What water to drink


The basis of our life is water. And to ensure a healthy "water" future with each passing year more and more difficult - out of the total amount of water resources on the planet, we can use only 3%. And it should be noted that according to statistics, a whole billion people around the world do not have access to safe water at all.

Every human organ needs quality water, but above all, the water "wants" the liver, pancreas, and gastrointestinal tract. And, of course, you should only offer yourself and your health pure water, which contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, for example, mineral. But sweet soda on the contrary, wash out these useful components from the body.

In order to stay healthy, you need to drink 30 milliliters of water per 1 kilogram of weight, doctors advise. It turns out that, on average, you need to drink 2 liters per day. The most durable and water-loving can absorb and 3 liters, if, of course, have the strength. And it is very important to drink a little, namely 150 milliliters in 10 minutes - only then can the water be completely absorbed.

Water structure

Artesian water has an absolutely unique structure. Imagine the perfect shape of a snowflake - something like this looks like “water from the inside”. But passing through many cleansers, reservoirs and reservoirs and getting to the person, it loses its structure. Such water no longer carries the benefit that was in its original form in untreated water. So how to be? How to make your water healthier?

How to clean the water?

After filtering in order to return her original structure and utility, you need her to freeze - This is the most famous of ways. Melting ice in your refrigerator - and there is pure water of the desired structure.

If you want to go the hard way, use silicon. Natural stone must be broken into pieces. 3 - 4 rather large pieces should be placed in a bottle with filtered water and left for two days. Studies have shown that such water restores the original structure and saturates the body with silicon molecules.

The next "water saver" - silver. You can use ordinary rings, earrings, well washed under water. They are placed in water for a day, it undergoes a process of purification.

Not bad and to combine silicon with silver, such a way to double the result.

Water benefits

And now about the beneficial properties of water. It keeps the body at a normal temperature, helps reduce the likelihood of a heart attack, as well as lose extra kilograms. Behind some bouts of hunger there is not a desire to eat at all, but an ordinary thirst. Therefore, the rescuer - water can save you from "unauthorized" food intake.

But that is not all. Pure water moisturizes the skin better than the most expensive creams, allowing it to remain matte, smooth, and drinking five glasses of water a day reduces the possibility of a heart attack.. Water is also an excellent natural joint lubricant.

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Throughout his life, a person drinks about 35 tons of water. This is a very solid figure, considering that not all of it is crystalline. To monitor the purity of the consumed fluid means to monitor 70% of the body, it’s just the water in us. In ancient times, people made it a subject of worship, elevating to the rank of deity. But in today's world it is necessary to choose a more effective tactic for your health - to provide the body with high-quality liquid, and to pray for your loved ones!

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