What shows and how to pass an analysis on urine bakposiv


In modern medicine, an analysis called “bacteriological urine culture” (bakposev) is often prescribed. Studies are conducted to detect various harmful bacteria in the urogenital system. In what cases is a tank for urine culture required, how to pass such an analysis and what is the key to obtaining reliable results?

Indications for study

Direction to bacteriological urine culture

Among laboratory tests, this one stands out for its duration. The process requires the placement of deposited biological material in a special nutrient medium. This is how urine sack is done, and what it shows is the growth of fungi or bacteria. The results determine the presence or absence of an infectious disease.

Referral for bacteriological urine culture may be issued by a physician, gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, or other attending physician. An analysis is usually prescribed for:

  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the urinary organs;
  • elevated blood sugar levels;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • additional examinations to confirm the diagnosis, if the symptoms are in doubt;
  • control of treatment stages;
  • re-manifestation of the disease.

Analysis features

This study takes a lot of time - 7-10 days. Therefore, both patients and physicians are interested in getting an accurate result the first time. If urine is assigned to urine, how to pass it, usually the nurses or doctors themselves suggest. For an analysis to be error-free, you need to properly prepare for the collection of material. It is important not to miss such nuances:

  • on the day before collecting urine moderately drink water and any drinks. If you drink too much, the concentration of microorganisms in the urine will decrease. And with insufficient intake of fluid in the body, on the contrary, the number of bacteria will increase;
  • be sure to use a sterile container for collecting material. It is advisable to buy such a pharmacy or in a special laboratory. When using your own packaging, you must wash it with soapy water and dry it. There is no need to wipe with a paper or cloth napkin, because microbes from these materials can get into the tank;

assigned to bakposev urine how to pass it

  • research requires a medium portion of morning urine. Therefore, immediately after sleep, you should engage in hygienic procedures of external genital organs. In this case, you should use simple baby soap, refusing special care products for intimate hygiene;
  • when collecting urine, women need to ensure that the labia does not touch the top of the container;
  • compulsory research - urine baccosis during pregnancy. In this case, there are specific features of how to take the analysis. The fact is that women in the position often increases the amount of vaginal discharge. If this secret gets into the urine collection tank, the result of the analysis will be distorted. Therefore, you need to cover the entrance to the vagina with a swab.

One of the frequently asked questions about how to properly pass urine on bakposev - how much biological material you need to collect. 3-5 ml of morning urine are enough. The container with liquid must be delivered for testing to the laboratory 1-2 hours after collection. It is possible and a little later, but at the same time, the container with urine on bakposev should be tightly closed and stored in the refrigerator. Deciphering the results of the bacteriological examination involved in the attending physician.

Urine biopsy is an indispensable analysis for determining a number of inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs. It is especially important for women in the planning period of pregnancy and carrying a child. Indeed, many infections occur without visible signs, but they can provoke such serious problems as infertility, premature birth, infection and even death of the fetus. To prepare for the analysis of bakposev and take it must be carefully. This will ensure the accuracy of the results and the appointment, if necessary, the correct treatment.