Why can not sleep on his stomach


Sleep is an important element of our life. In the dream, we grow up, rest, gain strength. Many people like to sleep on the stomach, because this posture is comfortable and comfortable. Experts believe that sleeping on is so not recommended due to serious health effects.

Can I sleep on my stomach?

Why not sleep on your stomach?

Most scientists consider this posture unfavorable for sleep. Of course, no one can ban you, but it’s worth finding out why it’s better not to sleep on your stomach. First, such a dream provokes pressure on the lower abdomen, where the human reproductive system is located. In men, such pressure can cause impotence, and in women, a problem with the ovaries. In addition, in the prone position, there is a strong pressure on the bladder.

In addition, sleep on the stomach negatively affects the chest. It is squeezed, and after a while wrinkles, stretch marks and even tumors can form. Getting rid of these problems is very difficult.

Sleeping on your stomach can squeeze the lungs and chest, making breathing and air difficult. Because of this, you can have terrible dreams, because the heart does not have enough oxygen, and it cannot work normally.

If you often sleep on your stomach, your face becomes wrinkled, wrinkles and wrinkles appear and blood circulation slows down. When a person sleeps on his back, such wrinkles do not appear. It is enough to remember how Japanese women sleep: they put a cushion on the head and rest on their backs. Therefore, Japanese women even in older age often look like young girls.

It is undesirable to sleep on the stomach and people who have problems with the spine or posture. The fact is that sleep on your stomach provokes an uncomfortable positioning of the spine, which will further aggravate your problems with it.

It is believed that the most convenient and useful posture for sleep is the fetal position. You should lie on your side, put a pillow under your head and bend your legs. Optionally, you can put a small pillow between your knees - this will relieve the leg muscles during sleep.

True, gastroenterologists believe that it is sometimes even helpful to sleep or lie on your stomach. If you experience intestinal discomfort, lie down on your stomach. Such a posture will soothe discomfort, gas and colic. Pediatricians also recommend putting small babies on the tummy when they have colic or problems with the stool (during pressure on the tummy, a bowel massage occurs).

What sleeping postures are recommended for pregnant?

Why not sleep on your stomach?

This question torments many women in an interesting position. The fact is that sleep on the stomach provokes pressure on the uterus and deterioration of blood circulation, which can adversely affect the health of the fetus. But gynecologists claim that sleeping on the stomach is not dangerous if the gestation period is less than 12 weeks.

Starting from the middle of the 2nd trimester, it is simply inconvenient for pregnant women to sleep on their stomachs, so you do not have to control yourself. Besides the fact that expectant mothers are not recommended to sleep on the stomach, they still can not do it on the back. This is due to the fact that it is clamped into the vena cava, which can provoke oxygen deprivation of both the mother and the child.

What is the posture for sleeping most favorable for pregnant women? Gynecologists advise to sleep on the left side - in this position occurs minimal stress on the heart. Pregnant women whose children are not in the head, but in an oblique presentation of doctors advise to sleep on the right side.

Is the newborn sleeping on the tummy - bad or not?

Why not sleep on your stomach?

Can the baby sleep on his stomach? This question torments many young parents. The opinion of experts on this issue is divided. Some say that up to 6 months a child should not sleep in such a pose, others that such a posture is considered the most optimal and comfortable for the newborn. Most babies sleep on their stomachs because they are so comfortable.

When the baby is sleeping on the tummy, with his legs tucked in, his intestinal cramps go through and the gases go off more easily. Pediatricians say that such a posture is good for the child and because it forms the hip joints. It is noticed that the kids sleeping on the tummy, earlier start to hold the head, sit and stand than those who sleep on the back. The fact is that sleep on the stomach strengthens the muscles of the neck, back and chest. The baby sleeping on the tummy will never choke on saliva or regurgitation products, so you need not worry.

But there are also negative sides by which the newborn should not be put to sleep on the tummy. Pediatricians believe that because of sleep on the stomach there is a risk of sudden death syndrome. It is believed that sleep on the stomach makes breathing difficult, the baby may suffocate. True, this fact is not confirmed.

If your baby prefers to sleep on the tummy, you should carefully consider the choice of bed linen and accessories. The mattress should be of high quality and hard, it is better to refuse from the pillow at all. It is recommended for babies to turn the head from right to left and vice versa. So the baby's neck will not numb.

Sleeping on your stomach is a comfortable posture not only for adults, but also for children. Most adults think that they fall asleep faster and sleep better. However, experts believe that this position is not the most comfortable and safe for sleeping. In any case, no one can forbid you to sleep on your stomach, but remember that it is not recommended to do it all the time.