Wheat porridge


Try to guess which product is mentioned in the Bible and still feeds the person and helps him maintain health? Just a couple of centuries ago, this dish was necessarily present on the table of wealthy and less wealthy families. The answer for some will be unexpected. It's about porridge made from wheat! What else can surprise us wheat porridge, the benefits and harms of which seem to be well known to many?

What is boiled wheat porridge?


Wheat porridge has a rather respectable age. This cereal and its derivatives people included in their diet 12 thousand years ago. Today grow different varieties of culture. Hard and soft wheat is popular in our country. The first is composed of a lot of gluten - this is its main plus. That it is used for the production of pasta and cereals.

Soft variety can not boast a large amount of gluten, so this wheat is used as raw material for the production of flour.

What is wheat cereal? These are crushed wheat grains, which are pre-free from germ. Fruit and seed casings are removed from them and well polished.

How to choose wheat cereals and is it important?

Experienced housewives know not only how to turn porridge into a culinary masterpiece, which both adults and children will enjoy. They are well known and the rules for the selection of cereals. It is clear that from the bad "material" you can not cook delicious porridge.

It would seem to choose wheat cereal - what could be easier? But in this case there are some subtleties. Wheat groats belong to the category of available products. It is sold by weight and packaged in bundles. It is better to take the cereal in a transparent factory packaging. It is cleaner, suffers less from insects, and the quality of such a product is usually higher. Transparent packaging will allow a good look at the contents of the package.

What to pay particular attention to? The following features of cereals will tell that the product is of high quality:

  • smooth grains (without wrinkles);
  • light brown color;
  • lack of stuck lumps. If such formations are noticeable, this may be a sign that the larvae of harmful insects have settled in the croup;
  • homogeneous consistency;
  • no inclusions.

Be sure to check the expiration date and whether it is not damaged on the package. Overdue cereals are not suitable for cooking porridge. She can have a rotten taste.

Will wheat porridge help to get a thin waist?

wheat cereal

To answer this question, you need to know how many calories in wheat porridge on the water. A small (100 g) portion of it will give the consumer only 105.3 kcal. Therefore, it is quite like those who are concerned about the problem of excess weight. Such a dish is just a godsend for losing weight, because it helps to lose kilos without harm to health.

So that the dish does not lose its dietary value, you should not add butter, milk, cream, meat gravy to wheat porridge. The calorie content of such yummy will immediately increase several times. If to cook a dish on milk, then the usual portion from 100 g will provide already twice more calories.

The nutritional value of wheat porridge can be estimated, as they say, by experience. Enough to eat it in the morning for breakfast - and you will feel vigorous and active all day. Experts have determined that 100 g of cereals contain a large amount of carbohydrates - 68 g, it contains much less protein - 11 g, but starch is about 66 g.

Dish for health - how is wheat porridge useful?

Wheat porridge is not only an appetizing and satisfying dish: it is the most important source of fiber. Kashka of such cereals for the second is the best (and safe) prophylactic against violations of the GIT. That is why it can be seen in the menu of medical institutions, kindergartens and school canteens.

Doctors are sounding the alarm: recently the number of diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system has increased dramatically. Many already at a young age suffer and impaired metabolism. Perhaps one of the reasons for the increase in the number of such diseases is the wrong diet.

what is useful wheat porridge

Some replaced the cereal with modern fast food, but in vain! In porridge there are such essential trace elements as phosphorus, calcium, potassium. Regular use of this product will protect the heart and strengthen the nervous system.

Do not abandon the traditional dishes and the fairer sex. What is valuable wheat cereal for women? Since there are vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, PP in the croup, eating the dish will help the skin to remain smooth and radiant, will strengthen the nails and help grow long hair. Such a diet will also maintain visual acuity.

Men can also feel the beneficial effects of porridge "for the heroes." The special components contained in this croup will allow them to preserve the male power for a long time.

A dish of crushed wheat grains is also necessary for those who are experiencing high physical exertion, for example, athletes. They contain a special substance - biotin, so a plate of porridge will be an excellent means of overcoming muscle fatigue.

Those who have weakened immunity and suffer exhaustion, do not find food to recuperate and vigor better than wheat porridge. It is proved that the substances contained in this product stimulate the brain. Therefore, a wheat dish for breakfast is so necessary for schoolchildren and students.

But porridge is capable of other wonders! It frees the body from toxins and excess salts, which contributes to the rejuvenation and healing of the body.

Is wheat cereal can harm health?

Most people are sure: the only thing that wheat porridge can give is benefit. And the harm of such a product seems to them to be an invention of those who simply do not like this dish. It's no wonder that porridge is included in the hospital and children's menu. But even such a proven and valuable product in some adults and children can cause a deterioration in well-being.

How to cook such a mess that everyone asked for supplements?

What diseases and features of the body are contraindications for eating wheat cereal?

  • low acidity;
  • tendency to increased gas formation (therefore, it is necessary to limit the use of such a dish for pregnant women);
  • gluten allergy;
  • diabetes (including the initial stage of the disease);
  • gastritis.

Wheat cereal should not be present in the menu of people who have recently undergone surgery on internal organs (removal of appendicitis or gallbladder).

How to cook such a mess that everyone asked for supplements?

Although wheat porridge is a dish from the daily menu, it can be cooked so that clean plates will remain on the table after a meal.

Let's start with cooking. The technology of this process will depend on what kind of porridge you want to get - crumbly or boiled soft ("mashed"). What should start the cooking process? Housewives do not have a common opinion as to whether the cereal should be washed before. Some consider it a must-have event, others advise simply to carefully sort out the grain.

Most often, wheat porridge is boiled in water. Groats should be poured cold water, which should be 2 times more than the cereals. To get the dish liquid, 1 tbsp. cereals take a triple portion of water. The pot is placed on moderate heat. After boiling the water, the porridge is stirred, salted, the fire is reduced and boiled for about 15 minutes. She needs the attention of the hostess! If the dish does not stir from time to time, it can burn. When everything is almost ready, you can put a little oil.

To get a more substantial breakfast, you can make a wheat porridge with milk. The technology is the same, the only difference is that the cereal should be poured into boiled milk. You can add some sugar to taste. When the porridge is ready, it is better to leave it on the table for 10 minutes (without removing the lid). This will make the dish even more delicious.

Edible or tasty - how to turn wheat porridge into a festive dish?

wheat cereal porridge

If you attach a little imagination, then cereal from wheat cereal can acquire a completely unexpected (but very pleasant!) Taste.

Even picky gourmets will appreciate porridge cooked on mushroom broth. To do this, the forest gifts are boiled separately, then fried in butter with onions. Then boil porridge (until half-cooked), using mushroom broth instead of water. When it is slightly thickened, add mushrooms with onions, mix and place in the oven. In 40 minutes, surprisingly tasty and delicious porridge is ready!

If there is wheat cereal and a piece of pork (or chicken) at home, then another delicacy can appear on the table. It is necessary to cut meat, onion, carrot into small pieces, crush a clove of garlic in a garlic dish. All this fry and simmer in a deep frying pan for about 25 minutes. Then add the wheat cereal to the listed ingredients, boil it until ready. Do not rush to immediately serve porridge on the table, let it stew under the lid for another 15 minutes.

Vegetarians will like wheat cereal with vegetables, and little eaters will not give up the dish with raisins, dried fruits and nuts.

How many tastes does wheat porridge have? Experienced housewives know a dozen recipes for preparing such a dish. However, it is wrong to assume that in a healthy menu only wheat cereal should be. The benefits and harms of any, even the most valuable, product depend on how balanced the food is. To maintain normal weight and good health, there should be cereals, pasta, vegetables and other products on the table.