What is useful peanuts

Peanuts, or peanuts - a well-known representative of the nuts. This is an extremely useful product. It is necessary for all people, especially vegetarians and raw foodists.

Peanut composition

For those who keep their figure, it is important to know that nuts, including peanuts, are high-calorie foods. Therefore, they should not get carried away, which is very problematic for passionate nut lovers.

Peanuts contain many beneficial substances for our body. These are vitamins: A, E, D, PP, vitamins of group B. These are amino acids, and vegetable fats, and folic acid, which is extremely useful for pregnant women, and many other valuable natural substances.

One third of peanuts consist of protein, vegetable fat in it is half. In addition, peanuts do not contain cholesterol.

The beneficial properties of peanuts

Due to the composition of peanuts, it is extremely useful to people.

  • Peanuts maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Therefore, in the right doses, groundnut is beneficial for diabetes.
  • Peanuts contain many magnesium compounds. Thanks to them, blood pressure and body metabolism are normalized.
  • Peanuts contain natural fats, due to which the use of peanuts in moderate doses reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, etc.).
  • Peanuts help to strengthen the immune system. It helps to fight infections and fatigue, loss of strength, everyday stresses.
  • Peanut is very good as an antidepressant. After all, it contains tryptophan (amino acid). Getting into our body with food, it synthesizes serotonin. This is the hormone of joy in humans. Therefore, eating peanuts, you raise your spirits.
  • In addition, peanuts contain vitamin B3, necessary for good mental work. This is why peanuts are recommended for students to prepare for exams. The peanut will improve the process of memorization, will increase concentration of attention, will help to correctly solve the tasks set for the person.
  • Peanuts slow down and even stop the growth of tumor cells with regular use. This is its anti-cancer effect. Peanuts are good for preventing cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Peanut will help and with gallstone disease, he will be able to prevent its development.
  • Peanut removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body.
  • It has a lot of iron, so eating peanuts is useful for the process of blood formation, improving blood quality.
  • And most importantly, there is an opinion, peanuts eliminates male and female infertility. Experts say that peanut improves the body's hormonal balance.
  • Peanut folic acid helps moms give birth to a healthy baby.

What is the harm peanuts?

Note that some believe that raw peanuts eat much more useful. However, there are some reservations.

The fact is that the peel of a peanut kernel has allergenic properties. In case you are allergic, try to fry the nuts. The skin of the core is then well separated, and you will only eat the cores. In its raw form, peeling is extremely difficult. Usually, allergic reactions are not detected after this.

In addition, raw peanuts can cause indigestion.

People who suffer from various diseases of the joints are not advised to get involved in peanuts.

It is also important to know that the benefits of peanuts are also in their proper collection and storage. Peanuts should be stored at a low temperature, while the humidity should be zero. If you do not keep the peanut storage conditions, it can become moldy. In this case, the peanut is unfit for human consumption and, moreover, poisonous.

Avoid eating peanuts, because no matter how useful it was, everything is good in moderation. Do not forget that peanuts are a high-calorie product. About the benefits of other nuts, read the article Nuts: useful properties and place in the diet.

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