What to do when burned with boiling water over your hands or

Even a drop of boiling water when in contact with open skin causes very painful sensations. But similar and more serious cases occur quite often, especially with children. Therefore, reliable information on what to do with a boiling water burn, what should be the priority actions, it is necessary for everyone to know.

Just do not panic!

Just do not panic!

A burn is a trauma to the skin that is one of the most common. It is important to keep in mind that quick and competent first aid actions will eliminate pain, will be the beginning of an effective treatment. Of course, the main rule is to be careful near the boiling liquid ourselves and teach the children safety rules. But if it happened to get burned with boiling water, then you need to quickly navigate what to do at home.

Doctors determine the severity of burns by degrees:

  • first degree means reddened skin and small bubbles;
  • the second is the formation of large and open bubbles (the opening of which is categorically contraindicated);
  • the third is damage to deep tissues;
  • the fourth is the charring of the affected area of ​​the body, the lack of sensitivity.

In any case, it should be remembered that with boiling water, everything should be done calmly, without fuss. At the same time, it is necessary to act quickly, but first you have to think about the sequence and details of assistance to the victim. After all, ill-conceived, chaotic actions will only complicate the situation.

Emergency home help

Emergency home help

If such a household trouble happened to you or your family, the first shock of pain and excitement will help to overcome several deep breaths. This time will be enough to calm down a bit and assess the seriousness of the problem. Here are tips on what to do with boiling water burns.

  1. Release the affected area of ​​skin from covering her clothes.
  2. Inspect the injury - if there are open wounds. In the absence of violations of the skin can cool the burnt area with water.
  3. If possible, the injured part of the body should be placed in water at room temperature for 20 minutes. Such a bath should not be very cold, because with a sharp cooling, the likelihood of pain shock is high.
  4. In the absence of a suitable container, tap water can be used. This is what you can do if there is a burn of your hand or foot with boiling water. It is important to remember that the temperature of the water should not be too low in the case of any parts of the body.
  5. If the lesion area is small, you can apply cool water to the injured dressing area.
  6. The next thing to do in case of burns of the feet or hands with boiling water is to lay the limb on the dais to reduce pain and reduce the formation of edema.
  7. Give painkillers to the injured person and, if possible, apply antiseptic preparations to the injury site. Be especially careful if you burn a child. It is desirable to have in the first-aid kit means (ointment, gel, spray), which are specifically designed for sensitive children's skin. It is important to prevent infection, relieve pain, and help repair damaged tissue.
  8. In place of injury to impose an aseptic bandage, which will not allow the infection to enter the wound. In the absence of a sterile bandage, you can take a clean, natural fabric, iron and dress the affected area. This action is performed, even if it is not possible to apply special anti-burn preparations to the wound.
  9. If a large part of the skin has suffered, it is better to wrap the patient in a sheet and put him to bed on the healthy side of the body.

The effectiveness of assistance is to prevent mistakes, not to harm the victim. It is strictly forbidden to apply to the wound animal fat or vegetable oil, dairy products or sour cream. Such funds will worsen the situation, may lead to complications, the appearance of large scars.


Going to hospital is necessary?

Going to hospital is necessary?

The question of the need for medical care does not arise if a severe burn with boiling water is received. What to do if the injury is minor? Usually, first-degree burns that affect a small area of ​​the skin are treated at home. At the same time, a specialist consultation does not hurt. After all, only a doctor can determine the optimal treatment and write a prescription with the most effective medicines.

Medical examination is required if the child is injured. The children's body is very sensitive - even simple, at first glance, burns can be dangerous due to serious consequences. The age of the patient also plays an important role: there is a high probability that in very young children such an injury will be accompanied by complications.

Useful knowledge about how to act in dangerous domestic situations may never come in handy. But to be prepared is the basis of successful treatment, if someone nevertheless happens to burn themselves with very hot water. Showing maximum concentration and clarity of actions, you can give yourself and your close people a very effective first aid.

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