What is the left ear burning

Our life is accompanied by a mass of various signs and superstitions, which are born from human observations. Believing superstitions and foreshadowing your future or not paying attention to them is everyone’s business. One of the famous signs - ears are burning. Why is the left ear burning?

You can identify a number of common situations when a person begins to burn ears:

  1. A person with a special effort solves a difficult task that requires mental expenditures;
  2. The person is experiencing great excitement;
  3. A person feels and experiences a feeling of shame;
  4. The body undergoes a sharp change in temperature, getting, for example, from heat to cold.

The list of situations is not complete. Let's consider the opinion of the people will take about this.

What does the left ear burn? Superstition and scientific point of view

Burning left ear: omen

Since ancient times, most people will take associated with the processes occurring in the human body. Alas, our ancestors understood little in medicine and could not explain from a scientific point of view why the nose can be sharply combed or a person starts to hiccup loudly. And then the repetition of a number of situations or their frequent coincidence gave rise to a sign.

About reddening and burning ears, there are many signs. But, as it turns out, you should not be mocking at the people's observations accumulated over the centuries. Scientists have long figured out that the human word is material and capable of influencing the immediate environment. Even the indoor flower from the good word begins to grow better. So it is with man. If he is praised or scolded, the body is able to catch the emotional wave and react in its own way. Sneezing, hiccups, or redness are the very reactions of the body.

If the left ear starts to burn sharply, then at the moment someone says something bad about you, scolding or gossiping. This sign is not unreasonable, very often in parallel with the burning of the ear, you feel other ailments: headache or discomfort. As it turns out, when bad things are said about you, your energy sector is exposed to an attack of negative messages. It manifests itself in physical condition.

When the left ear is not only burning, but also ringing, you know, you are mercilessly scolded, says the national omen. The Dutch are confident that the ill-wisher can take revenge even at a distance, you just need to bite your little finger as soon as you hear the ringing. The Dutch omen believes that at this moment the gossip will bite his tongue and will no longer be able to conduct bad conversations. There is a different interpretation of the signs about the burning of the left ear, it is believed that it burns because your relatives, friends or close friends remembered you in the conversation. In this situation, the ear burns slightly, because the words are benevolent and neutral.

If itching is also added to the ear, then the weather will change soon outside the window. What is remarkable, if you were born in the summer - to be warming, but if in the winter, then a cold snap is expected.

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Why the left ear burns: scientific point of view

What does the left ear burn? Superstition and scientific point of view

Medicine believes that omens and superstitions mean absolutely nothing, and all the processes occurring in the human body have a scientific basis.

  • Human ears begin to burn, in case the body experiences a strong fear. A huge amount of adrenaline is produced, it begins to influence physiological processes. For example, before important conversations or interviews, a person can shake hands or stumble their tongues, all this adrenaline rush. So with the burning of the ears, the excess hormone simply has nowhere to go and it rushes to the ears, stimulating the strongest blood flow, causing redness and burning.
  • Austrian scientists conducted a study on the strong burning or redness of the ears. And they came to the conclusion that this is evidence of increased activity of the brain. The mechanism of the process is quite simple: with increased activity, this part of the brain requires a large amount of oxygen. Oxygen enters the brain cells through the blood, part of the blood flow rushes to the ears, hence redness. A rather logical hypothesis, however, she has opponents. It turns out that during the active work of the brain, absolutely all people should experience burning ears. For example, all students during an exam or schoolchildren should have red ears during an EGE, but this is not the case.
  • Overheating of the body is another reason for ear burning. If it is very hot around, then the human body is forced to look for ways of cooling, one of them is a rush of blood to the skin (facial flushing, increased sweating or redness of the ears). Light frostbite is also the cause of burning ears.

The reasons, reasons and explanations for why the left ear burns a great many. Believe or not popular signs, it's up to you. One thing is clear for sure, you should not get involved in signs, there is no guarantee of their correct interpretation. But from a medical point of view, itching can be a symptom of some diseases. If an unpleasant feeling annoys you for a long time, consult a doctor!

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