Which is better - almagel or maalox


Almagel and Maalox are included in the group of antacids - drugs that suppress the secretion of gastric juice and reduce the release of hydrochloric acid for a certain time period. Thus, a reduction in pain in the epigastric region is achieved, and heartburn is eliminated. Both drugs work due to alegdrate and magnesium hydroxide, are considered analogues to each other. But which is better - Almagel or Maalox? Or is it worth looking for a drug that is different in composition?

Almagel: reviews of the drug

Almagel is available both in suspension format and in tablet format.

This drug is available both in suspension format and in tablet format, in addition, it may contain benzocaine, which adds anesthetic effect, or simethicone, which eliminates bloating. The ratio of the main active components in Almagel is as follows: 3 parts of algedrate account for 1 part of magnesium hydroxide. The real effect of the tool can be assessed according to customer feedback.

Anna: From the family medicine cabinet Almagel never disappears, the expiration date ends, or the tool itself - I buy a new one. Both husband and son are the eternal hostages of gastritis, as the most important "violators" of healthy eating. Almagel was prescribed to them by a doctor after another examination, they bought a variant with benzocaine. Great budget painkiller - with unpleasant sensations, just drink 10 ml in 40-60 minutes. after eating: the state quickly stabilizes.

Tatyana: When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with "increased acidity of the stomach," but I quickly forgot about it, but after graduating from the institute, the body made itself known: as soon as I eat something that is not safe, heartburn begins. In order to at least a little fix the situation, on the recommendation of the doctor, I bought Almagel: I take courses for 30 days in 15 minutes. before lunch, the dosage - 1 scoop (included). The effect lasts until the next course - for 4-5 months. Of course, I control the food at the same time, but without unnecessary worrying about a slice of onion or a drop of hot sauce.

Natalia: Attacks of stomach pain are extremely rare, but I am not immune from them. After another visit to the doctor went with a prescription for Almagel-A (it contains benzocaine, anesthetic). Suspension categorically did not like the taste - very much nasty, but the pain took off in 20 minutes, there was no relapse. Just in case, now I keep a bottle with me.

What they say about the drug Maalox?

Reviews of the drug Maalox

Oksana: Either institute nutrition without a regimen killed the stomach, or for some other reason, but he began to respond literally to everything, even to milk porridge without additives. When the panic for the state reached its apogee, ran to the pharmacy, asked for "something for heartburn." The pharmacist handed Maalox, the reason for checking the drug was not long in coming: the stomach did not like the sandwiches in the morning. I opened the bag, drank it in one gulp, while I was going to study, I realized that the stomach no longer makes itself felt. I also bought a blister with pills for my purse - it is more convenient than taking a bottle with me, but it helps not worse, only a little longer the effect has to wait.

Veronica: Foolishly set an experiment over herself - she tried a very hungry diet: the stomach reacted so that losing weight could happen simply because of its complete rejection of any food on the 3rd day. The doctor offered to drink Amalgel, he was not in the nearest pharmacy, the pharmacist gave Maalox: the analogue of Amalgel in composition, as she explained. Before breakfast, she poured a suspension in a spoon (she has some menthol taste, but in general is not too unpleasant), drank, waited 15 minutes. Had breakfast with apprehension, but the stomach took food, heartburn did not disturb. The course was 14 days, the body recovered, but I still now have a bottle just in case.

Inna: I use Maalox only as a last resort, I'm afraid to use the course - the body is very sensitive, on the 2nd day after the medication nausea begins. But if situationally, when the stomach starts to burst from heavy meat or smoked sausage, relief is already in the process of resorption of the pill.

Maalox and Almagel: analogues of drugs

Analogues of drugs Maalox and Almagel

A number of drugs have a similar effect, which are available to the simple consumer both in terms of breadth of distribution and cost. In most cases, these are full analogs of Maalox or Almagel, and only some of them have a different composition.


A fairly well-known representative of antacids based on aluminum phosphate is Phosphalugel. It also helps to reduce the production of hydrochloric acid, soothe the inflamed mucosa, has a sorting effect, is indicated for dyspepsia and poisoning, all types of gastritis and ulcers. Available in the form of a gel with a citrus scent, dissolved in water or taken in its pure form after a meal. Dosage is individual. Among the contraindications to the use of renal failure, phosphorus deficiency in the blood. Not recommended to take during pregnancy, cirrhosis of the liver, in old age.


The main active component is algedrate and magnesium hydroxide, therefore it can be considered the most important analogue of Almagel or Maalox. Unlike the latter, it is included in a more budgetary price category: from 70 to 100 rubles for a package of 10 chewable tablets, but it has an important disadvantage - the effect of its use is not long, therefore, there is no sense in treating it with it. Situationally Gastracid acts no worse than more expensive drugs, instantly eliminating unpleasant symptoms. Not recommended for children under 10 years.


Also available in the form of chewable tablets, also acts on the basis of aldedrate and magnesium hydroxide, combined in equal proportions. The main advantage of this drug is that it is approved for use in children from 4 months. Indications for use are unchanged: gastritis, ulcers, erosion of the mucous membrane, hernia, pancreatitis. Banned for Alzheimer's disease and hypersensitivity, can be applied by course or once.

And yet, which is better - Maalox or Almagel? As you can see, the preparations are identical to each other, except for the concentration of the main active ingredient, which causes the difference in their effects on the body. However, reviews prove that the effect is almost the same, so you should choose either by personal feelings, or on the recommendation of a doctor. And if necessary, you can refer to their counterparts.