What helps "citramon"

Many of us believe that "Citramon" is a panacea for headaches of varying intensity. Indeed, it is, but the drug is effective in the treatment of a number of ailments. What helps “Citramon”, how to take it correctly and what contraindications are there, you will learn in our article.

Short pharmacological essay

What helps

If you listen to narrow-minded conversations or carefully examine various forums on medical subjects, you can see that many people of different age categories are interested in the question: what does the drug "Citramon P" help with. Scrolling through a few more sites or overhearing a neighbor’s conversation, you can hear another interesting and highly relevant question: "Citramon-Darnitsa" - from what it helps? ".

Let's immediately determine that “Citramon” is a pharmacological agent belonging to the group of analgesics and antipyretics. The remaining prefixes in the name of the drugs indicate that they belong to one or another pharmaceutical company.

"Citramon" has the same component composition. This drug contains three active components:

  • caffeine;
  • acetylsalicylic acid;
  • paracetamol.

So, as you already understood, "Citramon" can be safely ranked as a combined pharmacological drug. Acetylsalicylic acid, which is part of the tool, has anti-inflammatory effects, and also lowers the increased subfebrile temperature. In addition, this component substance slows down the formation of blood clots.

If you still doubt whether “Citramon” helps with a headache, then based on the annotation to the drug, this question can be safely answered in the affirmative. It is thanks to acetylsalicylic acid "Citramon" perfectly copes with a headache of varying intensity.

Some people complain that this headache does not save them. Of course, each pharmacological agent has an individual effect, and the reasons for the occurrence of headaches may be different.

Caffeine is also a part of Citramone. Its share in this pharmacological agent is relatively small, so the drug has no excitatory effect on the nervous system. However, due to caffeine in combination with other components, Citramon promotes vasodilation, stimulation of the motor center. It also enhances physical and mental abilities. With the help of "Citramone" you can get rid of sleepiness.

As for paracetamol, it has a number of positive properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antipyretic;
  • analgesic.

In what cases will help "Citramon"?

In what cases will help

Based on the component composition of this pharmacological agent, it can be said that Citramon is a universal panacea. Despite the fact that the pills are released in the OTC way, you do not need to self-medicate. In many home first-aid kits, Citramon is in the front row as a remedy for headaches.

If you notice that the headache is systematic and "Citramon" does not help you, immediately contact the attending specialist and pass the examination. Headache can be a symptom of various ailments.

"Citramon" helps to get rid of pain syndromes of moderate severity. However, the nature of the pain may be different. So, this pharmaceutical agent can be taken in such cases:

  • when a headache of any intensity, including migraines;
  • with myalgia;
  • in case of occurrence of toothache with inflammation in soft connective tissues;
  • when diagnosing algomenorrhea;
  • in case of development of a number of neurological ailments;
  • with arthralgia.

Pharmacological drug "Citramon" and the temperature helps. If the increase in subfebrile temperature is associated with the development of febrile syndrome, that is, influenza or acute respiratory pathologies, this pharmacological drug should be taken after consulting with the attending specialist for no more than three days.

Often, specialists in the field of dentistry hear from their patients an interesting question: does “Citramon” help with toothache? An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible, since the degree of the effect of the drug depends on the severity of the pain syndrome.

Observe caution: contraindications

As already mentioned, "Citramon" - is one of the popular pharmacological agents, which is in almost every home medicine chest. However, it is also necessary to take this medicine with caution and after careful study of the annotation.

Intake of "Citramone" should be abandoned in such cases:

  • during exacerbation of erosive or ulcerative processes in the digestive tract;
  • with obvious hypersensitivity to substances that are part of the pharmacological agents;
  • in case of development of bleeding of the gastrointestinal type;
  • hemophilia;
  • in the case of the development of diathesis hemorrhagic in nature;
  • during gestation, especially in the 1st and 3rd trimester;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • during the development of ischemic pathology of the heart muscle in acute stages;
  • in case of development of renal failure;
  • with glaucoma disease;
  • during the course of hypertension of arterial character in a pronounced form;
  • with increased excitability, as well as violations of sleep patterns;
  • in the postoperative period, accompanied by bleeding.

It is not recommended to take "Citramon" to children under 15 years old, since it is at this age that they are at risk of Reye's syndrome. Do not take this pharmacological drug without first consulting with a specialist if you suffer from any pathology of the liver or gout.

What is the danger of uncontrolled reception of "Citramon"?


Accept "Citramon" must be in strict accordance with the prescription of a specialist. If you decide to use this medicine yourself, be sure to read the annotation and follow the indicated dosage. Excessive use of Citramone can cause side effects, in particular:

  • dizziness;
  • nausea and gag reflexes;
  • ear ringing;
  • sleepiness;
  • lethargy;
  • convulsive states;
  • anuria;
  • difficulty breathing.

According to the annotation to this pharmaceutical agent, side effects may occur as a result of overdose due to exposure to acetylsalicylic acid.

Talk about special directions?

As already mentioned, taking "Citramon" before reaching the age of fifteen is not recommended. Against the background of transferred viral pathologies, taking a medication can provoke the appearance of Reye's syndrome. This disease is characterized by an increase in liver size, prolonged vomiting and encephalopathy. If you take the drug for a long time, be sure to do it under the supervision of a specialist, as well as take blood tests and monitor the condition of the liver.

"Citramon" reduces blood clotting. If you have to undergo surgery, then the surgeon should be notified in advance of the admission of this drug. In the period of gestation and lactation to use "Citramon" should not be, because it will adversely affect the condition of the baby.

Before using any pharmacological drug, carefully study the annotation. Remember that uncontrolled pills can lead to the development of complicated consequences. "Citramon" helps with pain syndromes of moderate intensity, but you should not do self-healing. Be healthy!

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