Why do people talk in a dream

For several centuries, mankind has known about such a phenomenon as talking in a dream. But even today, scientists have not been able to reliably explain what it is and why people are subject to such a strange feature. In any case, science is trying to give this at least some explanation.

It is believed that the habit of talking in a dream can be inherited, while it is sometimes associated with the phenomenon of sleepwalking. Most often, according to scientists, it is men who suffer from speaking. This phenomenon is quite rare - according to statistics, only 5% of the inhabitants of our planet speak in a dream.

Somnolikvii expression can occur in different ways. For example, there is a category of people who speak exclusively in deep sleep, and you can see very fast movements of the eyeballs. Their speech will be legible and quite intelligible. There are also people who speak only in a state of incomplete awakening, while there will be heard incoherent and indistinct muttering. That is why scientists believe that speaking is a certain compensatory reaction, due to which a person moves much easier from the first phase of sleep to the next.

Why do people talk in their sleep?

Not only sleepwalking, but also speaking can be passed on to a person by inheritance. A very interesting fact is that such a phenomenon is much more common at a young age - in adults, the frequency of the spread of speaking is 1-5%, and in young children up to 20%.

Psychologists believe that this phenomenon can occur not only among people who have experienced great stress, but also bright pleasant emotions that left a strong impression. Children talk in a dream much more often precisely because their day is more filled with various emotions and impressions.

Why is the child talking in a dream?

Emotional people talk most often in a dream, which is often observed in young children. Some parents may be alerted, but the excitement will be in vain. Many scientists believe that a small child is thus trying to adapt to the world around him.

The children's psyche, unlike an adult, is much weaker, so a pretty young child can cause quite a lot of stress and an everyday event. Many children are forced to talk in a dream a variety of emotions and impressions, leaving a bright imprint. If, however, a child’s speaking is accompanied by unpleasant nightmares, then parents should seek qualified medical assistance as soon as possible.

Scientists believe that talking in a dream is only a projection of the thoughts of a person who, during the day, experienced a strong emotional stress, possibly a shock. Most often, the monologue lasts no more than 30 seconds, while it can be repeated several times throughout the night.

In a dream, conversations are illegible, eloquent, sometimes offensive. Children in a dream can shout loudly or whisper softly, often talking to themselves. If you listen carefully to the speaker, you can make out something like a dialogue.

Why do people talk in their sleep?

We find out the reasons together with the doctors:

  • The main reasons for the development of somnilquia (sayings) are night terrors, disturbance of sleep phases occurs. There are cases that it is very hard to wake up a person who is talking in a dream, while he can kick and toss and turn.
  • According to psychologists, such aggressive behavior in a dream is a complete reflection of a person’s personality traits. If such behavior is peculiar to the personality, in real life it is characterized by increased cruelty and aggressiveness.
  • Today, doctors have identified several main reasons for speaking out - this is a strong emotional shock, the effects of prolonged use of various medications, substance abuse, drug addiction, high body temperature, and the presence of severe mental illness.

How to stop talking in a dream?

In order to get rid of such a harmless habit, you must take the help of an experienced doctor. To date, there is no diagnosis of this phenomenon. The patient will have to undergo a sleep examination procedure or polysomnography. Treatment is extremely rare. However, in the case of the definition of a severe form of speaking, the immediate intervention of a specialist is required.

In order to accurately establish the cause, which provoked the contraction, the doctor will conduct special observation of the patient for several weeks - a special diary is entered into which information is entered about the medications taken by the person, consumed immediately before bedtime drinks, evening physical exertion.

It is thanks to such a diary that the reason for the statement will be established, and, if necessary, polysomnography is scheduled. Also, the specialist will be able to suggest methods by which you can get a peaceful and healthy sleep.

Many people are interested in, can a contraction be considered a pathology? The fact is that in most cases such a phenomenon is quite natural and harmless, it is not accompanied by absolutely no negative consequences.

Provided that the speaking is calm and extremely rare, it is not necessary to wake the sleeper, since this process will not last too long. However, if it is clear that a person has had a nightmare, he feels bad, he starts screaming, we must try to wake him up carefully so as not to frighten him even more.

It is necessary to guard in the event of paroxysmal speaking, the manifestation of which occurs strictly at the same time, while it will be accompanied by aggression, manifested at the moment when they begin to wake the sleeper. Equally important is the depth of immersion or confusion. Quite often, this phenomenon may accompany epilepsy.

Why do people talk in their sleep?

In all other cases, somnilquia is completely harmless. If conversations in a dream interfere with the sleep of relatives, then to eliminate them you can follow a few simple rules.

It is necessary to regularly air the bedroom, it should always be slightly cool and fresh air.

It is not recommended to drink coffee or tea before bedtime, it is also worth minimizing reading books and watching TV, as they can provoke strong emotions.

Benefits are brought and walks before bedtime in the fresh air.

In the event that some extraordinary event has happened before going to bed, it is worthwhile to drink a sedative.

Thanks to the adoption of these measures, it will be easy to get rid of even the intense stress that has accumulated throughout the day. This will most likely protect you from speaking in a dream. If none of the above means has helped, then it is necessary to seek medical advice as quickly as possible in order to prevent the development of possible serious complications and health problems in time.

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