What can i eat after surgery for appendicitis

Perhaps the most crony disease is appendicitis. Of course, one cannot say that we do not take it at all seriously, but we are not afraid either. And in fact: why worry about the procedure itself, if the qualifications of doctors in this area are brought to perfection? The only thing you should think about is: what can you eat after appendicitis surgery?

Laparoscopy: diet after appendicitis removal

Laparoscopy: diet after appendicitis removal

If you have an appendix appendix removed, you should not be upset about it. Its main function is to maintain immunity, but it is not the only one responsible for such an organ. First of all, you should worry about how to get out of the postoperative period with the least losses and complications for the body.

At this stage, doctors usually make the following recommendations:

  • The first day is the task to ease the pain and soothe the intestines. To do this, it is recommended to drink mineral water without gas and eat a few spoons of liquid mashed potatoes.
  • If the inflammation passed without complications, and the patient was not given drainage after the surgery, then on the second day you can begin to try to get up and sit. At this time you can pamper your stomach with grated apple, steam meat cutlets and the same potato side dish.
  • On the third postoperative day, non-acidic home-made juices, fruit and yogurt are allowed in the diet.

It is important: food during this period must be fractional, about 5-6 times a day, but it is better to keep the servings very modest. It would not be superfluous to place special emphasis on drinking. It is possible to replenish the reserves of fluid in the body directly after the operation not only due to non-carbonated water, but it is also allowed to drink sweet teas, non-acidic compotes and home-made jelly.

First week: the basics of proper nutrition

diet after removal of appendicitis is better to paint by day

In general, the diet after the removal of appendicitis is best painted on days. And the time for cooking will take significantly less, and you will not have to wrestle over the menu every time.

By the way, the diet three days after the operation becomes much more saturated:

  • Lightweight first courses on chicken breast or vegetables - zucchini, beets, carrots or potatoes will be helpful. You can add a few spoons of white rice to the soup, as well as greens.
  • In a few days, the stomach will be able to accept and digest lean meat, light semi-liquid porridge, and dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, biokefir.
  • Fiber is added to the diet in order to adjust the work of the intestine to a normal rhythm and to cope with possible constipation. Try to eat a couple of dried fruits, boiled carrots, buckwheat or rice, boiled oatmeal or baked apples.
  • Do not forget about the abundant drink. Best of all, if the liquid will not be purchased with a full periodic table on the package, and home-made. Ask your close ones to cook a non-sweet compote, jelly or make natural juice.
  • From sweets and dried fruits, the stomach will be happy to meet honey, marshmallow and dried fruits - persimmon, figs, dates.

In the first week, food should be fresh, soups should be cooked without frying, and give preference not so much to the stuffing as to the fragrant and nutritious broth. Of course, the best option - just grind all the contents in a blender and cook the cream soup. All dishes should be served in small portions in the form of heat.


And the dessert will be?

What kind of fruit can I eat after removing appendicitis? The first 12 hours is allowed except to lubricate the lips with lemon juice. But after 3 days, when the body begins its active work on recovery, it is possible and even necessary to pamper yourself with fresh berries and fruits. But at the same time they should all be thoroughly boiled, steamed or cooked in the oven.

The main dessert of the postoperative table are baked pears and apples. Doctors usually do not forbid to eat other non-acidic fruits, for example:

  • bananas;
  • peaches;
  • oranges;
  • pomegranate;
  • nectarines;
  • grapes;
  • tangerines;
  • strawberries;
  • raspberry berries.

What fruits can you eat after appendicitis removal?

But exotic is better to refuse, because the reaction to it, even in a healthy stomach, is unpredictable.

What is strictly forbidden to eat?

It is equally important to take care of the tabulation list. Consult with your doctor, with which food you should wait a bit, and what you can eat right now.

In case of acute appendicitis without suppuration, the prohibitions are very humane and almost invisible to the patient:

  • It is necessary to limit yourself in the use of salt, and it is better to take it out of the diet for a while. No need to indulge in unnecessarily hot spices, spices and seasonings.
  • It is strictly impossible to load the intestines with dishes of peas, lentils, beans and tomatoes.
  • For at least the first 2 weeks, it is generally worth banning yourself from eating smoked meats, pickles, home-made preserves.
  • Fatty meat, fish, sauces and mayonnaise will become unwanted guests on the table.
  • Of the drinks, as always, you can not alcohol, soda, purchased juices and very sour homemade compotes.

It is also worth mentioning the products of intermediaries, that is, those that can not be attributed to any of the groups. A doctor should tell you about the possibility of using sour cream, kefir, sour milk and ryazhenka.

Later, when things are getting better, the patient can fully return to the normal rhythm of life and nutrition. Lack of appendix does not affect the digestive system and intestines. So worry and really nothing. Be healthy!

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