What is a raw food diet and will it suit me


For most people, raw foods is something completely new, unknown. If you have thoughts to discover raw foods, first of all you need to figure out whether this style of food will suit you.

What is a raw food diet and will it suit me?

Raw foods - this is food, which is based on the use of products in raw form. Raw foodists eat fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and germinated grains without heat treatment.This style of food syroedy positioned as extremely healthy. But Is this healthy food for everyone? This question as a whole covers both the physiological features of the organism and the psychological features (fears, emotions). Let's try to figure out why such food may be suitable and why it may not be suitable for modern man. For this for yourself you will need to answer a series of questions from the area of ​​your goals, habits, and body condition. And, based on your answers, you will be able to determine whether raw foods will suit you.

We define goals and analyze our capabilities.

Before you become a food eater, you need to decide why you need it. Must set a goal, understand what you want to get from syroedeniya. May your goal to heal your body or your goal to always be in extremely good shape. In fact, each has its own goals. Many are switching to raw foods in favor of a healthy lifestyle, they want to get rid of excess, from slags. Indeed, the use of products of plant origin can reduce weight. But here need to figure out whether you can eat some fruits, vegetables without heat treatment. Do you like fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, greens? Can you take these foods as a basis in your diet? Answer also the question: what do I like in food and what will I not refuse?

What is a raw food diet and will it suit me?

We learn new about syroedenii

Turning to raw foods, you should get as much information as possible about this style of nutrition. You will need to acquire new skills, learn other recipes. Most likely, you will learn many new products. Here it is important to understand whether you want to learn otherwise, change your traditions. Are you ready for a new lifestyle?

Consider our habits, emotions and possible rejection of them in favor of raw food

You should think about your habits. The following questions usually arise here. How to change the current nutrition? How to refuse meat dishes, hot soups, pies, and much more? How do you stay away? How will your loved ones perceive this food? Answering these questions you will need to rethink your past beliefs and see if you can live in harmony with those who eat cooked food. Important to understand can you resist temptation. If you want to go to raw foods, you will need to fully accept it emotionally. Analyze your readiness for this.

Predict the body's reaction

An important point in the transition to raw foods is an attempt to predict the reaction of your body to eating only raw food.. How do you feel about raw foods? Do you believe that you can get everything you need from raw vegetables and fruits for the normal functioning of the body? In general, we all know that raw plant foods rich in fiber, vitamins and various chemical elements. You can get proteins, fats, carbohydrates to the full from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts. According to raw foodists, they eat live food, from which you can get more energy than from cooked food. But there is also the opinion that raw food diet does not suit children, elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers, as they should receive adequate nutrition. And then you need to think carefully whether raw foods fit your body.

Evaluate food resources

What is a raw food diet and will it suit me?

You will certainly be interested in where raw foodists take quality products? After all, chemically processed fruits, dried fruits, and vegetables are most often sold in stores. In search of healthy food, you can find farmers who do not process their products with chemicals. You can grow on your window sills onion, parsley, dill. A few more valuable tips on how to protect yourself when choosing products, read the article - "Nitrates in food!" Also, raw foodists pick berries. You can also germinate grain. How to do this you can read in the article - "How to germinate seeds?"This information will be useful to all people, because the germinated grain is a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. In general, you can do anything. And here the main thing is to determine Are you ready to search for environmentally friendly products?.

Thus, answering for yourself the above and the questions you may have, you yourself can easily determine whether raw foods are right for you. You need to trust only yourself, your intuition body. For everyone everything is individual. And here need a complete individual analysis of yourself in the raw food system.

Good luck to you!

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