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One of the most universal antiseptics is iodine, which is used in many, almost all, branches of medicine - from dentistry to surgical interventions. But this field of use is not limited to. Some even take it inside!

There are a lot of rumors around this antiseptic, so schoolchildren drink iodine with sugar to raise the temperature in order to skip classes. With the threat of exposure, many begin to take iodine, in order to avoid the effects of radiation, and it is not controlled, causing complications. So, when is iodine useful and its use is justified? And when can it harm?

What happens if I drink iodine?

What will happen if you drink iodine?

Each of us has heard that iodine is necessary and useful for the body. And many ordinary people can not draw the line between the actual chemical element and the drug, which is sold in a pharmacy. For a better understanding, you can give an example - iron. Its disadvantage and the need for this microcell does not force iron chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a need to use products that contain it or take appropriate drugs. The same can be said about iodine.

It is worth remembering that iodine is a toxic substance, its use inside is not justified. Some people will begin to give examples of taking the drug in case of accidents at nuclear power plants. For example, the Fukushima disaster, when many began to take the drug in uncontrolled doses to avoid radiation sickness. And those side effects and symptoms - toxic poisoning, headache, general poor health were attributed to the effects of radiation, and not to iodine poisoning.

The most typical symptoms of iodine poisoning is the appearance of vomiting, diarrhea, the tongue becomes coated with brown patina, fatigue, body temperature, etc. increase.

When taking iodine, it is worth remembering about the high probability of burns of the mucous membrane throughout the course of the digestive tube. Even a drop can cause severe burns of the mucous membranes, especially in children, due to physiological characteristics.

What will happen if I drink iodine with sugar?The use of iodine with sugar is the lot of schoolchildren and those wishing to receive a sick-list. Literally a drop of iodine per cube of refined sugar can provoke a rather rapid rise in body temperature, according to various sources, from 37 to 38 degrees. Accordingly, all the symptoms of intoxication join.

It is quite difficult for doctors to understand what provoked the temperature, because there are no more signs of a cold or exacerbation of the disease. Literally in a couple of hours, the “patient” is recovering, and the body temperature takes on a normal value.

Increasing the temperature after taking iodine is the most innocent thing that can happen. But few people think about serious consequences, such as burns of the mucous membrane, severe poisoning, etc.

How to take milk with iodine to stimulate menstruation?

How to take milk with iodine to stimulate menstruation?

Nowadays, the methods of the "emergency" monthly call are very common among patients. Every woman has her own reasons for this, be it a regulation of the cycle or getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Modern medicine categorically does not accept such manipulations and tirelessly warns of serious consequences.

It should be remembered that the regularity of the menstrual cycle is an indicator of a woman’s health, before drinking traditional remedies for her correction, you need to think carefully, weigh all the pros and cons. And regarding the usefulness of symbiosis - milk and iodine, there are conflicting opinions, even among its obvious admirers. From the side of medicine there are no such reviews, and the possibility of calling the monthly in this way remains ambiguous.

Even if it was decided to use such a mixture, the entire responsibility falls on the shoulders of the patient. One of the most acceptable ways to use iodine with milk is the ratio of 1 tbsp. milk and not more than 2 drops of iodine. To drink such a "cocktail" can be no more than 3 times, with a mandatory break in the day.

You can not be silent about the consequences of such experiments. The most serious is uterine bleeding, which can result in hospitalization and severe long-term treatment.

Iodine during pregnancy: what is important to know?

Iodine is one of the most important trace elements, which is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the body. It affects the production of many hormones, and during pregnancy they are a priority, as they are responsible for the development of the nervous system and the formation of baby bones.

During pregnancy, the need for iodine increases significantly. If its deficiency is formed, the pathologies of the thyroid gland begin to develop, there is a great risk of the likelihood that this process will be irreversible. The fetus has its own thyroid gland begins to work only at the 18th week of gestation, until this time the mother's body should receive a double dose of iodine. Otherwise, the deficiency of the element can provoke a dysfunction of the thyroid gland, both in the mother and in the child.

The most pronounced symptoms of iodine deficiency is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. But it is most dangerous when there are no visible signs of its shortage. This may trigger an abortion or delayed fetal development. For these reasons, doctors recommend that all pregnant women take an additional dose of iodine.

The daily requirement for the future mother is 200 mcg per day, in order to receive such a dose of iodine, a woman needs to eat 300 g of sea fish daily. It is hard to disagree that such a diet is quite difficult, so there is an alternative option - taking multivitamin complexes.

Prevention of iodine deficiency is necessary not only during pregnancy. Doctors recommend starting to take a trace element at the planning stage of conception, as well as when breastfeeding.

How to apply rinsing, which includes salt, soda, iodine?

How to apply rinsing, which includes salt, soda, iodine

The tandem of these substances is truly unique. Thus, the antiseptic properties of iodine do not even have to be reminded. Salt is not only able to "pull" and remove some pathogenic microorganisms from the body, it also affects the pH of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, which creates unfavorable conditions for the life of bacteria and viruses. Soda also affects the pH of the mouth and pharyngeal mucosa.

Most often, this solution is used in gargling - sore throats, various etiologies, laryngitis, pharyngitis, fungal infections of the pharynx, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity - gingivitis, in the treatment of complications of caries - periodontitis, in the formulation of drainages, etc.

Such a mixture is capable of cleansing the purulent plaque from the tonsils well enough, pulling it "towards itself", together with the antiseptic effect that iodine gives. In addition, due to the iodine content, the body's defenses will be stimulated, swelling will be removed.

The only justified use of iodine is its external use - for antiseptic treatment of wounds, gargling the sore throat. For cosmetic purposes, it is also used to strengthen the nails. It is strongly recommended not to use iodine for internal use. Otherwise, the consequences may be too serious and unpredictable.