What helps menovazin


Sometimes it happens that the most cost-effective drugs from the pharmacy are more effective than expensive drugs. But few people know about them, so many questions arise in the case of a primary confrontation with them. For example, they are often honored by Menovazin. What helps this tool, and how to take it? Is the drug allowed while waiting for the baby and breastfeeding?

Chemical composition "Menovazina"

The drug is a local anesthetic.

The drug is a local anesthetic, not penetrating into the systemic circulation, which causes its relative safety. Available in the format of ointment and alcohol (70%) solution, not differing from each other in the concentration of active substances and effectiveness. The difference in form is only in the principle of use, as well as the drying effect of the solution (due to the alcohol base). The key components of Menovazin are menthol, novocaine and benzocaine, which determine its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

  • Menthol has a slight cooling and antispasmodic effect due to the expansion of blood vessels (in this case, only those close to the skin), as well as irritation of the nerve endings. For the remaining components, Menovazin works as a conductor, enhancing the result of their use.
  • Novocain and benzocaine belong to the category of anesthetics applied internally and externally in all medical fields: they stop the painful impulse, working as a freezing of nerve fibers and endings, prevent movement through the sodium channels, and also relieve skin reaction - itching and burning. Each of the components is considered to be a medium-strength anesthetic.
  • Ethyl alcohol present in the solution works as a disinfector.
  • 100 ml of solution accounts for 1 g of novocaine and benzocaine, and 2.5 g of menthol. The latter causes the characteristic aroma of the drug.
  • The ointment for 40 g (the classical form of release) contains 25 mg of menthol, as well as 10 g of novocaine and benzocaine.

The shelf life of the Menovazin solution is 3 years, vials are available in 25 and 50 ml volumes, less often a 40 ml version is found. The shelf life of the ointment is 2 g, the volume of the tube is 40 g.

Indications for use "Menovazina"

For what and how to use the drug depends on its form of release.

For what and how to use the drug depends on its form of release. However, in general, the list of indications for use in it is almost unchanged: it is indeed an almost universal remedy that allows to relieve any pain syndrome and remove the main signs of the inflammatory process, including pruritus. With the help of "Menovazin" you can get rid of:

  • muscle pain (fatigue, pinching, sprain, etc.);
  • neuralgia (any pain syndromes caused by damage to nerve fibers or endings);
  • joint pains (arthritis, sciatica, etc.);
  • dermatosis, accompanied by itching and burning;
  • insect bites;
  • hemorrhoids, devoid of complications;
  • cold, accompanied by problems of the lower respiratory tract (from mild cough to bronchitis).

It is worth noting that traditional medicine even uses Menovazin as a means for lowering blood pressure, and the practice of treating colds with this drug is also not official. However, some doctors actually give a similar recommendation, based on the warming effect of the ointment and solution, caused by the presence of menthol and alcohol in the composition. It is important to understand that "Menovazin" here can only be used as an element of complex therapy, and its main focus is pain syndrome.

How to use Menovazin?

Instructions for use of the drug gives too few answers to questions, so to understand the full picture of using "Menovazin" you should refer to reviews that are surprisingly positive: a penny bottle almost works wonders and works much better than other expensive ointment - both for its intended purpose and in less known directions.

  • For an incipient cold or acute coughing attacks, you need to take a small amount of Menovazin solution (not ointment!), Rub in your palms and process the throat, as well as the neck and down the back, paying special attention to the lymph node zone. You can go a little up to the ears. It is not possible to wrap up the treated area, as this will increase the heat exposure and may cause burns. During the night, the drug greatly facilitates breathing and reduces the intensity of cough, as well as its depth. The procedure is preferably carried out only once a day, before going to bed. In the morning, wash off the solution.
  • Sensitive skin, easily irritated during epilation (including armpits and bikini area), will also be helped by Menovazin, which will work in its main purpose. To do this, apply a little solution on the skin before epilation, rub in carefully, and then proceed to the procedure itself. In addition to the fact that the drug "turn off" the nerve endings, it will prevent redness and act as a disinfector, making shaving safe.
  • For hemorrhoids, it is recommended to use Menovazin in the form of an ointment, which is applied to the cleaned anorectal area with a thin layer and allows not only to relieve inflammation, but also to facilitate the process of bowel movements. The only caveat - be careful not to touch the anal fissures, if they are present. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease, but should not exceed 28 days, while the drug can be applied only 2 times a day, in the morning and evening.
  • For articular pains, the ointment is rubbed into the painful area up to 3 times a day, a gauze bandage is placed on top, or it is simply wrapped with a warm cloth. If you rub the solution, the insulation can not be done!
  • For neuralgia and muscle pain, both ointment and solution can be used. It is allowed to process skin up to 4 times a day, for 2-3 weeks.

Even for such a safe drug, there are a few caveats:

  • do not treat "Menovazinom" open wounds and burns with ichor;
  • undesirable use of the drug for eczema and dermatitis, as well as external inflammation.
  • lotions and compresses are prohibited: i.e. Do not soak the fabric with a solution or ointment and apply it to the skin - only direct application to the skin;

Contraindications and features of taking "Menovazina" during pregnancy

Despite the fact that with outdoor use

Despite the fact that when used externally, the active components of the drug do not penetrate into the blood, there are a number of precautions that are important to observe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • During pregnancy, "Menovazin" is undesirable - instead, doctors recommend paracetamol, but there have been cases of absolute tolerance of the drug in pregnant women.
  • During lactation, the drug can be used on small areas and no more than once a day.

In addition, it is important to know that with long-term therapy (which experts do not recommend to carry out) side effects are possible:

  • reduced reaction rate and dizziness, lowering blood pressure;
  • asthenic conditions;
  • dermatitis;

The main contraindication to the drug is the age of less than 18 years, however, some doctors claim that Menovazin can be used even in young children, since it does not affect the composition of the blood, providing only a local effect.

Summarizing the above, it can be argued that not all budget funds are useless: according to consumers and doctors, Menovazin deserves to be present in each person’s first-aid kit, since it can solve a large number of problems without causing a negative reaction. But the final decision on the use of the drug, especially in pregnant women, should be taken by a doctor.