Why do papillomas appear on the body?


Birthmarks, warts, spots, neoplasms, condylomas. What else is called the brown bumps that appear on the human body? In medical practice, they are called papillomas. These tumors are benign, but each person tries to get rid of them. Let's find out why papillomas appear?

The human body - a breeding ground for viruses

why do papillomas appear on the body

Many people who notice brown growths in themselves are asking the same question - why do papillomas appear on the body? Profile doctors consider papillomas as a benign neoplasm that develops on the skin or mucous membrane when exposed to certain factors. And in spite of the fact that in most cases papillomas do not cause any discomfort to a person, they still spoil the appearance, especially if they appear on the skin of the face, eyelids, breasts, etc.

The reason for the development of such a neoplasm on our body is considered nothing other than the papillomavirus, that is, these bumps are of a viral nature. As medical practice shows, once the papillomavirus has penetrated deep into our body, it will live there permanently. But only in some people it progresses and manifests itself, while in others it dormant peacefully throughout life.

Before we talk about why papillomas appear on the body, and find out all the factors that determine the growth of tumors, let's see how this insidious virus penetrates into our bodies. The ideal pathway to the human body for papillomavirus is weakened immunity, the development of inflammatory or infectious diseases, HIV, diabetes, gout, etc.

Papillomavirus can penetrate into the thickness of our body in several ways:

  • at the time of delivery from mother to baby;
  • in everyday contact with the carrier of the virus;
  • during intercourse.

Unprotected sex is an excellent transport for the papillomavirus. If the expectant mother is the carrier of this viral agent, then in the overwhelming majority of cases the baby born by her will already be infected. With regard to domestic contacts, then you can become infected with the papillomavirus if you do not follow personal hygiene or use objects of an infected person. Public areas were not left aside: swimming pools, saunas, beaches, etc.

In this way, we not only infect the papillomavirus, but also expose ourselves to the formation of unpleasant dark-colored tubercles on our body. Specialized doctors say that papillomas can reach sizes up to 20 mm. They are single or form clusters.

Predetermining factors for the appearance of papillomas can serve the following reasons:

  • childhood;
  • transfer of skin disease.

Unfortunately, children are also not immune from infection with this insidious virus. In the process of knowing the world as a child, parents are unable to constantly protect it from contact with contaminated surfaces and other people. Toys, sandboxes and swings can be carriers of the papillomavirus.

In addition, statistics says that almost 80% of the population of our vast planet is infected with this virus. That is why it is so important to maintain your immunity and maintain hygiene. For a long time, papillomavirus can live, for example, on a towel.

Localization of papillomas - neck: find out the reasons

neck becomes the site of localization of papillomas

As already mentioned, papillomas can grow not only in the armpits, but also on the face, neck, arms or chest. Sometimes they affect the mucous coating of the internal organs. Medical practice shows that papillomas can appear in the nasal passages, in the vagina, etc.

Often, people go to specialized doctors and complain that small papillomas have appeared on the neck. The prevailing majority of representatives of opposite sexes is really faced with such a problem. Even the appearance of a neoplasm becomes an alarming signal. On the neck, we can easily catch and damage the papilloma with ornaments or clothes. Let's find out why papillomas appear on the neck.

Most often, the neck becomes the site of localization of papillomas in women of the beautiful half of humanity of Balzac age. The appearance of tumors in this part of the body is primarily due to the anatomical structure and location of many lymph nodes and vessels. Not the best environmental situation is also becoming a determining factor.

And yet, why do papillomas appear on the neck? You can not ignore the above reasons. Localization of these neoplasms on the neck may also be associated with the influence of such factors as:

  • transferring a cold;
  • taking pharmacological drugs for a long period of time;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • dysfunction of the digestive tract;
  • Uric acid metabolism disorder.

And if the provoking factor is pregnancy?

why papillomas appeared during pregnancy

To date, the nature of the occurrence of papillomas on the female body during the gestation period has not been fully studied. Profile doctors express only their assumptions. But medical practice has shown that indeed during pregnancy the number of papillomas on the body is rapidly increasing. And most often this happens in the third trimester.

According to doctors, during the gestation period, the following factors may be involved in the appearance of papillomas:

  • changes in the concentration of hormones;
  • rapid set of overweight;
  • friction of the skin.

A completely logical reason explaining why papillomas appeared during pregnancy is a change in the concentration of hormones. There is an opinion that carrying a baby triggers the mechanism of papillomavirus development, awakens it and creates a favorable background for the appearance of tumors.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can adversely affect the functioning of various systems, in particular, endocrine, digestive and cardiac systems, which also causes the growth of tumors.

Doubtful cause of papillomas is friction. Some experts say that during pregnancy, a woman gains weight, increases its volume, and if the clothes are too tight, it provides additional friction on the skin, resulting in the formation of papillomas. By the way, during the carrying of the fetus to get rid of papilloma tumors is undesirable.

How to get rid of papillomas?

To self-medicate, cauterize or use traditional medicine to eliminate papillomas is highly undesirable. To date, there are about three dozen of their varieties, and some of them can develop into malignant tumors. That is why treatment should be carried out only by a profile doctor.

It is possible to get rid of papillomas through the following medical procedures:

  • cryodestruction;
  • laser therapy;
  • thermocoagulation;
  • excision of the radiosurgical type;
  • by chemical means.

Most often, papillomas do not carry a danger, but if you want to get rid of them, the best solution is to seek the help of qualified doctors. Be healthy!