What is folic acid needed for women before conception and


Folic acid is an integral part of the B family of vitamins. It is referred to as B9 and is used by the body to create cells. Any person has a need for this vitamin, and the body needs to be received from the outside. Consider why folic acid is needed for women.

Folic acid and its value

What is folic acid for women?

Vitamin B9 is vital for body functions such as:

  • DNA and RNA synthesis;
  • rapid cell division and growth;
  • red blood cell production;
  • brain health.

Separately, it must be said about the need for vitamin for women. During pregnancy, a sufficient level of folic acid in the body prevents serious congenital brain pathologies in the baby or the spine - neural tube defects:

  • spina bifida - amenable to correction;
  • Anencephaly is a fatal vice.

In addition, according to research data, if there are such pathologies in a woman’s medical history, then taking the right amount of folic acid can reduce the risk of developing a neural tube defect in a fetus by 70% during a subsequent pregnancy. Also, taking vitamin B9 before and during childbirth can prevent the following pathologies:

  • cleft lip or palate;
  • preterm delivery;
  • abortion;
  • delay in weight and height of the fetus;
  • manifestation of preeclampsia.

What is the need for vitamin B9 in pregnant women?

How much folic acid is needed during pregnancy? This is a question, the answer to which the representatives of the weaker sex should know without fail. Women who are of childbearing age, and not only those who are planning a pregnancy, should receive 0.4 mg of folic acid per day or use products containing it in the right amount.

The positive effect of folic acid in the period of childbearing has been proven by research. Enrichment with the vitamin of the body before conception and during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of various congenital abnormalities in the baby, including defects of the neural tube - the precursor of the brain and spinal cord.

Given that the formation of the neural tube in the fetus occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy, the lack of folic acid must be filled before the woman becomes aware of conception. That is why emphasis is placed on the proper supply of folic acid to the body by all women of childbearing age, since pregnancy does not always occur as planned.

The daily intake of vitamin B9 for women:

  • 400 mcg - the necessary dose of folic acid when planning pregnancy;
  • 400 mcg - the amount of vitamin during gestation;
  • 500 mcg - the level of folic acid intake during breastfeeding.

Folic acid source products

What is the need for vitamin B9 in pregnant women?

Among the natural sources of folic acid are vegetables with a dark green color. However, excessive heat treatment of food during cooking reduces the levels of vitamin in them.

So, we list vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in this vitamin:

  • asparagus beans and other legumes;
  • baker's yeast;
  • broccoli;
  • Brussels sprouts, white cabbage, cauliflower;
  • egg yolks;
  • jacket potatoes;
  • lentils;
  • salad;
  • a liver (it is not necessary to include in a diet pregnant);
  • fruits - papaya and kiwi have a high vitamin content;
  • milk;
  • cottage cheese;
  • cheese;
  • citrus;
  • spinach;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • wholemeal bread.

Medicines containing vitamin B9

Below are medicines with folic acid in the composition:

  • "Folic acid" - tablets of 0.001 g, in a package of 10 or 30 tablets;
  • "Folacin" - tablets with a folic acid content of 5 mg each, blisters of 10 each;
  • "Angiovit" - a combined vitamin preparation in tablets with a folic acid content of 5 mg, 60 tablets per can.

Folic acid preparations are prescribed both for the treatment of diseases associated with vitamin deficiency and for prophylactic purposes. Most often recommend such vitamin complexes containing folic acid:

  • "Duovit";
  • Gendevit;
  • Vitrum Kids;
  • Vitrum Centuri;
  • "Multi-classic tabs";
  • Supradin;
  • "Centrum";
  • "Teravit".

Currently, there are so many multivitamin preparations, multivitamin complexes and dietary supplements in a composition with vitamin B9 that you can take a lot of time and space to list them. Their common purpose is prevention, which can be seen even from the volumes of the components that make up the preparations.

Listen to the views of women

Why do folic acid women?

Having set a goal, one can find a large number of reviews about folic acid, its necessity for women, the names of vitamin complexes, and the purpose of administration. Most women talk about the benefits of vitamin and leave positive feedback. The greatest number of questions associated with the dosage. The name of the diseases for which vitamin B9 was prescribed is also relevant. Many have a low incidence of side effects and good tolerability of drugs.

Almost all the fair sex speak about the need for prior consultation with a specialist before starting a medication containing folic acid.

Appointment of vitamin B9 to women of childbearing age has a clear and significant advantage - reducing the frequency of pregnancy pathologies. Its use is based on evidence, and the use in the treatment of individual diseases is quite effective.

But some sources focus on folic acid as a drug for primary prevention, the results after which are not so clear. In children, as well as in men and women in the age category that went beyond the period of childbearing, taking supplements with vitamin B9 in the absence of its deficiency did not demonstrate health benefits. There are even some warning signs of an increased risk of cancer. Thus, it is better for these categories of people to rely on folic acid sources in the form of food. Take care of yourself!