What is the dep 2 degrees


Diseases of the vascular system and parts of the brain are increasingly being diagnosed, which causes a lot of apprehension in a modern person — because these problems are comparable to oncological in their degree of danger. Therefore, a visit to a neurologist is included in the list of mandatory annual checks, and its results are studied very carefully and can cause many questions. What to do when diagnosed with "DEP 2 degrees"? What is it, can I get rid of it?

Causes and symptoms of dyscirculatory encephalopathy

Causes and symptoms of dyscirculatory encephalopathy

This disease appears as a result of a pathological process in the vessels of the cortex and cortex of the brain, which is characterized by focal changes. In this case, the blood circulation process is disturbed, blood transfer to the brain is difficult, general atherosclerosis occurs, as a result of which the work of the nerve cells and the nervous system as a whole worsens.

The development of dyscirculatory encephalopathy can lead not only to frequent headaches and weakness, but also to disability of groups 1-2. For this reason, timely diagnosis and detection of the disease is necessary. This can be done only by a neurologist, after a special examination: it is necessary to perform a cardiogram, an MRI scan, checks of the fundus, the vessels of the cervical region and the brain.

  • AED can occur due to congenital disorders of cerebral circulation, but it can also be triggered by a combination of factors. The risk group includes persons of older and advanced age (after 45 years) of both sexes, the occurrence of dyscirculatory encephalopathy of 2 degrees or higher is especially often diagnosed in persons older than 70 years.
  • Acquired disease usually provoke atherosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, high cholesterol, vasculitis. Osteochondrosis or injuries of the cervical spine, in which the vessels supplying blood to the brain, can be pinned off can also be to blame.

Doctors do not deny the possible development of DEP during vegetative-vascular dystonia or after severe stress, provoking vascular spasms and blood pressure jumps, and diabetes, causing hypoxia (oxygen starvation), abuse of nicotine and alcohol. Also, the cause may be endocrine diseases. But all these factors most often already act in combination, while those previously described may become decisive reasons singly.

  • On the basic premise, doctors talk about atherosclerotic or hypertensive DEP, or about DEP of mixed origin, if both factors are summed up. Possible and venous, caused by pressure on the intracranial veins, or cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency.

development of DEP during vegetative dystonia or after severe stress

  • At the initial stage, DEP manifests itself only with frequent fatigue, headaches, which can be both acute and aching, weakness, impairment of memory and attention, and depression. All these symptoms can easily be attributed to almost any disease of the nervous system, but already at this moment, according to the doctors, a neurologist needs to appear and check the condition of the vessels.
  • Disorders of the psycho-emotional background are added to the symptoms of the 2nd degree DEP, when unusual features of character appear in a person’s personality: for example, sudden aggression or, on the contrary, isolation. There are dips in the memory, "white spots", that is, partial amnesia, the brain stops processing large amounts of information. There may be difficulties in swallowing and speech coordination. Most often, these moments are intensified in the late afternoon, after mental and physical fatigue, but as the illness deepens, the time of the “onset” shifts.

It is necessary to think about the disease if all the listed items do not just appear once, but last for six months and more. Due to the fact that even at stage 2 there is atrophy of the brain, for the duration of the treatment the patient needs to register a disability: he cannot work either mentally or physically. In addition, it will allow you to come to grips with therapy, which will shorten its term and speed up recovery.

How is the treatment carried out?

A doctor should write a program to restore the blood supply and improve the condition of the blood vessels - it is forbidden to solve this problem on its own, since all diseases related to the brain are a dangerous area where any mistake can be fatal. However, the patient can independently take care of changing the diet, from which fatty and fried foods are removed, significantly limit the proportion of animal fats in general. Physical activity in the minimum amount (walks, household chores) must be observed daily. The same goes for mental exertion.

  • Treatment of AED 2 degree involves the elimination of the root causes: hypertension, atherosclerosis, thrombosis. In addition, medications, restoring connections and metabolic processes between nerve cells can be prescribed.
  • The doctor can also prescribe physiotherapy, UHF for the cervical, galvanic current, laser effects, massage and therapeutic baths. It does not hurt the strengthening of the muscles of the cervical, special gymnastics, receptions at the psychotherapist.

With the active progression of the disease may require surgery, in which artificially restored blood circulation between the affected areas. The direction to it can be given at 2 degrees DEP, and at 3 degrees. In any case, the sooner the disease is diagnosed and the right treatment is selected, the higher the chances of doing without drastic measures.