What can you eat in case of poisoning


Every person has experienced food poisoning. This, of course, is not a very pleasant state, after which it is difficult to recover. To restore the body you need to eat right, listen to your body, what it wants.

Food poisoning mainly occurs when eating substandard products. Most often poisoning occurs when ingesting raw eggs, undercooked meat, fish, expired canned foods, and dairy products.

The main obvious signs of food poisoning are: weakness, vomiting, nausea, discomfort and pain in the stomach, diarrhea, body temperature, chills.

Poisoning is a huge blow to the liver. So watch out for your meals.

Prevention of food poisoning

To avoid food poisoning, it is necessary to carry out continuous prevention:

  1. Wash hands before each meal,
  2. Wash all food thoroughly,
  3. Store foods in the refrigerator, checking expiration dates,
  4. Do not take perishable food on the road.

Diet poisoning

Regardless of how you feel, the patient after poisoning must follow a special diet.

  1. On the day when you are poisoned, it is desirable to refuse to take any food, and drink more water.
  2. By evening, you can eat warm chicken broth, boil porridge on the water - you can any: oatmeal, and buckwheat, and rice. These porridges are easily absorbed by the body.
  3. The main food for poisoning should be dishes in the liquid and semi-liquid state.
  4. It is necessary to reduce the load on the digestive organs and normalize digestion. Excluded products "irritating" the intestinal microflora.

Nutrition rules for poisoning

  1. The diet continues with the third.
  2. Food should be puree.
  3. Meals should be steamed or cooked, and they should be of medium temperature.
  4. There is a need often and in small portions.
  5. Drink plenty of water and various herbal infusions.
  6. Recommended various juices and decoctions.
  7. It is necessary to refuse coffee, salty, smoked, sweet and fried food, various preservation.
  8. Going to the main power - only when you feel that your stomach is not irritated.
  9. After poisoning within two weeks the body is restored, so you need to watch what you eat, during this period, reduce the amount of meat you consume.
  10. After a week, you can return to the usual menu.
  11. It is necessary to drink away pribiotics. Now there are a lot of them in all pharmacies. Baktistatin, Aktsipol, Biosporin, Lineks, Beefilong, Beefilis, Subalin, Lactobacterin, Bifatsid, Entorol. The use and dosage of these drugs are written in annotations enclosed in the package. Doctors also recommend the use of drugs that contribute to the balance of microflora such as Hilak Forte, Normaz.
  12. To improve the digestion using drugs Mezim forte, Panzinorm, Festal. Also, to improve digestion using conventional activated carbon.

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The most important thing is to listen to your body, he will tell you how to eat and what he needs. And to avoid food poisoning, watch what you eat! Be healthy!