Which hepatoprotector choose


Hepatoprotectors - one of the most important drug groups, responsible for restoring the functioning of the liver and its protection. Depending on the active component, they can be of a purely preventive nature, as well as being "heavy artillery" assigned for poor-quality formations and hepatitis. There is no medicine that could be called the best in this group, but you can make out a few of the best-quality drugs and try to choose among them.

3 most effective hepatoprotectors

Hepatoprotectors - one of the most important drug groups.

  1. "Heptral" - works on the basis of ademetionine, belongs to the category of amino acids and their derivatives. Available in pill format (400 mg of active substance per 1 pc.) And lyophilisate, which needs dilution and can be used for injections. From the general group of hepatoprotectors it is knocked out due to its antidepressive function. The action of Heptral is based on replenishing the deficiency of ademetionine by introducing it from the outside and stimulating its natural synthesis.
  • The focus of the drug - the impact on the transportation of bile acids, as well as their detoxification. It also has a neuroprotective effect, activates cell regeneration. Antidepressive function is not of an instant nature, it appears after the accumulation of substances in the blood, from 7-8 days of admission. The maximum result on this point is noticeable for 12-14 days.
  • Indications for the use of "Heptral" are cholestasis, fatty degeneration, hepatitis and cirrhosis (chronic stage), toxic lesions of any nature (medication, alcohol, etc.).
  1. Essentiale is a fairly well-known natural drug that works on account of phospholipids, which are not capable of being produced by the body independently. They have an impact on fat and protein metabolism, have a detoxic effect. No less pronounced is their ability to trigger cell regeneration and inhibit the development of cells in the bile ducts, which prevents sclerotization. Additionally, it is worth noting the dilution of bile, which prevents the formation of stones.
  • Indications for use "Essentiale" is fatty degeneration, hepatitis of any degree, cirrhosis, necrosis. For prophylactic purposes, the drug is taken to prevent gallstone disease, reduce the effects after irradiation, as well as before surgery.
  • It is worth noting that in the classic "Essentiale" (including the "forte") there are vitamins that have a tonic effect. In subspecies labeled "H" contains only phospholipids.
  1. "Kars" is also a natural product that contains milk thistle seed extract, a powerful natural hepatoprotector (for capsules) or silymarin (for pills). The dosage varies depending on the form of release: only 35 mg of the active substance have the drops, capsules - the amount of the extract, equivalent to 90 mg of the same substance.
  • The main focus of "Karsil" - stabilization of the cell membrane, as well as reducing the degree of influence of free radicals, detoxification, relieving the symptoms of liver failure: heaviness in the right hypochondrium, nausea. In addition, the absorption of food is improved, the release of bile is normalized.
  • Indications for the use of Karsil are cirrhosis, steatosis, intoxication, and hepatitis in a chronic form (both after exacerbation and before it). Basically, the drug is prophylactic in nature or is included in the complex therapy, can be used in parallel with alcohol.

Which drug to choose?

The above medicines have long been recognized as extremely effective.

The above medicines have long been recognized as extremely effective, but they also have some drawbacks, which sometimes force you to choose between them or to look for a replacement from the outside. Especially often this question is raised with the "Heptral", whose high cost makes it not available to all consumers.

  • In the Russian market, there is only 1 analogue of Heptral - this is the Heptor. What's better? According to doctors, they are absolutely identical, from indications to side effects and dosage. Therefore, if you need to choose "Heptral" or "Heptor", you can navigate by the presence of the drug in the pharmacy or its pricing policy.
  • Often, the question arises as to whether it is better to have Geptral or Essentiale. It is not entirely correct, because drugs fall into different categories. "Heptral", as already mentioned, is aimed at complex diseases and serious conditions, as evidenced even by its inadmissibility in the treatment of persons under 18 years of age. Essentiale is softer and more designed to maintain functions and recover from diseases, it can be used even in children from 3 years.
  • As for what is better, Karsil or Essentiale Forte, here everything also depends on the problem that needs to be solved. "Kars" can be considered a dietary supplement that improves liver immunity and helps maintain its condition in chronic diseases. Essentiale has a richer composition and can be used for treatment.

Summing up, it should be said that it is impossible to name the best hepatoprotector. An individual tool is selected for each problem. Therefore, the fact that Karsil has worked for someone, and only Geptral has helped someone, does not speak about the inaction of a certain drug.