What is the most useful bread


In recent years, they began to talk and write about the fact that bread is not at all useful, some even advised to exclude it from their diet. But let's find out if there is no good in bread.

Bread and porridge - our food

Remember the saying: "Bread and porridge is our food." And it is certainly clear to everyone that there is a saying for a reason. This is popular wisdom. This means that the benefits of bread have long been recognized, as well as the benefit of porridge. Of course, it can be argued that the poor ate the bread in Russia, it was their main food. But after all, the gentleman did not manage without bread. Naturally, they ate a completely different bread than the poor, they made it from the best flour and according to different recipes.

Now there are many different varieties of bread and we have plenty to choose from. The only important thing is to choose the right bread, wholesome.

There is bread made only from flour, and there is bread with various additives (raisins, onions, seeds, bran, sesame, iodine and iron). It is not only a matter of giving special taste to bread, each supplement has its own useful purpose. Bran Bread, for example, it is recommended to eat with problems with excess weight, iodized bread - in diseases of the thyroid gland, high vitaminized bread - with anemia.

But even not every bread is healthy. Bread made from white flour, for example, is not advised to eat, because the flour from which it was baked is completely cleaned and does not contain vitamins. It is completely useless for us. White bread is very quickly absorbed by the body and soon again the feeling of hunger. All this leads to overeating and reduced stamina.

Wheat bread

Wheat is a unique product that contains almost the entire periodic table: copper, magnesium, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc, cobalt, sodium, chlorine, iodine, manganese, and so on. Wheat contains many vitamins: E, A, F, B vitamins and others.

Only all these nutrients are contained only in the shell and the germ of the grain. During the processing of grain, the valuable part is destroyed, and basically only one starch remains and only 30% of all the original useful substances. But these 30% after two weeks of storage of flour disappear. White bread and various tasty buns are baked from such refined flour of the highest grade, elite (and in fact the most unhealthy) flour.

Nutritionists and doctors say that we have a lot of diseases because of eating white bread. Those who regularly eat white bread, rolls and similar flour products often develop gastrointestinal, endocrine, cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Also, the constant use of this food can lead to a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, contribute to the occurrence of diabetes. Of course, we should not forget that the cause of our diseases is not only and how much is in white bread, but in its abuse, as well as a number of other factors.

What do baking lovers do? You can advise only as far as possible to try to buy flour is not too high grinding. And of course, do not overeat. And unnecessary calories can be driven through physical exertion.

Their bran bread

He is recognized as the most useful bread. Bran has the most excellent property: they absorb toxins and allergens, and also saturate our body with fiber, irreplaceable valuable proteins and vitamins, and contribute to strengthening the immune system. People who eat this bread, very rarely suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, atherosclerosis. It contains nicotinic acid, which helps the body prevent these diseases. Also, lovers of their bran bread do not tend to gain weight.

Bran contain so many useful nutrients that nutritionists often strongly recommend people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, to include them in a therapeutic diet. Bran is also useful for obesity, constipation and gallstones. Add bran to cereals, soups, meat and fish dishes. You can also make a decoction of bran.

Bread with the addition of rye flour

In addition to rye, it is not bad to eat bread with the addition of rye flour (gray bread). It is absorbed more slowly than white, and contains more nutrients compared to it.

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We talked about the main and most common types of bread, and we found out that the most useful, in the opinion of many people, is bran bread. The last place is occupied by white bread and various bakery products.. But this does not mean that the latter must be completely abandoned. Or do you have such a strong will?