White cabbage


In ancient Russia, cabbage was considered a product akin to bread. And now we eat this vegetable at any time of the year in any form. And traditional Ukrainian borsch without it is simply impossible to imagine! However, along with the benefits of white cabbage, and there is harm. So let's get acquainted with an old friend closer!

Omnipresent vegetable

The benefits and harms of white cabbage

Whitefly a native of North Africa quickly gained popularity around the world. Cabbage came to Russia from the Mediterranean countries, but it has long been cultivated in Korea and China. This vegetable is valuable for its unpretentiousness: abundant watering - that's all that will ensure the receipt of tight, juicy heads. In addition, cabbage is perfectly preserved, and in traditional medicine, 4 out of 10 recipes will necessarily include cabbage leaves, especially when it comes to bruises or inflammatory processes in the joints. What else is useful cabbage?

Natural Multivitamin

Everyone knows that there is a lot of fiber in cabbage. Neither is it a secret that there is even more vitamin C in a sour product than citrus. But at the same time, the vegetable still contains a huge number of elements necessary for human health, the presence of which we could not even suspect. Here are just some of them:

  • tertronic acid. A substance that prevents the processing of carbohydrates and sugars into fats. Thus, the body receives natural protection against diabetes and obesity;
  • vitamin U, which is rarely found in its natural form, but effectively heals the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, including an ulcer;
  • phytoncides - elements that are also called natural antibiotics;
  • folic acid, normalizing metabolic processes in the body;
  • vitamin A, good for the eyes;
  • Vitamin K, necessary for harmonious work of the cardiovascular system.

This list can still be continued, but we will focus on specific problems that can be solved with the help of white cabbage.

Medical treatment doctor that a hundred gown robed

White cabbage: calories, benefit and harm. How is it useful for losing weight?

The list of diseases for which helps cabbage, really impressive. So, the juice of the leaves of this vegetable:

  • possesses antitussive action, relieving the symptoms of bronchitis;
  • accelerates gastric peristalsis;
  • removes toxins and wastes from the intestines;
  • normalizes the liver;
  • possesses diuretic properties;
  • inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, such as Koch's bacillus, golden staphylococcus, etc .;
  • in combination with wine, it relieves itching from insect, animal and snake bites, neutralizing the effects of poisons;
  • fights acne;
  • relieves acne.

At a time when all the problems related to women's health were solved by grandmothers, cabbage juice was used to stimulate childbirth and provoke miscarriage.

Leaf gruel is used to relieve pain and accelerate tissue regeneration when:

  • burns;
  • bruises;
  • elevated temperature.

Boiled cabbage is especially recommended to be used when:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • urolithiasis;
  • gout;
  • cancer tumors.

27 kcal on the way to a beautiful figure

What is useful cabbage for weight loss?White cabbage for weight loss - just an indispensable assistant. There are so many useful microelements in it that the use of this vegetable can replace a whole range of products with higher nutritional values. Many women say that at the slightest search in weight they switch to a cabbage diet: they begin to eat a salad of white-vegetable vegetables - and in 2-3 weeks the “surplus” disappears. This is not surprising, because the caloric content of white cabbage is only 27 kcal. At the same time, the body is cleansed of toxins at the expense of fiber, which is in the vegetable, and fights with intestinal laziness, forcing it to work actively.

Contraindications and harm

Some vegetable lovers are wary of fresh cabbage, as it can cause colic and flatulence. This is true, but with moderate use from the plant there is no harm. True, provided that it is a vegetable garden grown without fertilizer chemicals. By the way, all the harmful substances accumulate in the core. Therefore, if you bought a head in the market or in a store, it is better to refuse a pleasant crunch of a stump.

Still, people with certain chronic diseases should use this valuable plant with caution. These include:

  • any thyroid problems, including pancreatitis;
  • aggravations of an ulcer, gastritis;
  • bleeding in the digestive tract;
  • enterocolitis with diarrhea.

Cabbage juice stimulates the production of gastric juice, so that if a person has high acidity, he should eat vegetables in very small quantities. In order not to abandon this natural source of vitamins and microelements at all, cabbage can be served on the table after heat treatment. Then coarse fiber softens.

Vegetables - valuable sources of vitamins and microelements for humans. And if you make a rating of the most important "suppliers", then a gardener in multi-layered clothing will take one of the places on an imaginary pedestal. Knowing the benefits and harms of white cabbage, you can properly enter it into your diet and provide your body with an entire arsenal of nutrients.