What medications are best for treating heart tachycardia?


Tachycardia is a variation of cardiac arrhythmias characterized by an increase in heart rate. Arrhythmias may have a true and erroneous rhythm, with high, low and normal heart rate. Violation of rhythm is physiological and pathological.

Treatment of tachycardia with low pressure is carried out by prescribing drugs that reduce the release of adrenaline into the blood and reduce the body's response to shocks. The most effective means resorted to by people with low blood pressure include:

  • Valocordin; grandoxin;
  • Valerian tincture;
  • Mesopam, Phenazepam.

Treatment of low pressure tachycardia

After a six-month gestation period, a woman may have a rapid heartbeat, reaching 155 beats per minute. Treatment of tachycardia in pregnant women is relevant only if accompanied by dizziness and vomiting, which signals the presence of heart disease. In other cases, it is possible to lower rhythm by adopting a comfortable position and complete relaxation.

Preparations for the treatment of heart tachycardia:

  • etatsizin - a tool that has anti-rhythmic properties. It contributes to the acceleration of blood flow, blood circulation;
  • Finoptin is an artificial analogue of papaverine;
  • rhythmylen - has antirhythmic properties;
  • reserpine - produced on substances of plant origin;
  • Rausedin - used for therapeutic action against hypertension;
  • raunatin - active substances of a means - reserpine, aymalin;
  • Pulsnorma - compound tablets, characterized by the duration of the antirhythmic action;
  • Inderal - in the form of tablets and injections, reduces pressure and intensity of heart contractions;
  • Cordanum - has indications for paroxysmal tachycardia.

Instructions for use:

  • blockers are taken for the treatment of sinus tachycardia by swallowing; verampil is injected intravenously, a similar means of diltiazem is oral;
  • anthropin for sick sinus syndrome - morning and evening to 0.2 mg;
  • isoprenaline in the pathology of the sinus node - 2-20 μg, for 3 doses;
  • bisoprolol is taken with the appearance of early pathological impulses, up to 10 mg once a day;
  • metoprolol with the appearance of impulses containing pathology up to 100 mg once a day.

The cost of drugs for tachycardia

The cost of drugs for tachycardia

To date, there are many different drugs, arrhythmic purpose. For the selection of the most suitable, you should consult a doctor for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The drug etazitsin tablets will cost 1250 rubles., Finoptin will cost no more than 50 rubles., The price of reserpine starts from 100 rubles., The round will rise to the maximum 300 rubles. Anaprilin and its analogs range from 50 to 400 rub., The maximum cost of bisoprolol is 190 rub., Metoprolol will cost no more than 100 rub., Valemidine will "empty the wallet" by 350 rub.

Valemidin - spectacular means of a new generation

Instructions for use of this drug is quite simple. Valemidin belongs to the group of sedatives and sedatives, is available in bottle with dispenser. It is taken in the form of drops. It is a combination tool. Contraindicated in violation of the liver and kidneys, hypertension, bradycardia, in the presence of acute heart failure, pregnancy, lactation period.

The drug is prescribed only after the age of 18, with a dosage of 25-35 drops about 3 or 4 times a day. Before taking, you must dilute with water. The course of treatment is from 10 to 15 days. If necessary, secondary use is possible after one and a half months.

The price of this drug varies depending on the pharmacological manufacturers - from 169 to 350 rubles.

Reviews of patients taking vamidine:

Olga: Such a drug was recommended to us by our local doctor, because I was sleeping restlessly, often in a nervous environment. He actually helps, my sleep has become better, and I have become calmer with others.

Vladislav: The tool is actually effective, a couple of months ago there was a strong shock, the nerves began to be naughty. I decided to drink the course, now I sleep like a baby!

It is worth remembering that the presented list of drugs is intended for study and familiarization. After all, who is informed, he is protected. Do not take unknown drugs without the exact recommendations of the attending physician. Do not experiment with your health!