed rest.

When inflammation of the lymph nodes need to be careful of drafts, hypothermia and do not use traditional methods of treatment. As for the latter, various heating, compresses can cause the infection with the current of the lymph to spread throughout the body, into the blood, and then into the brain.

If you have sore lymph nodes in the neck, then you should immediately contact an ENT specialist. Early treatment will help get rid of unpleasant feelings and prevent the development of serious diseases, including oncology. It is also very important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor and not try to eliminate lymphadenitis on your own.

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