Why do people get lice?

The problem of pediculosis is as old as the world. Over the years, its "popularity" scientists have learned about lice almost everything and invented reliable means of protection. Why lice appear, it is necessary for everyone to know, at least for the reason, in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from infection.

Lice: Myths and Reality

Why do lice appear on the head?

Lice - a parasitic type of disease that most often affects the hair areas of the human body. Parasites will feel at home on the head, beard, eyebrows and even eyelashes. Infection with head lice, regardless of the type of localization in medicine is called pediculosis.

Why do lice appear on the head? The answer to this question is surely known to many. However, despite the scientific facts, strange rumors and beliefs still circulate in everyday life. It so happens that the theory of the inhabitants reach the uttermost absurdity. We suggest you immediately dispel the most unfortunate myths:

  • Lice may appear from the nerves. This is an absolutely incorrect statement, based only on the fact that all diseases arise from stress. Of course, if you are very nervous, you completely stop taking a shower and wash your hair for a month, the likelihood of lice will be high.
  • Lice can jump and fly. If you look more closely at the photos of parasites and their brethren, you can see that lice cannot fly because of their physiological structure. Simply put, they have no wings.
  • Parasites can be under the skin and creep out with a weakened immune system. Louse is a complete insect, for the existence of which requires oxygen. Since there is no such “food” under the skin, lice cannot simply start there.
  • Cats and dogs are peddlers of lice. In fact, the characteristic difference between lice and fleas is that they live exclusively on the human body. They are not attracted by the blood of pets, so they do not want to parasitize in a pile of wool.

where do lice come from

What, then, is the truth, and from where does a person get lice? The truth is one - the parasites are transmitted by physical contact from person to person, and also when using common things: hairbrushes, headdresses, clothes, bedding. At the same time, it is impossible to get infected at a distance from a sick person, it is possible to get parasites only by close communication. And although they can not jump and fly, they crawl fast enough.

According to doctors, pediculosis is diagnosed in many children in early kindergarten or school age. Why do lice appear most often in children? The reason for this - childish carelessness and carelessness. A child willingly shares his things, he is also interested in other people's household items. This is where the problem comes from.

So, the ways of infection with pediculosis are as follows:

  • during close communication with the carrier;
  • when using common household items: combs, hats, towels;
  • through swimming in reservoirs with stagnant water, in pools, saunas, lakes;
  • through bed linen;
  • when visiting a hairdressing salon where hygiene standards are not observed;
  • with a long stay in places with large crowds.

It is also worth noting that pediculosis is most common in areas with low sanitary conditions and among people who are not hygienic. In general, getting a louse, even a person with crystal clear hair is easy. It is much harder to get rid of hair pests.

How to get rid of pests?

What to do if lice appear

What if lice appear? Of course, immediately get rid of pests by all available methods. Traditional methods of treatment do not involve the use of special tablets or drugs, but only external means are used, which are abundant today.

The effectiveness of such drugs is great, and the pricing policy characterizes only the country of the manufacturer, the popularity of the brand and ease of use. The choice of the buyer pharmacists around the world provide the following types of products:

  • shampoos;
  • special emulsion concentrates;
  • creams;
  • sprays;
  • solutions.

When using any chemicals it is important to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and the safety measures. Some drugs must be diluted with water, others applied to wet hair. In addition, completely get rid of nits only by medical means is impossible. Hair must be constantly and very carefully combed.

It should be noted that there are many different popular methods of getting rid of lice, for example, washing the hair with kerosene or rubbing garlic into the scalp. However, such old-fashioned methods have long outlived themselves. Just imagine what the stench will be from such procedures, and the possibility of side effects is much greater than from drugstore.

Prevention first

why do people get lice

Knowledge of why people get lice in many ways makes it possible to avoid unnecessary guests on their head. Help in this, of course, preventive measures. In kindergartens and school institutions, doctors conduct regular screening of children, but an adult should take note of the following rules:

  1. Regularly change bed and underwear, wash it preferably at a high temperature.
  2. Avoid close contact with people whose social status and hygiene are suspicious.
  3. Never, even if very necessary, use a comb, clothing, underwear and towels of another person.
  4. Follow the basic rules of personal hygiene.
  5. Women with long hair, it is desirable to collect curls in a tight braid or tail.

By and large, avoiding the appearance of lice is easy. These insects are not able to fly, jump far or live under the skin of a person for years. There is only one way of infection - bodily contact. If certain precautions are taken, regular hygiene and routine prevention of pediculosis will bypass you and your children.

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