White tea


We all know black, green and red tea, but now white tea has become one of the most fashionable types of tea. White tea in its beneficial properties in no way inferior to other types of tea, and in some cases even surpasses them. At the same time he has a delicate, great taste and incomparable aroma.

The composition of white tea

  • When processing white tea is exposed to less impact than green and black, so its composition contains much more polyphenols, which are among the strongest antioxidants recognized in the world. Thereby White tea is useful for the prevention of cancer, especially breast and colon cancer.
  • The large amount of fluorine contained in it is capable of prevent the occurrence of caries and tartar.
  • White tea contains a large amount of essential oils, thanks to which it is able to provide a strong cooling effect, refresh and quench thirst in hot weather.
  • Elastin, which is part of it, helps in fight against premature aging.

What is useful white tea?

  • White tea helps reduce the risk of developing arthritis, particularly rheumatoid. It can have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, perfectly cleansing from toxins, acids and harmful metals.
  • White tea can improve the overall emotional state. and be useful with constant stress and chronic fatigue. It can successfully replace sedatives and anti-depressants. White tea has a relaxing effect., soothes emotions and relieves overexcitation symptoms.
  • When chemical, food, alcohol intoxication, white tea psvolit remove all harmful substances from the body.
  • With flu and colds white tea will help the respiratory system, This will be especially effective at the first sign of a cold. In China, it is recognized as a preventive measure against colds, which increases the body's resistance and strengthens the body's defenses.

The benefits of white tea for female beauty

Compresses made using white tea help protect delicate skin from exposure to too much UV rays.White tea prevents the appearance of wrinkles and contributes to the elastic and even look of the skin of the face and neck.

It contributes to the destruction of fat cells and the fight against obesity, as it contains the ideal combination of substances necessary for a painless weight loss. White tea will help maintain normal weight in the norm. It will be useful for those who still smoke, helping to cleanse the body of nicotine.

White tea: harm

Unfortunately, almost all products have some contraindications, but harmful properties of white tea, while scientists are not detected. Therefore, there are no specific contraindications to its use.

In large quantities, white tea is not worth drinking. True connoisseurs of tea ceremonies do not advise drinking white tea in a bad and irritable state of mind. You need to be very careful when brewing white tea, otherwise you can just spoil it. Do not make it too strong.

Types of white tea

White tea is grown mainly in the mountains at an altitude of from 1000 to 2200 in the Chinese province of Fujian. Mountain clean air and sun give it such useful properties. White tea of ​​the Bai Hao Yin Zhen type (silver needles) possesses the highest quality; it consists of buds. The type of Bai Mudan (white peony) also belongs to the highest quality tea and consists not only of buds, but also of leaves. The color of this type of tea is uneven. A simple form is Shaw Mei, consisting of leaves of a non-solid form. The type of white tea Gong Mei (gift) also has average quality.

How to brew white tea?

So that you receive only good from white tea, you need to learn how to brew it.The proportion of 1 person - 5 g per 150 ml of water. Brew tea in a ceramic, porcelain or glass teapot. If you overdo white tea, it will become more spicy and concentrated, and with each brew it will reveal its own characteristics more and more. If you want to brew it in a mug, then put 1 tsp. in a cup, then pour it with boiled water 70C. You can get water of such a temperature if you remove the lid from the boiled kettle and wait for 9 minutes.

To fully enjoy the taste and aroma of white tea, do not try to drink it immediately. Wait 3 minutes, inhaling its aroma, and only after that, start slowly, without hurrying to drink.

White tea: benefits during pregnancy

During pregnancy, every expectant mother has a desire to try something unusual. One of the products to which she should pay attention, is white tea. But before that you should consult with your doctor. In such an important period of life, every woman should be especially attentive to what you eat, especially if you have not tried this product before.

White tea is an exotic product that will give the opportunity to touch the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophers. White tea during pregnancy will help you experience a new, unusual taste, help in treating colds, calm your nerves.

White tea is a type of Chinese tea. Such an unusual name he received because of the white pile, which is present at the tea leaves, giving them a beautiful silver shade. White tea has a fresh floral and exquisite aroma, transparent color of freshly brewed drink and melon-honey taste. In their homeland white tea is considered one of the elixirs of youth and belongs to the most expensive types of tea that only exist.

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White tea has no contraindications and at the same time has such useful properties that are able to protect us from many diseases and prolong our youth for many years.

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