Which inhaler is better to buy for home - compressor or

Who in childhood couldn’t breathe over potatoes covered with a blanket? Inhalations are popular today, only for them are used special devices - nebulizers. Their range is very wide. But buyers usually ask themselves which inhaler is better - compressor or ultrasonic?

Than pairs better than tablets?

which inhaler is better - compressor or ultrasonic

Inhalation is one of the most effective means of treating respiratory pathology. Delivery of drugs in this way has a lot of advantages. It gives a very quick effect, since the drug goes directly to the lesion and is well absorbed. Such therapy allows you to bring the minimum dose of medication directly into the tracheobronchial tree, bypassing the digestive tract. And contraindications for inhalation (not like pills) are very few.

The high popularity of inhalers is explained by the fact that in recent years the incidence of infectious diseases and bronchitis has sharply increased. Pneumonia has become more common, many people suffer from allergic cough. From all these ailments help inhalers. Therapy with their help, anyone can spend at home without the supervision of a doctor. Modern devices are lightweight and compact in size, safe to use.

Varieties inhalers and their overview

To make it easier for you to make a choice, you should at least in general terms know what devices come. The range of inhalers today is represented by such goods:

  • steam. Its action consists in the evaporation of a herbal decoction or drug. This device is most suitable for the treatment of upper respiratory tract. During the procedure, hot steam is released (its temperature is 50-65˚). It produces a vasodilating effect, penetrates deeply located layers of tissue, heals and anesthetizes. Such an inhaler gradually loses its popularity, since not everyone can breathe hot steam and not all medicines can be sprayed in this way. There are many contraindications to the use of steam device. These include fever, diseases of the hematopoietic system, heart, tuberculosis;
  • ultrasonic. The device works according to this principle: ultrasound sprays the composition into tiny aerosol particles, which, together with the inhaled air, penetrate into the farthest regions of the lungs. Therefore, the device is very useful in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchial inflammation. The device is very compact, can be powered from the network, and from the batteries. It works almost silently. You can use various medications in it, but under the action of ultrasonic waves, they break up and can lose their effectiveness. Therefore, using the device can not be inhaled with antibiotics and essential oils;
  • compressor (jet). There are three types of such devices: with a continuous output of an aerosol, with a valve and with activation at the exit. Such inhalers get most often. They are characterized by moderate cost, easy to operate and suitable for spraying any components. But they also have their shortcomings: they are very cumbersome, in the on state they create a lot of noise (up to 70 dB). The device operates exclusively on the network, which limits its mobility;
  • mesh inhaler. Perfect, effective, but too expensive device (the price starts from 6 thousand rubles), so it is not among the sales leaders.

what buy for home treatments?

find the answer to the question which inhaler is better - compressor or ultrasonic

To find the answer to the question, which inhaler is better - compressor or ultrasonic one should analyze their effectiveness, cost and functionality.

The main quality that good medical equipment should possess is efficiency. If you are not sure which inhaler is best to buy for your home, reviews will help you make an unmistakable choice. Thus, users pay attention to the fact that the ultrasonic-generating equipment does not take up much space at home, but is very effective. It introduces into the airways a large portion of medicinal substances, which contributes to the speedy recovery.

According to the second indicator, the compressor wins. Its price is 1850-2500 rubles, while ultrasound costs between two and four thousand rubles. But this is not all expenses: the buyer will also have to pay a round sum for the purchase of attachments.

As for functionality, the championship remains for the ultrasonic nebulizer. It does not create noise, has a high performance. Plus, in some models, nozzles are provided that make it more convenient to use and help deliver the medicine exactly as prescribed. Inhalation can be done with solutions of herbs, salts, essential oils. This device can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of disease. To do this, simply put it in the room and turn it on.

Reviews about top rated models

The neuron ne-c24 nebulizer inhaler (compressor nebulizer) was among the undisputed leaders. Reviews of him mostly positive, because it enhances the effectiveness of treatment, can help all family members. The device is light, well dispenses the medicine, it is easy to use, detailed instructions have been developed. To small drawbacks, consumers attributed the fact that the device is very noisy, equipped with not too comfortable masks that slide.

Another nebulizer that turned out to be one of the favorites is the inhaler of a little doctor ld-212c (also a compressor one). Reviews of this technique are mostly good. People characterize it like this: small, quiet, comfortable, helps against cough and runny nose, the effect of the application is noticeable almost immediately. The device is equipped with different nozzles. By cons, they ranked the fact that it is heated and cools for a long time.

To summarize, the most of the negative reviews gathered a steam engine. But the first place in the popularity rating went to compression units. Ultrasound has received even more praise, but not everyone can afford the price. However, what all consumers are unanimous about is that a nebulizer is a useful thing, and it should be in every home.

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