What cough drops to choose for kids and adults


When we have something sore, we go to the nearest pharmacy to buy an effective drug that will ease the condition. Cut and sore throat will not be an exception. And today we will talk about cough drops and sore throat, which are most effective in their action.

Complex Travisil

Cough drops and sore throat

This drug is good because it has a comprehensive effect. So he will help you as an expectorant, and as a tonic, and as an immunostimulant. In addition, there are components that play the role of antiseptics, as well as save from the gag reflex, sometimes occurring when coughing.

Travisil prescribed for the most diverse cough, even when coughing smokers and allergic. It is not prohibited for pregnant women, however, the approval of the attending physician is necessary.

The drug is easily tolerated by patients, with the exception of those who are allergic to components. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions before use, consult with a specialist. Dosage Travisila - dissolve 2 tablets 3 times a day (adults).

Yummy Doctor Mom

Dr. Mom's cough lozenges have secured a place among the best because of their composition: licorice, ginger, emblica, menthol. All these components help to fight not only with inflammatory processes, but also make lozenges pleasant to the taste.

These pills are most often recommended for those who have a cold affected the upper respiratory tract and are accompanied by a dry cough. Dr. Mom acts as an expectorant, analgesic and antiseptic.

It is necessary to dissolve 1 lozenge every 2 hours during the day (for adults). However, it should be remembered that these tablets contain sugar, so they are not suitable for diabetics.

Herbal Vitamin Immunvit

lollipops are able to relieve inflammation, do antiseptic work

These candies are able to relieve inflammation, to perform the work of antiseptic. Immunvit will relieve you from sore throat, make cough mild. In addition, the lozenges include a group of vitamins and pollen that will strengthen the immunity that has been loosened during the cold.

The maximum number of tablets per day for an adult is 10 pcs. Take 1 pc. every 3 hours

Expectorant licorice

Licorice cough drops have components of licorice in the ingredients, and it helps to eliminate the symptoms: cough, tickling, pain. They are also able to relieve inflammation, have anti-allergic properties. Licorice candies are prescribed, primarily as an expectorant. Another plus is that diabetics can be used.

Of contraindications - intolerance to substances that make up. Dosage - up to 10 lozenges for 24 hours.

All the best for children, or what to buy a child?

The Most Effective Cough Drops

Buying something from pills for your offspring is best to consult with your doctor! Today, even a lot of lollipops and cough drops are released for babies. Some of them are Karmolis, which are good because they like the younger generation (because of honey and lemon in the composition), which means that the child will not have to be forced to drink a pill. In addition to sweetness, Kormolis will also be pleased with its effect.

Septolet Neo can be given to kids from 4 years old. However, note that the drug does not have antibacterial properties. Strepsils - it is often asked in pharmacies - is good in its action, but often causes allergies. You can choose and Travisil, which is allowed to give from 3 years.

In general, one piece of advice - the best choice would be herbal pastes, which contain a minimum of dyes, additives.

This information will help you to better navigate on the shelves of the pharmacy kiosk, choosing tablets not only by packaging, but also by purpose. Always remember to look at the instructions for studying the composition and mode of administration. Especially responsibly approach the choice of cough drops for children.