White spots on tonsils - this is sore throat


If you have a sore throat when swallowing, discomfort in the form of tickling, white spots on the tonsils, and overall well-being wants the best, most likely it is sore throat. And, perhaps, given these very purulent points on the glands, angina follicular or lacunar.

White dots on tonsils ...

White dots on tonsils

Since the times preceding the advent of the Christian era, there is a known angina, one of the most common diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is a disease affecting mainly children of preschool and school age, as well as adults until about forty years of age. Infants and old people with angina attacks rarely.

A pronounced feature of the disease are pronounced inflammatory processes in the glands - lymphadenoid tissue of the pharynx. This is an infectious disease. Its main pathogens are microbes - group A streptococci. But even staphylococci, pneumococci, viruses and fungi are not asleep.

Microbes attack our body not only from the outside, but also through the endogenous pathway - the glands, the oral cavity, already contained in the gaps of the glands, are activated. Help in the development of the disease have a weakened body, poor nutrition, negative working conditions, hypothermia, including local ones.

Symptoms of the disease

In general, if white spots are found on the tonsils, treatment is inevitable. Most likely, as already mentioned, it is lacunar or follicular tonsillitis. The process of lesion of the tonsils is usually bilateral and pronounced. After an infection has entered the body and it may take several days before the first symptoms appear.

First, there is discomfort in the throat, then - pain when swallowing, and all this against the background of general malaise, followed by deterioration. With an increase in the intoxication of the body, bruising, backache, headache appear. Body temperature rises to 40 °.

Blood characteristics indicate leukocytosis. The surrounding lymph nodes are enlarged and painful. The mucous membrane in the pharynx is sharply hyperemic, and the tonsils are swollen and friable, their surface can be compared to the night sky, covered entirely with stars. Such a picture of the point lesion of the glands is more characteristic of the follicular tonsillitis. In the lacunar form of the disease, whitish-yellow spots tend to merge.

white spots found on tonsils, treatment

The duration of the illness is about seven days. Acute onset and course of the disease is a feature of all types of tonsillitis, but in purulent pathology it is a visiting card. The disease literally deprives of its strength and suffocates heat.

White dots on the tonsils in a child say that parents should be ready to join to all of the above symptoms and signs such as:

  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea and, as a result, problems with dehydration;
  • stupefaction;
  • Meningism is a condition in which there is irritability of the brain accompanied by some signs of meningitis, although there is no inflammatory process as such.

White dots on the tonsils without fever and with other symptoms are all representatives of the same sore throat. In these cases, physicians have noted the activity of several types of microbes with weakened immunity. In addition, this situation can be in chronic tonsillitis, stomatitis, fungal infection.

Angina needs to be differentiated from other diseases of an infectious nature, since redness of the throat, a reaction from the lymphatic system, the appearance of plaque on the glands can all be signs of diphtheria and mononucleosis. This is important because each specific disease is treated with the use of agents suitable for a particular case. For example, serum is used in the treatment of diphtheria, but it is useless for sore throat or mononucleosis.

Pathology therapy

In the treatment of angina, the main goal is to prevent complications. Some popular tools and knowledge drawn from the Internet are not enough here. Qualified medical care, based on the correct examination, establishment of the diagnosis and the correct tactics of treatment can prevent negative consequences in relation to the patient's body.

An integrated approach to therapy in combination with bed rest, a proper diet built on dairy and herbal products, plenty of fluid to drink - this is the key to success. With obvious symptoms of toxin poisoning, antibiotics are used.

How to treat white dots on the tonsils

Symptomatic manifestations are extinguished by antipyretic drugs, painkillers, cardiac, anti-allergic drugs. Local treatment is an important assistant in the common cause. Rinsing and rinsing with disinfectant solutions, softening and binding broths and infusions will help to quickly and accurately cope with the disease.

Summing up, it is necessary to note preventive measures in case of the threat of angina. It is necessary to strengthen your body, lead a healthy lifestyle. Periodically conduct activities aimed at preventing the development of pathological microorganisms in the premises, do not forget about personal hygiene.

Try not to allow hypothermia, which, although it does not cause a sore throat, but opens the door to microbes, weakening the immune system. And of course, treatment of a sore throat should be carried out on a mandatory basis exclusively by a doctor. Folk knowledge is good, but only in combination with competent therapy, otherwise there is a high probability of irretrievably losing your health. Do not be ill and take care of yourself!