What is useful mineral water


Our body consists of water by almost 82%. The water that we have contains both minerals and salts. In its composition, it is almost similar to mineral water. During hot weather, we lose not only water, but also salt, which our body needs to function properly. Mineral water allows you to restore the necessary water-salt balance of our body.

Composition of mineral water

Mineral water consists of water, which in its composition has a high content of salts, minerals and carbon dioxide. It contains important micro and macro elements that are easily digested. The minerals in it are in ionized form. It helps to fill the body's lack of essential minerals. It can be carbonated, non-carbonated, canteen and intended for therapeutic purposes only. That is what the benefit that we get from its use depends on it. Mineral water is small and medium mineralization - it is the most useful of its types. Highly mineralized water is suitable only in very hot weather, it is not suitable for permanent use.

What is useful mineral water?

Mineral water benefits

In order for the human body to remain healthy and able to function normally, it is necessary to maintain a water-salt balance in it. This ensures metabolic processes in the tissues and organs. Mineral water with low mineralization helps to restore the water-salt balance in the body, as it contains salts, which we need to restore, after physical exertion and excessive sweating. It helps regulate body temperature, blood pressure, remove harmful products of the metabolic process, increase the body's resistance, increasing its immunity. Mineral water carries nutrients through the body and dissolves unnecessary ones. Thanks to water, the organs and tissues remain healthy and the skin is smooth.

What causes a shortage of mineral water?

Not getting enough water, oxygen supply to the brain decreases, due to which concentration and memory decrease. There are headaches, problems with the digestion of food, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system. Drying of the mucous membrane occurs, and it is no longer an obstacle to microorganisms.

Rules of the use of mineral water

To get only the benefits of drinking mineral water, try not to abuse it and drink mineral water only from well-known and serious manufacturers who monitor the quality of their products. Drink not regularly, but only during physical exertion, in hot weather. When buying water, choose one that contains natural minerals. Drink medicinal mineral water only after consultation with your specialist. Do not drink alcoholic mineral water, do not drink it and at the time of a hangover. The optimal amount of mineral water is 1 l per day.

What is useful mineral water?

Healing mineral water

Therapeutic mineral water has a beneficial effect on the course of various diseases, especially the gastrointestinal tract. It contributes to the recovery and improvement of the general condition of the body. Mineral medicinal water is used by certain courses. As usual water, it is forbidden to drink it. The number and time of admission is determined by your doctor. Uncontrolled intake of mineral water can cause an overdose of salts and minerals in the body, which can lead to serious consequences in the future.

Mineral water and weight loss

During weight loss, you need to drink more fluids, at least 2 liters of mineral water per day. Thanks to this, your digestion will improve. Carbon dioxide, which is part of the mineral water, will accelerate metabolic processes in the body. This will help intensify the process of losing weight, if you are dieting or losing weight with the help of physical exercises.

Improving effect of mineral water

To strengthen and prevent tooth decay, drink mineral water that contains large amounts of calcium and fluor. Calcium in the composition of the mineral water will help the cardiovascular system to normalize the process of blood coagulation, which is very important after suffering heart attacks and strokes. A high content of magnesium in water will help if you fall asleep or if you have disturbed the nervous system.

What is useful mineral water?

When is it good to drink mineral water?

No less important for obtaining the beneficial effect of mineral water is the time of its use. Mineral water is best to drink after dinner and in the evening, to fill the lost fluid in a day and clean the blood. At the same time, try to drink mineral water in equal parts, which should be distributed throughout the day. After eating you need to drink after 30 minutes. It is not recommended to drink mineral water while eating.

Mineral Water Recipe for Hot Weather

We take 1 liter of mineral water, juice of 1 lemon, juice of 1 orange, pinch of sugar and salt. We mix all these products, cool them and pour them into the bottle. A drink that perfectly quenches thirst is ready in hot weather.

If you drink mineral water in small sips all day, having correctly selected the mineral composition suitable for you, then you will gradually be able to feel how it decorates, heals and nourishes you. With each refreshing sip, you will feel how your body is filled with vitality and energy.