What is better to choose from sore throat for children and

Most often, viral infections manifest themselves with a slight sore throat, which gradually becomes overgrown with pain and cough, and then the disease progresses depending on which virus was picked up. Such symptoms need treatment not only because it will prevent complications, but also because they can worsen the quality of life.

The pharmaceutical market today produces a lot of drugs for sore throat, but how effective are they and how do they work? What you need to remember when making a choice in a pharmacy?

Cheap remedies for sore throat in pill form

Cheap remedies for sore throat in pill form

In this category, there are both breathing aids that only relieve pain and freshen the mouth, as well as drugs that require systematic use. Of course, they make much more sense from the latter, but in an emergency they do not save, therefore in the first-aid kit it is desirable to have 2 options. Painkillers often work at the expense of menthol and similar components, but for those that have a therapeutic effect, the composition can be much more complicated.

  • "Strepsils". Classic lozenges for sucking, allowing to remove the congestion of the upper respiratory tract and sore throat, regardless of its origin. Works by the essential oils of eucalyptus and menthol, as well as amylmetacresol. Forbidden to children under 5 years of age, persons with asthma.
  • "Dr. IOM". Russian inexpensive product in the form of lozenges, having menthol in its composition and having fruit flavors. The principle of operation is similar to that described above. The effect is rather superficial, there are no special medicinal properties behind the candies, but they improve sputum separation.
  • "Coldact Lorpils". No longer lozenges, but tablets, also oriented to sublingual use, have an antibiotic in their composition, therefore they can be used only after consulting a doctor. They soften the mucous membrane, relieve pain, help in the elimination of inflammatory processes in the chronic stage: angina, tonsillitis, etc.
  • "Grammeadin". Domestic manufacturer lozenges containing an anesthetic (a version without it is also produced), which have an antibacterial effect and allow you to quickly stop the development of the disease. At a late stage, there is practically no result, with the exception of the anesthetic.

It should be said that tablets and lozenges, which are designed only to stop the pain, can not be consumed in large quantities. Usually manufacturers advise to use 1 pc. every 4-5 hours, if the pain is very severe, or with an interval of 6-8 hours for less severe cases. These drugs are quickly addictive, so they fall into the category of the express version.

Throat Sprays

Throat Sprays

The drugs in the spray format have a clear advantage: they allow you to send all the beneficial substances to the tonsils, thereby bringing them to the full and providing the maximum therapeutic effect. For this reason, for example, to treat a sore throat, doctors most often require the purchase of solutions and aerosols, rather than pills. In addition, there are significantly fewer contraindications to them, since the drug is almost not absorbed into the blood.

True, this form has a drawback: firstly, the discomfort due to the dense jet, which may even provoke nausea; secondly, the use of spray in a public place is not always convenient. However, such medicine should be in the home first aid kit.

  • Hexoral. The most famous drug in this group, belonging to the category of antiseptics of local action and most actively manifesting itself in the fight against fungal infections. The main active ingredient is hexatidine. Indications for use are angina, any inflammatory processes of the oral cavity, including fungal, bleeding gums. It is also possible to use the drug during a viral infection to prevent complications.
  • "Strepsils". Not so long ago, under this name began to produce not only candy, but also an aerosol, having a similar effect to them. Due to lidocaine, it has an anesthetic effect, relieves pain and facilitates breathing, as well as relieves swelling. The additional active substance - amylmetacresol - allows you to achieve a therapeutic effect. Indications for use are laryngitis, tonsillitis, inflammation of the mucous.
  • "Lugol". It is extremely inexpensive, but effective means, known to most since childhood, when it was produced in the form of a solution, which complicated its use. Among the active components are iodine and glycerin, the main indication for use is angina and other inflammatory-infectious processes of the oral cavity. It has an unpleasant aroma and flavor, but the antiseptic effect allows you to cope even with severe cases of disease.
  • "Stopangin". Judging by the feedback from consumers, it is able to cope with pain almost instantly, not allowing the disease to develop, if you start applying at the moment of its inception. The active substances are vegetable oils, levomenthol, and also hexatidine, which is why this drug is often called the budget analogue of Hexoral, which is more pleasant for the mucous membranes.

It should be noted that aerosols are undesirable in pediatric therapy (up to 5 years), as well as in the presence of infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, atrophic pharyngitis, obstructive bronchitis, in the first trimester of pregnancy.

How to help the child?

remedies for sore throat for children

The choice of remedies for sore throat for children is not as wide as for adults, but even here it is difficult to determine the appropriate drug, because the composition is often able to frighten even an adult. Most often, experts advise to alleviate the condition of the baby, not with pharmaceutical drugs, but with traditional medicine: mainly with frequent gargles. And if it is necessary to soften the mucous membrane, choose herbal preparations with licorice, sage, Althea root, eucalyptus.

  • Karmolis. This drug is available in the form of a solution (drops) and lozenges, the effectiveness does not depend on the form and the choice is usually determined by the age of the baby - for children under 5 years old it is more convenient to take the drops. Herbal medicine has practically no contraindications, menthol is present in the classical version (for adults).
  • "Septolet Neo". Cough lozenges with a slight analgesic effect (unlike adults - without anesthetic) are allowed for use in children over 4 years of age. Therapeutic effect does not give.
  • Yocks Antiseptic spray, working by iodine and on the principle of action similar to the "Lugol". Relieves inflammation and swelling, softens the mucous membrane, kills microbes. Can be used in children over 6 years old. There is also a solution of the same name for rinsing.
  • "Tantum Verde". Available in a spray format, even the smallest is allowed, but in this case, a dummy is treated with a minimal amount of product to prevent the child from swallowing it. The drug copes with inflammatory processes, works on benzidamine.

What better helps for sore throat - sprays, pills, lozenges or solutions? Experts say that the form only affects the usability: sprays are suitable for home, while the pill can be thrown under the tongue, even in a public place. The main factor determining the effectiveness of the tool will be its active components, so carefully study the composition.

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