What is itching to heel


Modern people have different attitudes. Someone does not take them seriously, and someone believes in their justice. The question of what the heel is itching for is of particular interest to the latter.

What is it about left heel?

According to national signs, the left heel itches to the losses or failures on the road. Some claim that the foot itches to the general failures and losses. But you do not need to focus on this and cancel the trip. Even if you believe the signs, try not to take it to heart, because thoughts are material!

What is itching to heel?

What is the heel scratching for?

Folk omens say that the right heel is itching for an unexpected ride that will bring you profit and good luck. So superstitious people can prepare for travel.

Some say that the right heel itches to the good news or to the rise. Good luck can touch any field of activity.

Scaly heels: causes

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Many people who do not believe in popular omens are interested in the question - why are heels itching? The reason for this may be a fungus or insect bites. As a rule, bite wounds disappear without a trace after a few days, but allergy sufferers need to be careful and consult a doctor if necessary.

Fungal diseasesstop diagnosed more difficult. The fungus is quite dangerous because it produces toxins that poison the body, which provokes the development of certain diseases. The disease is accompanied by severe itching of the feet. The skin begins to peel off strongly, small bubbles filled with liquid appear. In the case of a running form, the fungus moves to the back side, gradually hitting the nails. To prevent the disease, dermatologists recommend using creams, for example, exoteril, lamisil, pyapnine, or candid. These remedies well prevent the development of the fungus and cure it. You can use folk remedies, baths and compresses.

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Avitaminosis it is also the reason that heels are itching. With a lack of some substances, the feet can itch all year round. This problem can be prevented by taking vitamins A, B, C and D regularly. In addition, it is necessary to eat foods containing these vitamins.

  • Vitamin A is abundant in milk, cheese, butter, cream, cottage cheese, liver, fish oil, chicken eggs, orange-colored fruits and vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, parsley and sorrel.
  • Vitamin B content in beef and chicken livers, in meat, seafood, cucumbers, spinach, mushrooms, nuts, tomatoes, eggs, milk, cheese, cereals, cottage cheese, whole grain bread, legumes and oranges.
  • Black currant, wild rose, sweet pepper, dill, parsley, onion, tomato, spinach, lemons, oranges, strawberries, walnuts, sauerkraut, barberry, hawthorn, lingonberry, asparagus, blueberries and chicory - vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D can be obtained by eating cheese, cottage cheese, butter and vegetable oil, chicken yolks, seafood, fish liver, fish oil, milk, potatoes, oatmeal, parsley, and other greens.

What is the heel scratching for?

If you consulted a doctor, but he found no pathology, neurological diseases and allergies, it means that your heels need proper care. It includes exfoliation, nutrition, softening and moisturizing. Buy a high-quality pumice stone and a brush for heels, a rather coarse scrub and several creams of different action. Do not be amiss to take a bath of herbs or salt. This not only nourishes the skin of the foot, but also strengthens the nails. To moisturize the foot, you can prepare a special mixture of essential and base oils.

Folk omens have always played an important role in people's lives. Much depended on them: productivity, weather forecast, state of health and success in business. In the modern world, if someone believes in omens, then, usually, gives them less attention. If your heel is itching, it will be most useful to identify the physiological cause of the problem. This may be an allergic reaction, insect bite, fungal diseases, nervous disorders. If itching bothers you for a long time, the best solution is to consult a doctor. He will give you recommendations and prescribe competent treatment.