What can you eat after poisoning


At least once in a life each person was exposed to food poisoning. During the poisoning, discomfort appears in the stomach, for several days you feel sick or vomit, which is not very pleasant. Just the thought of eating causes a lot of negative emotions and gag reflex. After poisoning, we promise ourselves that we will no longer eat substandard products and will definitely look at the expiration date, but still no one is immune from poisoning.

Poisoning: causes and symptoms

Food poisoning is provoked by unwashed, spoiled, low-quality products, etc. Often children suffer from food poisoning due to a weak body that cannot digest some foods. Besides food poisoning You can poison yourself with some chemicals - paint, glue, etc., which we use during repairs.

If you are poisoned, it is better to call a doctor, especially if you have diarrhea, vomiting, fever and stomach ache, as the same symptoms have salmonellosis, which is treated only under the supervision of a physician.

What can you eat after poisoning?

If observed symptoms of poisoning, the patient is recommended to stay in bed and drink plenty of fluids. Water will remove from the body the products of poisoning and flush the stomach from poor-quality food. Ideally, you need to do a gastric lavage so that the recovery is faster.

Food after poisoning

  • Usuallyon the first day the body does not require food, but, on the contrary, rejects it. At this time, the stomach is engaged in self-cleaning, and after a while you will feel relief. This means that the body has almost coped with the poisoning, and it is already possible to slowly inject food into it.
  • Just do not immediately eat heavy food - smoked meat, meat and lard. In the first days of the meal should have the consistency of porridge or mashed potatoes. It is not recommended to eat dry and whole foods., for example, it is better to abandon whole apples and pears, and make puree out of these fruits.
  • It is better to eat food in small portions., to avoid excessive stretching of the intestines. Eliminate carbonated drinks, whole milk, corn, cabbage, legumes and products from yeast dough.
  • After poisoning, rice porridge on water can be a good nutritional option.. Rice will absorb excess gases and toxins that remain in the intestines. Just remember food should be warm and should be eaten in small quantities, so as not to cause severity and overeating on a weak stomach.
  • Do not eat too cold and too hot food.. Do not eat salty, spicy, smoked and too sweet foods, and also give up alcoholic beverages. To deal with poisoning more quickly, drink warm herbal teas, weakly brewed tea and plain water. If, after poisoning, diarrhea does not go away, it is better to give preference to a decoction from dog rose, black currant, Blueberry or Hypericum. These herbs have astringent properties and soothe diarrhea.
  • For a while, give up black coffee and strong tea. To recuperate, it is recommended to drink rehydron, which restores the ions washed out during the period of poisoning with diarrhea and vomiting.
  • To get better quickly you can make a "healing mixture": On 1 liter of boiled water, add 1 tsp. salt, 8 tsp sugar and 0.5 tsp. soda It is recommended to drink the prepared solution in small sips, one sip every 10 minutes.

What can you eat after poisoning?

  • When you start to get better, ion balance in the body can be replenished compote from dried fruits, fruit drinks and diluted juices (vegetable and apple). Do not forget that at the first sign of poisoning should drink plenty of fluids and take absorbent products (for example, activated carbon). Absorbents remove toxic substances from the body, and things are recovering faster. When appetite appears, gradually enter into food. oatmeal, buckwheat and rice
  • When you are more or less oklebletes, you can enter in the food low-fat boiled meat. You can make simple soups, for example, from chicken meat with the addition of oatmeal, which envelops the mucous membrane and contributes to the further healing of the intestine.
  • Some doctors speak positively of bananas.. First of all,bananas contain a large amountpotassium, secondly, a banana is a soft fruit, so it does not irritate the intestinal mucosa.

What to eat after poisoning?

This question is asked every person after poisoning. Will consider The list of recommended products after poisoning:

  • Rice and oatmeal and broths. They cleanse the body well and absorb toxins, exerting an enveloping effect on the intestinal mucosa.
  • Wheat crackers.
  • Apple and banana puree. These products normalize the ion balance and create a nutrient medium for the growth of beneficial microbes.
  • Chicken broth (nonfat) for recuperation.
  • Green tea- has astringent properties and bactericidal action.
  • Compote of dried fruits, fruits or berries (not too sweet).
  • Fermented milk products that contain bifidobacteria. These products include kefir, natural yogurts and sour milk.
  • Boiled lean meat (poultry or rabbit).
  • Grated carrots.

What can you eat after poisoning?

Unwanted products after poisoning:

  • Sausages.
  • Fatty meat, fish, poultry.
  • Smoked meats.
  • Canned food.
  • Alcohol.
  • Sweets and flour.
  • Fatty, spicy and salty dishes.
  • Whole milk.
  • Cocoa and coffee.
  • Pearl barley and millet porridge.

These are the main products that recommended and Not recommended use after poisoning.

Diet after poisoning

A diet after poisoning is a gentle diet that includes light meals in a liquid or semi-liquid state in your diet..

Main goal of the diet- reduce the load on the digestive system and recuperate after poisoning. During the diet after poisoning completely eliminate the products that cause the process of rotting and fermentation in the body, so as not to provoke a new poisoning and gas accumulation in the intestines. But during the diet after poisoning the body should receive all the necessary components and trace elements.

Nutrition rules for diets after poisoning

  1. The diet is observed for about three days. During this time, the body must fully recover.
  2. Dishes should be liquid or puree consistency.
  3. Food must be steamed or cooked.
  4. Dishes should be at the optimum temperature - neither cold nor hot.
  5. The volume of food during a diet after poisoning should be small. Daily rate should be about 1000 kcal.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids.
  7. Eat often, but little by little.

Sample menu during a diet after poisoning

What can you drink after poisoning?

First day. If you have a strong poisoning, on the first day it is better to eat nothing at all, especially since you don’t want to. It is better to drink plenty of boiled or mineral water, broth hips and tea. Liquid will not allow dehydration. If, after all, hunger has come, you can drink tea with crackers or drink a cup of chicken broth.

Second and subsequent days. Gradually, you can enter the food liquid and pureed dishes. You can eat all day long rice gruel, chicken broth, crackers, non-fat grated meat and jelly. Drink plenty of fluids.

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A week laterYou can return to the usual diet. The main thing is to listen to your body, and he will tell you when and what you can eat.

Do not be ill!