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As soon as rhinitis appears, especially when accompanied by congestion of the nasal passages, the person urgently looks for a way ... to gain the ability to breathe, rather than eliminate the original problem. In the course are vasoconstrictor drops or similar drugs based on menthol, which briefly break through the breath. However, they are not able to cure and at some point are useless. What to do in this situation?

What to do with rhinitis in a child?

Nose blocked, drops do not help: what to do

The scheme of action depends on the age of the baby and its portability of certain procedures, as well as medications. First of all, it is worth understanding what exactly led to the problem, and only then look for ways to solve it. Most often, before a situation when a child has a stuffy nose, and drops do not help, bring young parents, first encountered rhinitis, or do not consider it necessary to treat it. However, a more difficult case is not excluded — non-vasoconstrictor drugs cease to act, which are a priori designed for several emergency applications and provide only a temporary "cosmetic" effect, but aimed at eliminating bacteria that provoked a runny nose. How to be?

  • Massage. The safest procedure, which is suitable even for babies, in whom sometimes the nose can be blocked not even because of a cold, but simply after long sobs that provoked the accumulation of mucus. Place your index or thumbs on either side of the nose at its very tip. You should feel that the fingers are very comfortable - there are small depressions here. Start making scrolling movements at this point on yourself and down, as if bringing the mucus out. Perform massage for 5 minutes, repeat several times during the day. The separation of mucus at this point will increase, so keep handy paper handkerchiefs.
  • Heat exposure to the nose can contribute to the discharge of mucus, which makes breathing difficult. Type in a rag bag (or even a clean sock) large sea salt, preheated in a pan. If there is no salt, you can take pure sand. Put this "hot water bottle" on the nose of the baby and keep it cool.

a child has a nose, and drops don't help

  • Inhalation. They can be carried out only in the absence of temperature, if it is a steam inhaler. Water or herbal infusion is poured into the bowl, where a few drops of essential oil of fir, cedar, and sandalwood are dissolved. The child is seated in front of the inhaler, covered with a head with a towel to create high humidity under it. Breathe warm air needs 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinsing the nose. The babies can be uncomfortable, because the jet is dense, regardless of the method of its introduction reaches the upper areas. It may seem like she is hitting the head. Explain to the child that this is not dangerous. Let him well blow his nose, you can pre-make a massage. After that, type saline solution in a flat saucer (1 tbsp per 200 ml of warm water), ask the child, holding one nostril with a finger, the next one to draw in a liquid. Then you need to hold your breath and exhale to remove the solution from the nose, and then blow your nose.

If the child is small and cannot perform these actions, or washing gives him very painful sensations, get the same saline saline in aerosol format at the pharmacy. It should have a long nose that is inserted into the bow. A scattered jet flies out of it, irrigating the mucous membrane. It does not go as deep as when self-pulling, and has less density. For better effect, the head should be tilted to the side from which the nostril is being treated.

Severe rhinitis, accompanied by a stuffy nose, can be treated with natural drugs - Pinosol, Delufen, but before using them, visit the ENT doctor and pediatrician, since in children any drug therapy is carried out with extreme caution.


How to treat a stuffy nose at home without drops?

How to treat a stuffy nose at home without drops

For older children and adults, the scheme of action will be the same, but you can add a few more points to it, some of which are medications or medicinal decoctions. It is undesirable for young children to use them due to the high sensitivity of the body. In addition, they are not suitable for all reasons contributing to nasal congestion.

  • Warming up the feet. It does not always help, it works well only at the initial stage of a cold, when a sudden loss of the ability to breathe through the nose is the first harbinger of the disease. In a basin with hot water, you must dissolve the mustard powder, the amount of which is taken by eye, and in this fluid to heat the feet for at least 20-25 minutes. After they are wiped dry, and woolen socks are put on their feet. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the evening in order to immediately remove the feet under the blanket and not move anywhere from the heat until the morning.
  • Hot drink. Actual for both children and adults. Moreover, there is not only tea with honey or raspberries familiar to everyone from childhood, but vegetable and chicken broths. Adults are recommended to add garlic, ground pepper, onion, horseradish.
  • The eucalyptus-based ointment is also well punched, but directly on the nasal mucosa can be used only 2-3 times a day, since they can be dried. Better rub the remedy at the nose, to constantly smell. In addition, essential oils with antiseptic properties will penetrate inside.

What you should not do is to remove the tonsils or adenoids. If a person often has a stuffy nose, but drops do not help, he begins to look for a cardinal solution. Often it comes to the surgical table. It seems to be worth getting rid of the cause of adenoiditis, as the problem of a stuffy nose will no longer pursue. This is a blunder: adenoids are associated with the immune system, so their removal will expose the body to even greater danger.

However, surgical methods may be the only way out if the culprit of the stuffy nose is sleep apnea, in which a person, assuming a horizontal position, cannot breathe through his nose due to irregularities in the structure of the respiratory tract. Also, surgery may require a curvature of the nasal septum. And just a nose that is not breathing because of a cold, which is not taken by any drops, is a reason to proceed with quality thorough treatment.

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