White spots on the body

Women are particularly demanding on their appearance. After all, I want to be perfect in everything: “from smile to gestures,” as Mary Poppins said. Clean, well-groomed, health-radiant skin gives a woman special beauty.

But, as a rule, it is with the skin that there are a lot of problems: sometimes it is dry and irritated, or oily too much, then acne or strange pigmentation appears on it. There is pigmentation in the form of freckles or cannabis, which even paints fair-haired and red-haired girls. And there is an unattractive pigmentation, for example, vitiligo. it white spots on the skin on different parts of the body.

White pigment spots on the body

White pigmentation on the body: causes of formation

White pigment spots are formed mainly on the skin of young people. According to scientists, about 70% of people who applied to get rid of white spots are people under the age of 25 years. Those who are older and older people are for some unknown reason less susceptible to this skin disease - vitiligo.

The main reason for the formation of white spots doctors associate with weakening function melanocytes(special pigment) in the skin. What can provoke a disease still remains a controversial issue. Also not established effective methods of treatment of this process.

Presumably, doctors call the following reasons for the formation of white spots on the skin:

  • Violation of the endocrine glands (most often the thyroid gland).
  • Autoimmune diseases that lead to the violation of the integrity of the skin tissue.
  • Malfunctions of the nervous system.
  • Chronic fatigue, stress, depression.
  • Liver disease.
  • Inflammatory diseases of a chronic nature.

White pigmentation on the body: causes of formation

  • Sunburn after mismanagement.

White spots appeared on the body: what to do?

As noted above, most often white spots on the skin appear in people under the age of 25 years. Researches of scientists proved that vitiligomod is inherited. This skin disease is associated with immune system. Affected cells (without melanocytes) attack healthy ones. The disease spreads and the skin loses its natural beauty and even color. White pigmentation occurs throughout the body..

It has been revealed that this is not an infectious disease, but scientists cannot yet speak about the exact cause of the appearance of white spots on the body. It is believed that white spots on the body can cause drugs or action anychemical substances.To find out the reason it is better to contact a dermatologist. He will conduct all the necessary research and help you get rid of white spots on the body.

Vitiligo is difficult to treatonly because, without knowing the reasons, it is impossible to eliminate the consequences. In the case of white spots on the skin it is. Scientists have not yet found a universal remedy; it is necessary to consider every single situation of the onset of vitiligo.

To date There are several known methods for dealing with whites. spots on the skin. The course of treatment is usually long, almost half a year. Multiple methods are used at once. But they are appointed only by a doctor!

  • Ultraviolet irradiation - The easiest and most affordable treatment for white spots.
  • Narrow wave radiation has a number of side effects.

White spots appeared on the body: what to do?White spots appeared on the body: what to do?

  • Laser also effective in the fight against vitiligo.
  • Surgical intervention - appointed by dermatologists extremely rare, because it has a number of undesirable consequences.

In addition to treatment in the clinic, the doctor will prescribe you vitamins and minerals. Those who have white spots on the body, as a rule, do not have enough of vitamins C, E, B12, AT6, as well as copper and zinc. The doctor may also appoint immunomodulators. They are usually produced in the form of an ointment or cream, and their action is based on the fact that they have a suppressive effect on the immune system. The infected cells do not infect healthy ones, and the skin pigment in them is restored.

White spots on the body of a child

Unfortunately, the beautiful skin of children can also be spoiled by the appearance of unpleasant white spots. In contrast to the situation, adults,white spots on the body of the child are indicators of two diseases: pitithiaz whiteandvitiligo.

Vitiligo - this is the same skin disease as in adults, and the reasons for its appearance are presumably the same as in adults. It is associated with damage to the pigmentation of skin cells. In children, white spots most often appear on the face or neck. If untreated, the spots spread further all over the body. The appearance of vitiligo on the body of a child is a serious reason for going to a doctor. Only he can prescribe the right treatment. Do not self-medicate! It can be not good for the child, but for the worse!

White spots on the body of a child

Pitiriaz white- a special form of dermatitis. In children, white spots on the body are most often just pitiriazVitiligo occur in children extremely rarely. Treat pithiriaz white can, using moisturizing steroid cream.You should also use soap as little as possible so as not to dry or irritate the damaged skin. But self-medication can not be engaged, you must seek help from a doctor.

White appearance stains on the body of adults and children - extremely unpleasant thing. This is a disease that only a competent dermatologist should diagnose. He will select the necessary treatment. However, the course of treatment is long, sometimes it can last up to six months or even more. During treatment, white spots on the body can be masked with the help of special cosmetics.

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Remember that self-treatment in this case can harm, so be sure to follow all the recommendations of your doctor!

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