Recently, we are increasingly hearing about the benefits of germinated cereals. Ostensibly they are many times more nutritious than ordinary cereals. Is it really, really? What benefits can germinated wheat bring to the body?

What is good wheat germ?

  • Wheat grains are capable of excellent saturate the body with antioxidants. And, as we know, it is these substances that help the body actively fight aging.
  • A large number of drugs created by chemical and synthetic means. And we, regularly using them for the treatment of a particular disease, gradually poison the body. Great Wheat germ is a substitute for existing drugs.
  • Grains of such wheat are perfectly absorbed by the body, in They contain much more vitamins than any other products.!
  • In germinated cereals - a great combination of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.
  • Phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium are very high in wheat germ. And, as we know, this essential trace elements!
  • During the time when wheat grains germinate, the content of vitamins in them increases fifty times! Imagine the incredible benefits!
  • When you sprout wheat by yourself, Do not allow it to germinate more than two to three mm. When it germinates more, the nutrients in it will become much smaller. You should not, also, freeze and strongly cooled sprouted grains. Low temperatures will also kill all beneficial properties.
  • Vitamins such as A, C, and E are also present in the wheat germ. In addition, various trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, fiber (it has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora).

In addition to the listed useful properties, wheat germ can provide other assistance.

It stimulates the metabolism. Cleans the blood of toxic formations. Enriches the body with vitamins and minerals. Promotes the restoration of vision. Coordinates movement. Improves human immunity. Improves sexual function. Cleans the body from toxins. Improves digestion, cures ulcers. After several months of regular use of wheat germ Sight will noticeably improve. And after some time you can completely abandon the glasses and lenses!

Germinated wheat contributes to the resorption of benign and malignant tumors. After two weeks of its use, the general state of health improves completely.

Imagine how many drugs can replace wheat germ?! Moreover, keep in mind that cereals are a natural product, which means that, in addition to benefits, there will be nothing. And no side effects! Among other things, regular the use of wheat germ will make your nails healthy and beautiful. Hair will come in great condition, will become thick. The skin will find a healthy color and radiance, strengthen teeth.

Germinated wheat treatedallergies, diabetes, obesity. With regular use there is a recovery of the circulatory and nervous systems. Wheat promotes the formation of hemoglobin in the blood.

Eating wheat germ, you can quickly get rid of the effects of stress, improve performance, and even rejuvenate the body!

How to eat wheat germ?

To feel the healing effect of germinated wheat, it is enough to eat 50-100 grams of it per day. Thus, you will not just heal, but also saturate the body with a complete set of vitamins and mineral compounds that a person needs daily. The only vitamin that you do not get is vitamin B12.

Sprouted wheat can be taken not only inside. There are many recipes for face and body masks using wheat germ. We give here one of the many recipes.

Take one teaspoon of grains of sprouted wheat, mince. Add to the mass one teaspoon of yeast (sour cream consistency), two tablespoons of olive oil and one yolk. Mix everything thoroughly and heat a little. Apply a warm mask (this is a mandatory condition) to cleansed face and neck skin. When the mask is completely dry, wash it off with warm water. If you will do such a mask regularly, very soon you will notice the amazing effect that it gives!

howcook wheat germ?

Take any wide utensils, put gauze on its bottom. Take out the grains and rinse thoroughly. Pour the prepared grain on the gauze, a layer of about two centimeters. Top cover with another layer of gauze and cover with water. Do not forget that the water must be of the highest quality - melt or spring water. No way out of the tap! After half an hour, drain the water from the wheat. But not all, let it remain quite a bit, so that the gauze was wet. Cover the dishes with a large plate or lid, just not very tight and put in a warm place. Every twelve hours, pour in some water.

Maximum benefit and the concentration of nutrients in germinated wheat will be about a day or two. Then, when the first shoots appear.

Do not think that all the effectiveness of wheat germ will be felt after the first application. Start eating about half a cup of this cereal a day.

  • Remember that wheat germ should be consumed in pure form. In no case can it be subjected to heat treatment. You can eat it just like that, you can add it to porridge, salads.
  • The most effective way to take the reception of germinated cereals in the first half of the day - that is, for breakfast. In this case, you will achieve maximum benefit.
  • In no case wheat must not be consumed with milk and honey. All the benefits of this product will come to naught.
  • In addition, in case of peptic ulcers, the use of germinated cereals is also prohibited!

Germinated wheat is a really rich natural storehouse of vitamins and microelements. Use this gift of nature to strengthen and heal your body!