Wheat bran


Wheat bran - a very valuable product that must be present in the diet of those who seek a healthy and nutritious diet. Now on the wave of interest in everything natural, he is gaining popularity as an incredibly useful and affordable supplement. What are wheat bran, what are their benefits and harms, how to take them and in what form are they more valuable?

For a long time, this product was undeservedly forgotten, since it was believed that the shell of wheat grains was too rough and not suitable for human nutrition. But later it turned out that it is in the shell (that is, bran) that the largest concentration of beneficial substances is found that are necessary to maintain the health of internal organs, hair, skin, and nails. In the grain itself, which goes into the grinding for the preparation of flour, there is only 10% of nutrients, while in bran - as much as 90%.

Useful substances include:

  • vitamins. The largest content is B3 and B5, but there are also B1, B2, B6, A, K and E.
  • trace elements and macronutrients: calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids: omega-3 and -6, as well as pantothenic acid;
  • a significant amount of vegetable fiber (almost half of the total mass of the product). In terms of the amount of insoluble fiber, wheat bran is the leader among other types of "colleagues".

Wheat bran: how to take, benefit and harm

Wheat bran is a very valuable product.

Reviews of people in whose diet this product is constantly present, note the quick and obvious improvements in the work of the stomach and intestines:

  • due to the content of a large amount of coarse fiber, bran well clean the intestinal wall and stomach from slags. The adsorbing properties allow the cerebral membranes to absorb into themselves all the toxic substances accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract, and remove them from the body;
  • Wheat bran with constipation gives a powerful effect, diluting fecal masses and promoting their release.

As the body gradually gets rid of its toxic toxins, according to reviews, the complexion improves noticeably over time, the condition of the skin and hair becomes stronger and more elastic.

This product is of particular value for people who want to normalize their weight. This is due to the fact that wheat bran, being saturated with moisture, swells a lot, filling a large part of the stomach with it. This creates a feeling of fullness, despite the fact that they themselves are a fairly low-calorie product (only 100 g of dry bran per 21 grams of dry bran).

Wheat bran - a great tool for the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the cardiovascular system. Regular use of this product has the following effects:

  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries;
  • reduces the level of harmful cholesterol;
  • inhibits the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the lumen of blood vessels;
  • normalizes the circulatory system.

Another valuable property of bran from wheat - slowing down the process of assimilation of carbohydrates, which prevents the sharp jumps in blood sugar. This makes this product indispensable for diabetics.

In addition, the consumption of rich in vitamin B wheat cereal shells favorably affects the work of the hormonal, muscular and nervous systems, as well as strengthens the immune system.

Wheat bran can also be gradually consumed by children from 1 year old (preferably as a supplement to cereals, mashed potatoes). It is worth starting with 1/3 tsp. and gradually increase the dosage to 1 tsp.

Wheat bran: how to use?

Introduce bran in your diet should be gradually, following the body's response to this

On the shelves of shops and pharmacies bran can be found in 3 forms: crushed, granulated and in the form of flakes. It is best to choose those that have undergone minimal industrial processing - chopped. The smallest value in terms of the safety of useful substances is a granular product.

Fresh high-quality bran has a light pleasant wheat flavor and aroma. The presence of sour or rancid taste and smell indicates that the product is spoiled.

Introduce bran in your diet should be gradually, following the body's response to this "treat". It is worth starting with 1-2 tsp. dry bran per day. Then it is necessary within a month to gradually increase the dosage to 3 tbsp. l in a day.

You can take bran in a variety of ways - from adding to pastries, cereals, salads and other dishes and ending with the use in its pure form.

If you want to correct your weight and reduce your appetite, it is best to take bran before meals (20 minutes), drinking them at least 1 tbsp. clean water.

Another use is to pour the right amount of wheat bran with a glass of boiling water and leave for 20-30 minutes. Swollen bran can be added to food or eaten before the main meal. And adding to the resulting mass a little honey, dried fruits and nuts, you can make a delicious, very satisfying and healthy snack.

By mixing the required amount of wheat bran with a glass of kefir (or low-fat yogurt) and a pinch of cinnamon, you can make a very tasty and healthy drink that promotes weight loss. It is especially useful to drink a glass of such a drink in the evening instead of a late dinner, if you suffer from hunger.


Some diseases do not allow the use of coarse fiber

Despite the obvious benefits of wheat bran, there are certain limitations and even contraindications for taking this product.

Some diseases do not allow the use of coarse fiber, which nature has so generously endowed with bran. These include:

  • duodenal ulcer;
  • colitis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • adhesions in the abdominal cavity.

In the presence of gastritis and cholecystitis in the chronic stage, as well as exacerbation of hepatitis and pancreatitis, bran should be included very carefully in its menu and only after consulting with a specialist.

If there are no contraindications listed above, it is still necessary to observe the measure when using this product. For an adult, the optimal amount of bran is no more than 30 grams per day. Going beyond these limits can cause an imbalance in the body, because, in addition to slags, beneficial substances will also be derived from it. Especially dangerous is excessive consumption of the product on the background of low-calorie diets. In this case, the body absorbs an insufficient amount of necessary substances.

Before taking wheat bran, the benefits and harms of the supplements should be well studied. After all, it is necessary to make your diet in such a way as not to harm your body. To do this, observe the measure in the use of this product and consider the condition of the internal organs. It is better to discuss the acceptable amount and duration of bran application with your doctor if you intend to enter them into the menu seriously and for a long time.