What is the ghoul


The transition to a raw food diet and healthy eating begins with the fact that a person excludes from their food fast food, stops eating fried, fatty, sweet smoked food, products containing preservatives and dyes. Then he enters into his diet more live healthy foods, fruits, vegetables. In a circle of raw foodists All food that has undergone heat treatment is called dead, otherwise it is dead.

What is a ghoul?

Of course, for a person who eats his thumb all his life, such a definition may seem rude. But this can only speak of ignorance of the effect that boiled food has on the body. Even if a person who eats boiled, fried, smoked food says that he feels well, he has no problems, this does not mean that over time such food will not affect his health. Despite the fact that most people still prefer fried and boiled foods, many people think about the dangers of heat-treated foods.

What is dangerous boiled food?

  • When frying and boiling products lose almost all the vitamins and enzymes, they are destroyed.
  • During heat treatment in food, harmful substances are formed. To fight with foreign compounds, the body triggers "food leukocytosis." White blood cells are forced to fight with foreign substances, resulting in weakened immune system.
  • Frying transforms vegetable and animal fat into a harmful carcinogen that accumulates in the human body. Over the years, this can lead to diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and malignant tumors.
  • Carbohydrates in the process of heat treatment are saturated with starches and negatively affect the intestines, reduce peristalsis, hence constipation, problems with digestion, hemorrhoids.
  • "Dead food" inhibits microflora, increase acidity.
  • The use of heat-treated foods indirectly leads to hormonal disorders.
  • Accumulated poisons lead the body to depression, chronic fatigue, and general weakness of the body.

The most amazing thing is that a person carefully observes external hygiene, without thinking about the internal one at all.

But vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, which contain vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, nuts are essential for good health. Raw food that has not undergone heat treatment is, on the contrary, maximally beneficial for the organism. No one would argue about the benefits of fruit from his garden, vegetables from the garden, greenery. Raw food is impossible to eat, it does not inflame passions. Such food is well absorbed. Of course, it is important that the body is ready for the transition to raw foods, It is necessary to switch to a healthy diet consciously and gradually.

Raw foods contribute to weight loss, and the "ghoul" makes a slave of food from a man, because "Who serves whom, he is a slave! 1Pet.2: 9-12"

Food is adequate, if it does not harm the internal organs of a person, does not lead to dysbacteriosis, has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the body.

What is a ghoul?

The importance of healthy eating should not be underestimated, because 6 out of 10 die from circulatory diseases, the cause of such diseases are formations, plaques on the walls of blood vessels, which lead to their blockage, in medical terminology the disease is called atherosclerosis. As mentioned above, it is boiled, fried, fatty leads to similar problems.

The greatest amount of toxins enters our bloodstream from the digestive system. Therefore vital you need to stay on an adequate power system, which does not lead to the accumulation of carcinogens in the body. Also, the power system should facilitate the removal of accumulated toxic substances from the body.

However, with a normal nutritional system, toxins enter the body so much that the excretory system does not cope, and harmful substances accumulate in the body, shorten our lives and impair our health. Raw foods solves the problem, nutrients enter the food, toxins do not accumulate.

Replace sausage sandwiches with avocado sandwiches, sprouted grains, spinach, cold-pressed vegetable oil.

The rejection of "dead food" and the correct use of living foods is a reliable way to restore health, prolong life and make it more conscious.

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