What is acrylamide and what is it eaten with

The fact that the heat treatment of products deprives them of useful vitamins, makes food almost useless for the body has already been proven. But science went even further and, as a result of a series of studies, revealed that when cooking products at high temperatures, they form a toxic carcinogenic compound - acrylamide. Most often this substance is found in chocolate, coffee, french fries, chips, muffins, in smaller doses in other products subjected to heat treatment, including cereals, bakery products, and even boiled vegetables and fruits. Toxin was not found in raw vegetables and fruits, as well as in dairy products. The toxicity of acrylamide proves once again that feeding your body with only living foods is the surest way to beauty, health and longevity.

What is acrylamide and what is it eaten with?

Acrylamide is not specifically added to products, the substance is formed in food at high temperature, it does not matter if you cook at home or buy fast food at a restaurant. The concentration of toxin in many products is hundreds of times higher than the MAC.

Under the influence of temperature above 125 degrees on vegetable food, its components reduce sugars and the amino acid asparagine. Acrylamide is formed in carbohydrates, which, as a result of cooking, change their properties: smell, color, texture. That is why fried foods are considered especially harmful. And before that, it was thought that acrylamide is contained only in plastic, cigarette smoke and unpurified water.

Of course, without in-depth knowledge of chemistry and medicine, it is difficult to understand the danger of this compound. We give the facts of scientific research.

Acrylamide harm

  • Animal studies have shown that large doses of acrylamide are carcinogenic to the body, that is, they cause cancer.

What is acrylamide and what is it eaten with?

  • Danish scientists have derived a relationship between excessive use of acrylamide and breast cancer in women. The risk of breast cancer is increased by 50%, ovarian cancer by 80%.
  • Leads to gene mutations, affecting cell genes.
  • It has a negative effect on the nervous system.

Research in the field of nutrition is ongoing, no studies have been conducted on a person, so there are no categorical requirements to change the habitual nutritional system on the part of health care, but it’s still worth considering the research. It turns out that boiled food is not only dead, but also harmful.

How to reduce the intake of acrylamide?

Technologists are developing measures to reduce the amount of acrylamide in products. Think for yourself how many harmful substances already contain, for example, chips. If a person has problems with the stomach, he will always feel the negative impact of these products on the body. After eating a pack of chips, the stomach starts to hurt. Therefore:

  • Develop for yourself balanced diet that eliminates harmful foods.
  • Do not eat fatty and fried foods.
  • Give up chips and coffee in the morning.
  • Do not buy harmful products to children.
  • Use more gentle food handling techniques if you need it.
  • Better not to eat sugar, especially fructose.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is acrylamide and what is it eaten with?

  • If you are not yet ready to switch to eating raw foods completely, then include live foods in your diet. There will be no harm from this, only benefit. Add sprouted grains to salads, cold pressed oils, pine nuts. Prepare sweets from natural cocoa beans, eat more greens, drink green cocktails, watch soon and eating wild herbs will not cause you to misunderstand.

Do not wait until scientists come to a common opinion, take care of your health today, especially since it will not be difficult to follow the recommendations.

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