What is useful honey in the morning on an empty stomach?


Each of us starts our day in different ways. Some people like to drink a cup of aromatic tea or invigorating coffee. Others prefer their warm milk and oatmeal. But beekeepers around the world argue that there is no better breakfast than a spoonful of honey. What is useful honey in the morning on an empty stomach? Here is the topic of our conversation today.

Oh no coffee invigorating in the morning

The benefits and harms of taking honey on an empty stomach

What is the benefit and harm of taking honey on an empty stomach, and why is it so important to use this beekeeping product in the morning? Here you should pay attention to the principle of operation of all the useful properties of this product. The fact that honey - is almost a full range of vitamins necessary for the body, no one needs to remind. These common truths everyone knows since childhood.

However, the effect of all vitamins increases almost three times when honey first enters the stomach in the morning. This is explained very simply: the consistency of the product itself is very viscous and sticky, and, dipping into the stomach, honey carefully wraps the walls, thereby improving digestion and helping the body to digest the food received during the day. Viscous film is absorbed gradually, so the body will receive all the nutrients throughout the day.

Due to the fact that honey contains fructose - a natural sweetener, it will become much more useful in the morning as a sweetener for tea or milk. Such an alternative will do more good than store-bought white powder obtained by artificial means.

In addition, natural sweets contribute to the active production of endorphins, so a good mood at the very beginning of the day you will be provided. This is important to know for those who wake up hard every day in the morning and for a long time can not get away from sleep.

However, despite the many advantages of the product, regular consumption of a spoonful of honey in the morning on an empty stomach can be not only beneficial, but also harmful. For example, when you drink honey essence in the morning, the body receives a loading dose of fructose. And although it is a natural sugar substitute, it nevertheless dramatically raises blood sugar levels, which can be a significant problem for diabetics.

It is also not recommended to use honey products in any form for those who suffer from individual intolerance or are allergic to pollen and nectar of plants. For the same reasons, honey is better to enter into the children's diet only from the age of twelve.

General nutritionist tips

General nutritionist tips

According to experts in the field of healthy nutrition, a spoonful of honey in the morning on an empty stomach can bring both benefit and harm to the body, if we neglect the necessary rules. To completely avoid negative impacts, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Remember that honey is afraid of exposure to high temperatures. Therefore, for drinking it should be diluted with warm water, the temperature of which should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, water with honey on an empty stomach will bring not only benefit, but also harm from the carcinogen secreted.
  • Do not forget about reasonable doses and calorie honey. For preventive treatment, it will be enough to eat 1 teaspoon of honey in the morning, and in case of illness, the dose can be increased to 100 grams per day.
  • Do not refuse a full breakfast. Honey diet will be good only in one-off performance, when there is absolutely no time for meals. In the remaining days, oatmeal, scrambled eggs or a sandwich is a must.
  • Do not replace the basic treatment concept given by official medicine with a single honey therapy. Honey can only be a supplement to medicines, but it will never be an absolute panacea in certain cases.

Finally, I would like to note: everything that concerns your health is purely individual. That is why you do not need to blindly take bee products, but it is important to reckon with contraindications to them. If you are not completely sure of the reliability of this method and the benefits of treatment in a particular situation, it is better to discuss all prospects with your doctor.