Why are heels cracking

Cracked heels are not a pleasant problem that can affect everyone. Both men and women of different ages face it. Cracks not only look not aesthetically pleasing, but also create discomfort when walking. They can get infected and develop an inflammatory process.

Why are heels cracking?

If a cracking heels on their feet can be different the reasons.

Why are heels cracking?

  1. Inconvenient shoes. Here, in the main, we are talking about summer open sandals. While walking, they hit the heels hard, injuring the skin. If dirt gets into the microcracks, the inflammation will begin, the development of a fungus is possible.
  2. Synthetic socks or tights. In synthetics, the skin sweats heavily, gets wet, and under heavy load is injured.
  3. Lack of vitamin A. Despite the fact that this is one of the few vitamins that lasts the longest in the human body, many people experience its deficiency. Most of all vitamin A is found in carrots, parsley, broccoli, peaches, sea buckthorn, grapes, melon, watermelon, liver, dairy products, etc. You can buy the drug Aevit in a pharmacy and take it according to the instructions.
  4. Dry skin Usually this problem is faced by people over the age of 40 years. Cracks on the heels can also be associated with metabolic disturbances, tissue nutrition, hormonal disruption, diabetes, gastritis, diseases of the endocrine system, etc.

Heels crack: what to do?

Most people want to get rid of the cracks, and not the cause of the appearance. But we must not forget that without its elimination, you will not heal the cracks, and the symptoms will appear again and again. It is better, of course, to go to a dermatologist, who will conduct the necessary tests and make a diagnosis.

If you are not able to go to a specialist, use home remedies to correct the problem.

Heels crack: what to do?

  • Get pharmacy drugs from cracked heels at the pharmacy. To date, they presented a huge range of products in the form of creams, gels and ointments. Before you buy a particular drug, read reviews about it on the Internet, as well as consult with pharmacists.
  • Experts say that after 10 days of applying the cream, the heels become healthy and soft. To enhance the effect of the products, before applying them, well steam your feet in hot water and rub with a stiff brush or pumice stone. Thus, you remove the horny skin particles and the cream penetrates deep into the epidermis. It is best to use drugs from cracks on the heels 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.
  • In addition to pharmaceuticals, you can take advantage of popular recipes. Steam your feet in warm potato broth and apply mashed potatoes on steamed heels. This method allows you to get rid of the problem for a week.
  • At home, you can prepare the ointment from the fissure-based leaves of the golden mustache and vaseline. Crush the plant and mix with vaseline in a 2: 3 ratio. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator and used 2 times a day.
  • Finely chop the onion, grate the carrots and burdock root on a grater. Put a frying pan on the stove, add 100 ml of olive oil and fry the onions with the burdock until golden brown, add the carrots and fry for another 7 minutes. Leave the product overnight in a frying pan, and in the morning strain through a sieve. The heel cracked ointment is ready for use. She can lubricate not only the legs, but also dry skin of the hands.
  • Prepare a bath of salt and soda. In a handful of warm water, pour a handful of salt and 1 tbsp. l soda Dip in the foot bath for 15 minutes. Blot your feet with a soft towel and wipe your heels with a slice of lemon. After lubricating them with olive oil or petroleum jelly and put on warm socks. After a while, your heels will stop cracking, they will become smooth and soft.
  • Finely chop celandine, put it in a saucepan, pour 1 tbsp. vegetable oil and bring to a boil. When the mixture has cooled, add a little wax and put it on the fire again. Heat the pan until the wax melts. Stir the ointment until smooth and apply on cracks.
  • You can make an infusion of flowers of Hypericum on sunflower oil. Take 2 pieces of Hypericum flowers and fill them with 4 pieces of oil. Insist 3 weeks. After taking a bath, thoroughly wipe your feet and rub the tincture into the skin.

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Proper heel care

To keep your heels from cracking, they need proper care.

Proper heel care

Treat your feet with pumice while taking a bath or shower. Use rough scrubs for your feet. Then be sure to lubricate the heels with a moisturizer.

Once a week, make foot baths. In a warm water, add a little sea salt and a couple of drops of essential oil. Steam out your feet for 20 minutes, then brush your heels with a brush or pumice stone and rub a softening cream. It is best to use products that contain vitamins A and F, as well as propolis.

Cracks on the heels can appear at any age and in every person. Effective problem prevention is gentle and regular care. In the event that an unpleasant symptom manifested itself, it is necessary to establish its cause. A dermatologist will help you with this. To cope with cracks, you can use special preparations or proven popular recipes.

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