What can you eat with pancreatitis


Pancreatitis occurs due to a violation of the action of the liver and biliary tract, a violation of the diet and after the complication of duodenal ulcer. Pancreatitis is accompanied with painful sensations in the abdomen. After eating, the pain increases. This disease contributes to weight loss.

What is pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas.. It is acute and chronic.

In acute pancreatitis, urgent hospitalization, diet, hunger are necessary. In chronic pancreatitis, the pain can be both acute and barely felt. The treatment is prescribed by the doctor, which boils down to rest and abstaining from food. Also appointed a special therapeutic diet. This diet in medical practice is called diet No. 5.

For more information about nutrition in different types of pancreatitis, read the article Diet for pancreatic diseases.

Principles of nutrition for pancreatitis

  • Meals should be frequent, preferably 5-6 times a day.
  • Meals should not be plentiful, but moderate.
  • For good digestion and assimilation of food, it is necessary that food be ground.
  • Increase protein intake.
  • Reduce the amount of foods with carbohydrates and fats.
  • Increase the amount of foods that are diuretic.
  • With severe acute pains, it is better to fast for 1-2 days.

Foods you can eat with pancreatitis

  • Bread wheat and dried crackers.
  • Chicken, vegetable, cereal, fish soups.
  • Dishes from low-fat varieties of meat and fish. In such cases, it is best to eat boiled meat or fish of low-fat varieties, simple steamed burgers or chops.
  • Eggs, but not fried.
  • Milk products. Especially well act on the pancreas yoghurts and kefir. They contain lactobacilli, which allow the digestive organs to function normally.
  • Vegetable, cream, olive oil.
  • Vegetable dishes steamed, raw, steamed, but not fried.
  • Dishes from cereals and pasta. These are various boiled porridges of rolled oats, rice, buckwheat, etc.
  • Fruits vegetables.
  • Drinks, fruit drinks and a variety of jelly with lots of berries and fruit. Various decoctions and infusions.

From the diet should be completely fatty, salted, canned, pickled, smoked and fried foods. We'll have to forget about spicy seasonings, mushrooms, radish, radish, cabbage, fruit, greens, sour juices, rich soups and baking.

How to make a diet for pancreatitis?

In order to alleviate the condition after an exacerbation of a chronic or first attack of pancreatitis, begin to follow the dietary diet from 4 days after that. Within 2 days after the aggravation of food, it is best to give up altogether. Exactly fasting can stop the onset of a painful process in the pancreas. To alleviate the condition of these days will help the natural mineral water "Borjomi" and "Essentuki number 4." In order not to buy fake water, buy it only in pharmacies.

Get out of fasting slowly. On the 4th day and until the 7th, eat mucous soups that are cooked from boiled cereals: oatmeal, manna, pearl barley or rice. Cook grated and liquid porridge: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. Drink jelly, boiled from non-acidic berries. From fish and meat, cook souffl├ęs, which are pre-boiled and wipe, using a little warm water. The garnish is best to eat mashed potatoes of liquid consistency without eggs, butter and milk. It is advisable to drink weak sweet tea, yogurt or kefir low fat, broth hips.

Expand your diet gradually, starting from the 8th day. Include egg white omelet, steam cutlets, meatballs from low-fat varieties of poultry and meat, without spices and onions, chops, mashed boiled carrots, zucchini or beets. Steam or boil the fish. You can eat such varieties of fish as pike perch, carp, navaga, bream, pike, cod. Using wheat bread, cook the rusks, having dried them a little in the oven without any additions. On the day they should be eaten no more than 50 g. Milk is best used to make puddings with curd and cereals.

For dessert, you can bake without sugar pears or apples, seasoning with a semisweet fruit and berry gravy. Adhere to such a diet for 3-4 months. To no longer experience exacerbation of pancreatitis, observe a fractional diet.

Diet for pancreatitis requires a serious approach, endurance, willpower. Knowing how to behave properly with such problems will help you to keep yourself in shape and stay healthy. Besides the fact that with such treatment you cure the pancreas, you also cleanse the body of toxins, it will be easier for you yourself. Only after the weakening of the disease, of course, do not immediately begin to eat as before. Everything is good in moderation. Be healthy.

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