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What is useful tea

Tea is one of the most favorite ancient drinks. It has a wonderful taste, a variety of colors. You can choose for yourself any variety to your liking: white or elite yellow, or red or green, or remain a fan of black. All of them are useful and unique.

Tea composition

  1. Tea contains many vitamins. One of them is vitamin B2, which improves the elasticity of your skin. It becomes even more beautiful and elastic.
  2. The composition of tea also includes fluoride, which protects our teeth from caries protection.
  3. Tea contains such important substances as catechins, which are antioxidants that prevent the accumulation of free radicals in the body and thereby protect our DNA and cell membranes from disrupting their structure.
  4. The tea contains caffeine, dilating blood vessels of the brain and blood supplying arteries, vitamins P and C, tannins.

The benefits of tea for the body

  • One of the beneficial properties of tea is its stimulating and tonic effect on the body. It increases the body's endurance, helping to endure emotional and physical stress.
  • Thanks to tea, human well-being improves. It has a strengthening effect on the nervous and respiratory system of a person, increases gas exchange.
  • Tea increases the flow of oxygen to the brain cells, thereby improving its activity. It removes from our body compounds of heavy metals, harmful substances, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, fights against premature aging.
  • Tea helps reduce cholesterol, has a preventive effect in combating diseases of the cardiovascular system, has anti-cancer and antioxidant effects. Drinking tea helps cleanse the blood vessels, increase immunity, saturate the body with moisture and preserve moisture inside the tissues and cells.
  • Tea improves blood circulation and wound healing.

Tea - prevention of cancer and senile dementia

Due to the presence of antioxidants in its composition, tea helps the body to resist the accumulation of free radicals, whose critical amount is one of the causes of cancer. Tea helps the body to resist cancer of the mammary glands, stomach, esophagus, colon and many other types of it. In Asian countries, where tea is the most common, the incidence of cancer is very low.

Daily tea consumption stimulates nerve cells, that make protein that helps slow down the risk of senile dementia.

Tea for a healthy heart and liver

Antioxidants contained in tea, prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, and this directly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For those who drink green or black tea at least 3 times a day, the chances of surviving a heart attack are 60% higher than those who do not use this drink.

Tea and weight loss

Tea is no less useful for the process of losing weight. It does not contain calories at all, but helps to improve metabolism. With it, you accelerate metabolic processes in your body, which will remove excess calories. In green tea, scientists have discovered an antioxidant that helps burn excess fat. 2 cups of green tea a day, and you can easily get rid of 87 calories. Liver tea has a beneficial effect, strengthening the immune system, reducing the effects of harmful toxins - alcohol, and tobacco.

Tea and healthy teeth

Unsweetened tea strengthens the gums, increases bone strength, saves teeth from decay and caries. If your gums are inflamed by brewing green tea, you can do a rinse. To strengthen the enamel or to prevent oral diseases, hold tea in the mouth before drinking.

Green tea and female beauty

Green tea not only strengthens general health, but also has a rejuvenating effect. It eliminates inflammation, heals wounds, moisturizes and tones the skin. Green tea helps to relieve puffiness, improve complexion, remove skin fatigue and increase its elasticity.. To get a tonic effect, it is enough to put for 20 minutes on the face gauze dipped in tea leaves. It is no less useful to wipe the face with iced tea or just wash them.

Tea is also useful for nourishing and moisturizing the scalp.. Your hair will become silky and smooth if you use green tea as a hair rinse.

Tea Brewing Recipes

There are many recipes for making this flavored drink, here are a few of them.

Dutch tea:

Brew 1 teaspoon of tea per 100 ml of water, then add cocoa (100 ml), orange syrup (25 ml). All this must be mixed in a blender and put chocolate chips on top.

Cuban Tea:

Brew for 0.5 l of water 7 hours of tea spoons, add cloves, let it brew, then stir and pour in lemon juice (2 tablespoons), add pineapple slices (half of pineapple). Heat, but do not bring to a boil. All - you can drink.

Tea application

  • If you rinse your hair with tea black tea, your hair will turn auburn tint.
  • To preserve the whiteness of your teeth after tea drinking, do not forget to rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Try to drink at least 2 cups of black, red, white or green tea every day to get the beneficial effect from it. Tea is best to drink freshly, then it contains the most antioxidants. White teas brew for 3 minutes, green - 5 minutes, black - 7 minutes.

Tea is the product that is consumed in almost all over the world. He is known and loved by everyone. However, it is not only one of the most beloved products, but also one of the most useful. Its taste, color and aroma contain so many useful substances that nature itself gave it to you and your health.

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