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The Olympiad in Sochi is just around the corner. And more and more people in our country are becoming who give their preference in leisure to sports. As you know, sport helps to be in good physical shape, strengthens the nervous system, strengthens mental activity of a person. But sports are very, very much. We grab fitness, then sign up for a dance, go to the gym, go swimming, and again look for everything new and new.

The most common sport can be considered running. You can bet that not running, but fitness, not running, but something else. And you will be right in your own way. But in this article it will be about running.

Running is very useful, especially in the morning.

You can run at any time convenient for you, but the greatest effect is achieved in the morning. Why? After a night's rest, your muscles are relaxed, and running will "wake them up."

Morning run will charge you with energy and good mood for the whole day. You will be awake and active.

It is important to run outdoors, and not on the gym in a stuffy room. During the run, the body is enriched with oxygen. All processes in our body are accelerated. Lactic acid is formed in the muscles, and extra calories are burned. Running and useful for the activity of the heart and its vessels. The blood moves faster, the enrichment of tissues with oxygen is accelerated. We therefore breathe more often. Running perfectly trains the respiratory system.

Running helps to lose weight

During the run a man sweats a lot. Then all excess harmful substances leave the body. But since the body needs all the new resources for this activity, the fats that have been deferred are beginning to break down.

Running helps from stress

Very often, a person who is not involved in sports, consumes little energy, and the reserves of his body are large, they accumulate. Therefore, a person becomes fat, especially with improper diet. The muscles of such people are weak, untrained. Unsportsmanlike people are more often tired and more prone to stress.

While running, you are distracted from worries and problems. And, having finished running, you can look at the problem or situation unpleasant to you. Running increases your self-esteem, trains your willpower besides your muscles, your character as a whole grows stronger.

Scientists have proven that running helps to cope with the blues and depression, to survive the loss of life.

Run is available to all

You do not need much time to practice this sport. If you need to go to the gym (it is unlikely that everyone has it near the house), you need to go to a swimming pool, fitness and dance according to a certain schedule, then running will take you only 20-30 minutes of time. You can run in a nearby park, near a school or in the woods near the house, or along familiar streets while you are still sleeping or going to work.

Regularity and gradualness of running

Of course, it is very difficult for an unprepared person to run without a break at a fast pace for several minutes. But no one talks about it. It is necessary to gradually increase the time and load (running pace or speed).

If you plan to run every day for half an hour, then you need to start from 10-15 minutes. Then add 5 minutes. After that add pace.

Many coaches say that it is enough to run two to three times a week to maintain good shape and health. The main thing is regularity. If you decide to lose those extra pounds by the summer, it is best to run every day. It is useful to run in medium or slow jogging.

In no case, if you began to choke while running, you can not stop. This is very harmful. You need to go from running to step and restore breathing by raising and lowering hands.

For some people, running is contraindicated for health reasons. Then they fit walking.

And finally, if you decide to choose this sport, do not sit on strict diets (even if you lose weight, choose sparing diets). Because running requires a lot of energy from the body. But the benefits and results of morning runs will not take long to wait.

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