White plaque on the tongue


Every day a person must eat to live. Not only the teeth help us, but also the tongue. During food intake in our language white scurf is formed. But if we brush our teeth every day, we forget about the hygiene of the tongue. But the language requires no less care than the entire oral cavity.

How does white blot appear on the tongue?

Our language consists of dimples, grooves and papillae. They are the place that bacteria love most. White scurf appears when we do not clean our tongue, or for small diseases. White thick plaque may indicate a disease that needs urgent treatment. Therefore, before self-treatment of white plaque, first go to the doctor. After you make sure that the plaque is not a sign of a serious illness, you can start treating it yourself.

White plaque on the tongue: causes and treatment

Ways to treat white plaque on the tongue

You can use gauze, a teaspoon, a special rinse aid, a toothbrush, or a special brush for the tongue to clean the white scurf. Here the choice depends on your preferences, availability and convenience for each of you.

Gauze in the treatment of white plaque on the tongue

Take a small clean piece of gauze, and then wrap it up with your index finger. And hold it from the root of the tongue to the tip. After the first time, wash the gauze under running water. Use gauze until the tongue turns pink again. Then you need to rinse the throat and mouth with water. In the same way, you can clean with a teaspoon and a toothbrush.

Vegetable oil and white scurf on tongue

If you suck a small amount of vegetable oil daily, you will get rid of white bloom in a natural way. Vegetable oil will help eliminate toxins from organisms and strengthen salivation, which will help in the treatment of white plaque. You need to take 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth and suck like lollipop for 20 minutes. You can not swallow it. After the procedure, the oil should turn white. Rinse your mouth thoroughly. The procedure should be done on an empty stomach in the morning. For faster treatment, you can do the procedure 3 times a day.

Treatment of digestive problems

White plaque is caused by digestive problems.

  • To improve the condition, you can use drugs that promote digestion, such as mezim or festal.
  • Intestinal cleansing will also help. This will require laxatives, they will provide emergency assistance. You can also take activated charcoal.
  • Try to follow a diet, reduce the amount of smoked and fatty foods in your diet. They may be responsible for the appearance of white bloom.
  • Increase the amount of steamed or boiled food. If the white bloom begins to thin and becomes less and less noticeable, it means that your condition improves, and its appearance was caused only by malnutrition.

White plaque on the tongue: causes and treatment

Proper tongue cleaning

Regular cleaning of the tongue will also help you get rid of a not very aesthetic phenomenon, like white bloom on the tongue.. Cleaning the tongue should be done daily, during each cleaning of the teeth. To do this, you will need a special brush for the tongue or a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small amount of toothpaste. Tongue begin to peel from root to tip. Diligently clean one half, and then the second. In order not to injure the mucous membrane, try to keep movements short and neat. When you brush your tongue with a toothbrush, you need to carry it across and along the surface of the tongue. It is also necessary to rinse your mouth regularly.

Tips for cleaning the tongue

You need to clean out the plaque, even in the root area of ​​the language. There is even an antiseptic gel applied to the tongue. It is applied to the tongue for 3 minutes, and then cleaned. You can brush your tongue with the same toothbrush that you brush your teeth with. The brush must have medium hard bristles. Try to keep it from root to tip of the tongue. When cleaning you may experience nausea, to avoid this, try to clean on the exhale or with a special brush designed to care for the tongue.

The benefits of periodic cleansing of the tongue

Cleaning will help reduce the formation of plaque on the teeth and keep your breath fresh. Cleaning the tongue will improve the taste sensations and will be an excellent prevention of the occurrence of caries. It will even help stop the spread of infection in the body. When you massage the tongue, you influence the internal organs that are connected to the zones of the tongue rather than improve their functioning.

White scurf on tongue: cleaning

Chinese language cleansing method

Chinese cleansing of the tongue also contributes to the treatment of white plaque of the tongue, uses for this the hidden reserves of the body. Slowly brush one way with a toothbrush 18 times, then 18 times another. Make 18 movements of the tongue, first left and then right.

Elimination of white bloom in the language in other ways

If neither cleansing, nor diet, nor gauze helped you, then carry out the following procedure. First you need to clean the oral cavity with a toothbrush, and then rinse thoroughly mouth with a special rinse. After 4 hours, you need to see whether the plaque appeared again, if so, be sure to visit your doctor. In the case of a raid only after sleep, you should not worry, this is normal. The appearance after cleansing is an alarming sign.

All people have white plaque on the tongue. His appearance in the morning is normal. But if it occurs immediately after cleaning the oral cavity, and begins to become thicker - this may indicate the appearance and progression of a disease.. Therefore, first go to the doctor. If everything is good, then just change your diet, and do not forget to brush your tongue during daily brushing. This will be enough to cure white bloom on the tongue. Be healthy and take care of yourself!